Elaine Ng and Etta Ng’s Unresolvable Differences

Nineteen-year-old Etta Ng (吳卓林) married her wife, Andi Autumn, in Canada last year and has since returned to Hong Kong due to financial troubles. They rented an apartment in Mongkok but due to late payments in rent, the landlord eventually called the police. Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) immediately rushed over and helped her daughter clear her debt.

Etta moved back to Elaine’s home after, but it seems to be only a temporary arrangement to appease her mother. Losing touch with Etta in recent weeks, Elaine was concerned about Etta’s well-being and once again called the police.

Last night, Elaine called the police and was concerned that Etta was locked in her own apartment in Yau Ma Tei and feared she might be in danger. Many firefighters rushed over but found that Etta was not injured and did not need to be taken to the hospital. Authorities ruled this as a misunderstanding.

Etta confirmed with the media that it was her mother Elaine who made the report. She indicated that she feels very helpless and doesn’t understand what her mother wants to do. The firefighters knocked on every single apartment and Etta was extremely embarrassed at the inconvenience caused to her neighbors.

Etta said, “My mother still has not accepted Andi, so we have not been in contact. I feel that she needs to seek the help of a doctor or a professional so that we can take the steps to repairing our relationship. I feel that she’s just having a tantrum; I will reply to her text so she isn’t doesn’t act out further.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Geebus does this pair have to involve the police at every opportunity? Solve your own goddang issues privately. Stop making yourselves public spectacle.

    Elaine has control issues and Etta relies on her mother too much. They both need therapy

    1. @coralie Maybe. But sounds like Elaine is just an Asian parent that still takes care of their children. Western ones kick out the disobedient ones when they turn 18.

      1. @mike I think Asian parents tend to be more control freaks, too. It may be a cultural thing, but parents in Asia don’t see their kids as individuals, more as their properties & representatives (rightly so as Asians still depend on their kids for help & assistance when they’re older.) So they groom and shape their kids as they please, causing a lot of resentment from their kids because they don’t have any say. Asian parents believe in co-dependence, unless the kid is a failure, in which case, the parents will turn Western on them, like Elaine. Except Elaine doesn’t want to give up complete control over her daughter, which is understandable as she’s one of the only remaining family she has left. So we have this tug-of-war.

        Western parents want their kids to be more independent and sufficient, because it lessens the load on their shoulders. They tend to have their own lives going on and don’t need to control their kids because their own plates are full. More importantly, they don’t fully anticipate their kids will take care of them when they’re older lol. After all, the gov’t provides the safety net after retirement, so why would they care how they treat their kids now? If anything, providing for their children diminishes their own savings, which they don’t anticipate getting back from their children either.

        Basically, Etta & Elaine embodies the worst of both cultures lol.

    2. @coralie Yea, exactly. These 2 are obviously using the police as their personal problem solvers and message relayers. Not sure about the HK police, but if it were here in the U.S., the police could’ve charged Elaine with making a false report and/or bill her for the time and money wasted on a bogus search (which I wish they would’ve done to put a stop to these nonsense). Both Elaine and Etta need to just stop it already…

  2. ah-ya, if i have a daughter like this, i would wonder what i’ve done to deserve this. must be grilling and painful to go through all this with the one person you love and care.

  3. Etta and Andi, feels like they are useless in the society no idea what they are doing with their life as for Elaine, she already damage the relation beyond irreparable they need help big time, this mother daughter issue is getting old, they have fight every year like a drama.

  4. What a waste of police resources, I hope she got a good telling off.

    They seem to both be quite unstable tbh.

  5. I am tired of hearing about them but Elaine should just let Etta go so she can mature. Sometimes just like in this case, tough love is best.

    1. @hetieshou
      it also sounds like etta keeps coming back b/c her and this girl can’t get by themselves. remember how they ran off for a while?

  6. I don’t really follow them closely, but does Elaine actually accept that Etta is a lesbian? Is it that she doesn’t like her wife or the fact that she has a wife instead of a husband?

    If Elaine can’t love her daughter as a lesbian, then no matter how bratty Etta is, I find it difficult to sympathize with Elaine.

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