Elaine Ng’s Friends Know Reasons for Etta Ng’s Troublesome Behavior

Above: Sharon Kwok blames Etta Ng’s girlfriend, Andi, for being a bad influence.

Suicide attempts, running away from home, and disappearing for five months without any notice...Etta Ng (吳卓林) has exhibited extremely disturbing behavior over the past year. This would make any mother feel like collapsing, and 45-year-old Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) does not know what to do with her rebellious 18-year-old daughter, whom she raised without any financial support from ex-lover Jackie Chan (成龍).

Elaine’s friend, former actress Sharon Kwok (郭秀雲), thinks she knows the reasons behind Etta’s troublesome behavior. Sharon said Elaine should not be blamed as an irresponsible mother, as Etta is already an adult and should be accountable for her own behavior. “Although Elaine is worried about Etta, there’s not much she can do. Even if Elaine flies to Canada [where Etta is currently at], what can she do after bringing Etta back to Hong Kong? Give Etta $200,000 HKD and then what? If Etta’s mindset and heart is still like this, then she will continue to lead this kind of [rebellious] lifestyle.”

Blames Etta’s Girlfriend for Bad Influence

Etta started dating her tutor, Andi, and declared openly she was gay last year. Andi, a 30-year-old Internet personality, often takes provocative photos and posts them online. Since dating Andi, Etta ran away from home, quit her job, and eventually disappeared for five months without telling Elaine. Later discovered to have gone to Canada with Andi, Etta stated in a video clip that she wants to find her father, Jackie Chan.

Blaming Andi for being a bad influence in Etta’s life, Sharon said, “Since she met [Andi], Etta picked up a lot of bad [habits]. As her tutor, there’s no reason why Andi taught Etta to not do anything. Even if they are in love, they have to face reality. They can’t sleep on the streets; how long can they last? There are a lot of things I don’t want to say.”

Sharon: “One Day, Etta Will Wake Up”

A mother of a 27-year-old son, Sharon understands the heartache Elaine is going through now. Sharon said, “I hope Elaine lets go more. When Etta gets hurt, she will wake up. But this may take a long time. There’s no other way. Everyone’s path to adulthood is different. Don’t always say Etta is pitiful; can she be more pitiful than Elaine? Hope everyone expresses their concern to Elaine too! I saw with my own eyes how Etta treated Elaine all these years; it’s not the proper attitude a daughter should give to her own mother. But Elaine always put Etta first, providing everything for her.”

Although Sharon has known Etta ever since she was a little girl and loves her just like a daughter, Sharon is disappointed by Etta’s decisions. Asked if she will contact Etta, Sharon said, “I don’t want to try. I don’t want to talk to that tutor. It’ll just make me angry! It’s like Etta is possessed by a ghost!” Sharon has not reached out to Elaine over Etta’s latest episode, but she is willing to listen to her friend’s problems anytime.

Elaine’s god-brother, Samuel Tsang (曾展章) reacted to Etta’s desire to find her father, Jackie Chan. Mr. Tsang, an executive director at Hong Kong Cable Enterprises, said, “I’ve spoken to Elaine, telling her to just let Etta do what she wants. If Etta comes back to Hong Kong, then Elaine can get her daughter back. But it’s very hard for Etta to live in Hong Kong due to the paparazzi. I told Elaine to let things go and just see what happens. What else can we do?”

Mr. Tsang’s wife, former actress Meg Lam (林建明) said she did not want to comment on the incident. “It’s very odd. Why did Etta talk to a stranger about her father? The entire video clip only had one or two phrases, with nothing preluding or following the conversation. So I don’t believe it.”

Sources: On.cc [1,2]

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Even thou I do believe this woman really brought it upon herself to have had an affair w/such a j****n ugly old j*** at that lol….haha It is still sad this is happening to her, I mean it’s sad enough that she was a single parent who did not get a cent but this kid turned out like this? It’s like she tried to probably gold-dig back in the days but in completely backfired on her where this dude did not take a single responsibility over it. I agree w/one the commentators who commented that this ugly old j*** probably was too prideful and take total resentment over this woman and put all that hatred and resentment towards the kid as well as the mother. Like he didn’t care before and will never care or else he will have face the guilt. He probably felt like the woman trapped him and it just didn’t work on him. J**k to the max!!! I don’t want to sympathize w/golddigger if she was one. haha lol…But think of all those Heidi something, Isabella Leong and other gold diggers who managed to get houses and whatever else and this one did NOT get a single cent and both her and her daughter seems to be a bit unstable over the years because of this. Sigh…. truly quite sad.

  2. The issue about etta is beyond about jackie. I believe Elaine wasn’t an attentive or strict parent, she failed to onstil confidence and sense of belonging in her child who grows up thinking she is alone and isolated and so is rebelling. Doesn’t help that her face and sob story is plastered all over the media with a father who refuses to acknowledge her existence. Would she be happier if he did? Maybe. But jackie probably for advised by lawyers or see this that if he acknowledges her he will have to pay her which is true. The more distant he is the least likely will her chance be for any claim against him whatsoever.

    1. @funnlim Uhm, that’s a bit harsh, we don’t know how she treat her daughter, and a lot of time, doing the right thing doesn’t mean your kid will turn out decent either. When the child has a mind of their own, there is only so much moulding you can do, I wouldn’t put all the fault on Elaine. I think the issue with Etta is the combination of things: her mother tries to make up for the fact she doesn’t have a dad (I know many single mother try to overcompensate), plus the paparazzi, the peer pressure at school, possibly a lot of bullying as well, she took her mother’s nice treatment to her as an entitlement, and that it is an admittance of guilt, that her mother is guilty to cause this to her (which is true in some sense) but you need to grow up, and see that her mother is trying the best for her. Anyway, some people just don’t have it wire correctly to deal with this sort of things

      1. @littlefish

        Very WELL SAID!

        1) Elaine needs to rough it out herself, as her friend mentioned up there – just let Etta be. Etta needs to wake up and mature.
        If she is “Woe is ME” all her life, and “where is my dad” = is Etta’s idea that her world will be complete once she sees Jackie – then mom should let her be, so she can wake up and mature.

        2) Lin Fong-jiao probably has some hold/agreement over Jackie AFTER this whole illegitimate child scandal made the papers some 15 years ago. Afterall, it’s prob not like Elaine is the only person he slept with, all these years, Jackie’s hands are tied at home, even if he wanted to help. Wife probably controls all his balls.

        No rainbows or unicorns will float from the sky to Etta, if she sees dad. – Etta needs to wake up!

      2. @nomad822 I think you’re underestimating what closure can do for someone. Just look at Anthony Wong, even after decades of talking trash about his irresponsible biological father he still wanted to reconnect with him and was beyond happy meeting that part of his family. And no doubt a lot of his anger and personality issues stemmed from the abandonment of his father.

        And while I do agree that Etta ultimately, as mentally unstable as she is, is the only one who can work out her own issue and mature, I do believe Elaine is for most to blame as Etta’s sole caretaker. And while she may have had the best intentions, it’s hard for me to sympathize with Elaine’s actions throughout the years of following reports of her. From what’s been reported throughout the years (calling cops on your kid, bringing her daughter to the circus that is HK while knowing the kid will face a lot of media attention and scrutiny and getting her face plastered all over the place…) I’d say it’s emotional neglect at best and abuse at worse.

      3. @littlefish
        Well said! People often blames the parents but it is the children themselves too. You can teach your children but whether they listen or not is a different story. Being a single parent is hard and I feel bad for Elaine and wished that Etta would understand that and learn to love her mom more. Many children from single families still end up well. But it just depends on the child themselves too. I guess this is a case of nature versus nurture.

        Yes, I agree with Funn that Etta has very serious psychological problems that go beyond Jackie’s abandonment. She needs to get away from Andi, get counseling,a job and get her life back on track. Of course that is easier said than done.

  3. The HK papz is scary, man. They find a freaking clip from a convenient store!

    Also, I too agree with the idea that Elaine should let Etta be. Etta’s behavior is telling everyone that she wants to keep her distance from family. If she’s really trying to find Jackie, that’s her right.

    You know those friends who are madly in love with someone that aren’t good to them, but no matter what you say, they won’t listen? I’d equate it to this situation. You can’t force these things. Only be supportive and hope that if one day things don’t work out, your friend still has you to pick up the pieces.

    In the meantime, Elaine should still message her daughter once a week and keep in contact. Because who knows when Etta will mature? But when she does, her mom is right there for her.

    1. @coralie
      I agree and yes the papz in HK are scary! Maybe Etta does need time away from her mom and family so that she can reflect and work things out? At the moment maybe life in HK is too depressing for her? Getting a breath of fresh air is good.

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