Etta Ng and Andi Autumn’s Marriage on the Rocks?

Being the daughter of Jackie Chan (成龍) and Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) means the spotlight follows 19-year-old Etta Ng (吳卓林) wherever she goes. Thus, it came as no surprise when her relationship with 31-year-old Andi Autumn became a hot topic. Despite that, the couple has continuously overcome obstacle after obstacles – from dealing with “homophobic parents” to being homeless – and finally tied the knot in Canada last November. However, yesterday, Andi suddenly wrote a long post on Instagram complaining of someone’s irresponsibility and immaturity.

Andi said, “I hate that I inspire you still because you still don’t get it, girl. Wish you the best, but you’re not even trying to be yourself. Do you even have a self?”

She continued, “What will you have left? I’ve had everything ripped from under me when I was homeless, but my heart kept me grounded, so I found my way. Get a clue what kind [of person] you are. You call yourself pigs but don’t you want to fly like us birds? Take a leap of positivity and stop following me for answers.”

Finally, Andi said, “I’m sending love, but leave me alone now. Say goodbye finally OK? You can do it!!”

Netizens believe her message is mostly about Etta as Andi wrote, “Stealing since we met and never changing all these years.”

Coincidentally, Etta once admitted to taking her mom’s money, and Etta did not like the post. When reporters asked Elaine whether the couple is still together, Elaine said, “I’m working, so it’s inconvenient for me to talk, but you can ask them yourself!”

Source: Oncc

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  1. Come on Etta wake up already your just 19 yrs old a full life ahead of you leave the auntie go back to school make something of yourself prove too everyone that your not worthless!!! at least make your mom proud

  2. Didn’t Andi teach English as a part-time job before? Why is her English so incoherent here?

    Pig become birds, what?

    *Edit – Article is based off false rumors. Andi confirms the post is not about Etta. Actually I just checked her IG and it never mentioned Etta – she was directing the message to someone with a cartoon name. This is really bad journalism lol.

    1. @coralie Not surprised, as HK media outlets print this kind of crap all the time. This is why I always advise everyone to read these articles with a grain of salt, as so much of it is gossip and hearsay….even the ones from the more reputable outlets. Prominent HK media people have revealed in the past that almost all the outlets follow some some variation of the 70/30 rule when it comes to entertainment news-related articles — as long as they ensure that 30% of what they write in the article is true, doesn’t matter if the remaining 70% is false because most “casual” readers will just focus on the “true” bits and discount the rest…basically, they are banking on the fact that very few people will actually take entertainment news seriously enough to actually take the time to vet the information or waste brainpower to think what they read through logically…

      1. @llwy12 hahahaha 70/30 rule so funny. I was thinking you’d say 70 truth, 30 rumors/fake news, except it’s the opposite. That’s a huge discrepancy there hahhaa

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