Jobless Again, Etta Ng Asks Mother Elaine Ng for Money

This year had not been easy for Jackie Chan’s (成龍) estranged daughter, 19-year-old Etta Ng (吳卓林). In November, Etta and her wife, Andi Autumn, returned to Hong Kong after they experienced financial troubles in Canada and owed the landlord three months of rent. In Hong Kong, the couple’s finances did not improve and relied on Etta’s mother, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉), for help.

Etta and Andi were unable to find jobs in Hong Kong and lived in a hostel. As their funds dwindled, the couple even owed the hostel $2,000 HKD and was forced to leave when the hostel called the police.

Fortunately for Etta, Elaine remained a source of support. Elaine opened up her house for the couple and paid for their taxi ride. In addition, Elaine was seen driving them to a bank and withdrawing money for the couple.

When reporters approached Etta and Andi to ask if Elaine is supporting them financially, the couple did not respond.  Etta was noticeably annoyed with the reporters and started filming the reporters with a cell phone.

Although the family did not respond to the media directly, Elaine posted a new photo and included the following quote, “Let go of what happened yesterday; do your best today. Worry about tomorrow later. Thank the Heavenly Father and appreciate every day.”  Touched by Elaine’s positivity, many netizens sent Elaine words of encouragement.

Elaine Ng Goes to Bank to Get Money for Etta Ng


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  1. Is Elaine wearing a wig?

    It’s interesting to look at these ladies in their 40’s, 30’s and almost 20’s walking together as 2 generations in a family. All look fit and young to me.

  2. One more thing I want to add. Etta is only 19 years old. If she can’t find a job to make a living, why not consider going to college or university to get a diploma? Or is it not an option for her? Can Elaine help her pay for part of her tuition?

    Andi can continue to teach kindergarten classes like before or continue to be an English tutor.

    1. @rainbow28 don’t think anyone will hire Andi as their kid’s teacher. I know I wouldn’t as she was Etta teacher and look what happen.

      Etta is 19. Time to get a job and not rely on Mom too much.

  3. Granted that the parents are at fault. As a living human being, in my opinion she has a responsibility to her own actions. If this is the route you choose then live up to it. Irresponsible altogether

  4. I wish reporters can give some space to this family to sort out their lives in private. I know Etta and Andi arent keeping low profile by themselves, shooting videos etc etc. but this is a problematic family problem where they should be given some private space to think and plan in peace.

    1. @cassiemissy Why should reporters leave them alone when the mother, the daughter the “wife” all broadcast their troubles to the world? They want this attention. Maybe TVB or HK TV should produce a reality show like Kardashians for them, that way Etta will earn a decent living on her own, Elaine can just solve one issue at a time.

  5. Etta should make an autobiographical book about her life and what it was like to grow up with her mom. Then possibly turn it into a movie of some sort.

  6. Elaine should just show some tough love. Tell the daughter to get any job. Etta is trouble by herself.

  7. In the picture I see, Andi looks the age of Etta’s Grandmother. It’s almost as if three generations of women going out. Etta with her mother Elaine and Grandmother Andi.
    It’s a difficult position for Elaine… Etta is only 19. Elaine did not raise her daughter well and didn’t provide her with a good education. What can Etta do at age 19? Wash dishes for 15 HKD an hour? Will anyone even hire her with the reputation she has? Will she be able to stay at a job long with the personality she has?
    Andi will not work… that is the main reason she is with Etta… free meal ticket. Andi will NEVER in turn support Etta, even if she can.
    Etta made a wise choice in returning to HK because no matter what, Elaine will have to bail her out of any situation she gets herself into because Elaine’s reputation still matter if she still wants jobs in the entertainment industry.
    So, does Elaine wholeheartedly WANT to take care of Etta? NO. Does Elaine HAVE TO in order to maintain somewhat of a good reputation? YES.

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