Elaine Ng Posts Again about Daughter-in-law; Says She Got a Late-night Call from Her Asking “Why Are You Still Alive?”

Posting about her daughter-in-law Andi Autumn, actress Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) listed out the 35-year-old’s wrongdoings, bemoaning how she had incited her daughter Etta Ng (吳卓林) to quit school, and many other faults.

Disapproved of Their “Love”

Mother and daughter once shared a close relationship.

While she did not mention names in her post, netizens figured that she was referring to Andi Autumn.

Implying that Etta got led astray by her, she wrote, “Thank you for teaching my child to quit school and enjoy life, teaching her that as long as others think we’re pitiful, they’d be sympathetic to us, thanks for coming to my house and taking my things away to sell, five years on and still (acting) like a megastar, afraid others’ll identify you, dressing up like a parrot to let others photograph you on the street, and blaming us for harming you,”

Ending her torrent of complaints, she revealed that Andi had rang her up in the middle of the night. “I got the police to chase the foreigner back to Canada, I can’t help that (my child) tagged along for love, a 35-year-old blaming another’s parent for not providing for her needs…asking a 23-year-old child to be responsible, because everyone knows who (I am), ringing me up in the wee hours to ask why I am still alive?” Ending her lengthy post, she wrote, “I’ve also just learnt today that this is love, (with) no rights or wrongs, how interesting (it is). Let me share about it,”

Netizens: Let Etta Realize Her Faults
Lending their support, netizens advised the single mother to take a broader view of things, and “let Etta make her own choice and take responsibility for it”, while others reminded her “only if you harden your heart will there be a chance of your child waking up (from the mistake)”.

Etta and Andi, an Instagram influencer, had tied the knot in a flash marriage in Toronto back in 2018. In June 2021, Elaine posted three old snapshots of Andi wearing next to nothing, which the latter shared back in 2017. “Thank you, for using another’s life to gain what you have, thanks for your guidance…” her ambiguous post had incited fans’ worries about Etta’s personal safety, but she later clarified that she was “venting her frustrations”.

Source: HK01

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  1. I actually think Elaine really loved her daughter very much and tried her best for Etta Ng. I am sure she may make parenting errors but she did what was within her capability .. I feel The root of Etta’s problem is the neglect and abandonment by Jackie Chan… it is her dad that gave her so much insecurities.

    1. I totally agree with everything you said. However, there comes a point where we need to stop airing our dirty laundry in public, blaming our parents/ex partners etc. Let go! Who doesnt know Jackie Chan is an irresponsible father, but i believe Elaine played a part in letting the relationship become so broken. Both with Jackie and with her daughter.

      Elaine posting things on a public forum antagonises her daughter and wife. Due to their constant issues, I stopped caring about their story a while ago.

  2. this andi chick is really ruining people’s lives. i think elaine’s and her daughter’s relationship have communication issues. her daughter must have felt suffocating with the media constantly going at her and her relationship w/ her dad. then her mom’s probably a helicopter mom. yeah, agree that the daughter’s got insecurities but that andi lady is using it to ruin elaine’s relationship w/ her daughter for her own gain.

  3. The daughter is 23, not 3. She could have felt neglected or not been misunderstood by her mother, she could have felt resentment towards her mother for giving birth to her after an affair or her other parent by blood for abandonment or any other reasons that causes her to behave like this. At this age however, she just needs to grow up because no one can save her if she refused to be save.
    How she and her partner continues to survive, I do not know but people, including Elaine, should stop giving any financial support to her if they are. Donate for better causes.

  4. First of all, there were a lot of mistakes made by everyone.
    Elaine made the biggest mistake by getting intimate with Jackie Chan in the first place. Regardless of the state of his marriage, he is a married man, and Elaine should know better.
    Okay, she slept with him, became pregnant, willingly, or not, an innocent child was brought into the world.
    I believe there was a lot of anger and hurt on Elaine’s part after JC did not acknowledge Etta.
    There was also a lot of hurt in Etta’s heart knowing her father would not acknowledge her. She must have felt so worthless. The lack of communication in her relationship with her mother is due to oth of them feeling hurt and rejected by Monster Chan. However, I still think they both should have learned to build a strong mother/daughter relationship, and become stronger due to all they have been through.
    I have seen many wonderful single parents who have forged great , loving relationships with their children. Etta needed guidance and an understanding and patient ear, something Elaine couldn’t, or was too frustrated to give her. It dies not mean they did not have good tines together
    This Andi person is a gild digger who saw Jackie Chan’s name attached to Etta as her financial ticket to glory. She is a user who took advantage of Etta. Etta, for her part, refused to listen to her mom, and got more engrossed in what this Andi was spewing. Andi is a toxic, gold digging user
    It seems like everyone has missed the point that is so cruel, if true. I have not seen anyone commented on this Andi asking Elaine why she is still alive. If that is true, that is beyond inhumane. If true, and that does not wake up Etta to leave this horrible person, nothing will.

    1. and worst of all….this opportunistic gold digger is an internet influencer corrupting impressionable young girls.

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