Etta Ng Spotted Lining Up for Free Food in Toronto

Spotted by netizens queuing up for free food in Toronto, Etta Ng (吳卓林) has roused the sympathy of netizens as they discussed the plight of the 2G star.

Etta Gazing Around Listlessly
Known to be on bad terms with her daughter, actress Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) disapproves of Etta’s marriage to Canadian influencer Andi Autumn, and the mother-daughter pair have a public feud. Recently, netizens spotted the 22-year-old among a line queuing for free food in Toronto, Canada where she is currently based. Dressed in a jacket and long pants with her signature short hair, Etta joins a line of mostly middle-aged or older women queuing for handouts, with a blue bag placed in front of her. The sight of Etta looking listless with dirty shoes evoked the sympathy of many who expressed pity towards her plight; and some knowing netizens shared that she is currently making ends meet at a restaurant in Chinatown.

Elaines Updates Social Media; Says “Home will always be Home”
Describing her as “homeless’, many guessed that she is not doing well in Canada and expressed pity for the 2G star for her sorrowful plight. As the estranged daughter of international megastar Jackie Chan (成龍), Etta’s every move has been closely watched by the public, who understandably sympathetic towards her difficult circumstances as they flooded online discussions. Some remarked that she was an “unloved child”, others pinned blame on Elaine for not trying to help her, while yet others pointed out that she is already an adult, hoping she could bounce back and earn her own keep.

On the afternoon of October 9, Elaine posted an ambiguous update which netizens suspected was addressed to her daughter. In it, she said, “As Chinese, it had been so difficult to get where we are today, we (learn) English is so that (I) can understand when you insult me, wherever one is, home will always be home”.

Source: HK01

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