Etta Ng Spotted with 20 Cuts on Wrist

Single mother Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) has not only had a tumultuous relationship with Jackie Chan (成龍), but has also been struggling a maintain a good relationship with her 17-year-old daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓林). In March, Etta reported her mother to the police on claims of threat, resulting in Elaine’s arrest. This was Elaine’s second arrest within three years due to arguments with Etta. After coming back from vacation in Thailand, Etta reportedly attempted suicide and was rushed to the hospital.

Etta has been hospitalized for the past two months and was under careful monitoring by doctors and social workers. Etta was finally released from the hospital a few days ago and reunited with Elaine.

The mother and daughter seemed to have reconciled and were recently spotted out shopping. When Etta noticed reporters, she immediately pulled down her shirt sleeves, but was not quick enough. Sharp-eyed reporters noticed more than 20 cuts on her wrist. On whether she had scolded her mother, Etta firmly said, “No! I never have!”

When contacted later about Etta’s return home, Elaine said, “Of course I’m happy! My daughter has returned home now. I am very relieved!” Etta still needs to routinely check in with a social worker, but mother and daughter are relearning how to cope and live with each other. Elaine explained, “The social worker advised me about time outs. If we have conflicts again, we both need to walk away and take a breather. Give each other some space to calm down! We are communicating and are getting along fine!”


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  1. I truly feel sorry for this kid. It goes to show you how raising a kid requires more than good intentions alone. I don’t doubt the mom loves her daughter and that it was hard on her but honestly don’t bring a child into this world if you can’t​ handle the pressure and the ugly side that come with being a parent because ultimately it’s the child that will suffer.

    I hope people don’t blame the child for ‘attention seeking’ or ‘making it harder on her mother’. It’s the parent’s responsibility to give the child a sense of security and safe environment. I don’t care that Elaine ‘did the best she could’ or ‘would do anything for her daughter. She failed as a parent (didn’t she admit to being an alcoholic a few years ago?) good intentions or not.

  2. Jackie Chan should be exposed more in Western media for how he treats his family. Not many Westerners know about this horrible character.

    1. @mike i couldnt agreed more! everytime i see hollywood news article on facebook and all the westerners praise Jackie like a god or something.

    2. @mike To be honest, Hollywood and the rest of the Western media aren’t going to care. There are plenty of “Jackies” in Hollywood (horrible fathers/husbands) already — and even more so, as there are tons of celebrities here who do even worse things like beat their wives/girlfriends, abuse their children, do drugs, have unending affairs, beat people up for no reason, act like a-holes 99.9% of the time, etc. etc. (the list goes on and on), yet these celebrities are still “worshipped” by legions of fans and seen as “role models” in society — and their careers are nowhere near affected (in fact, some of them still make millions of dollars, people still buy into their celebrity status, and their “fandom” increase daily, even though they are top notch jerks and treat everyone around them like crap). Even known sex offenders and convicted rapists (i.e. Roman Polanski) get a “break” in Hollywood and are still “worshipped” here despite the horrible things they’ve done. I guess you could say that, in comparisons to celebrities in Hollywood, Jackie being a horrible father and husband is considered “normal”.

  3. I think the daughter looks better than before maybe because she lost some weight and dress up better?

  4. Well, Nicky, first of all, you can stop creating a romantic story. Second, you can swap the gender roles. Third, you don’t have to know how to act to enjoy watching a show. Fourth, there are “plenty new and unique scripts.”

    @peanutbutterjelly Fundamentally, I agree with you. However, as outsiders, we don’t really know what’s going on behind closed doors. There are so many variables at stake. It’s hard to pin point a blame sometimes. It takes both sides and neither parties is blameless. I truly hope they are stepping toward the right direction now and able to get all the help they can get.

    @mike I disagree. I don’t think JC is a good father or has done right by his family. However, that’s irrelevant to his career success in the West and worldwide. Walt Disney was an a-hole boss but his legacy lived on and being celebrated all over the world daily.

    @cutie777 She does look better now. She has so much JC in her face!

      1. @jjwong I think you misunderstood @mike . He too agrees that Jackie is a horrible father . He also thinks that the western world needs to know the true nature of Jackie Chan. The westerners think Jackie is this smiling wonderful man who can do no wrong. If only they knew the real horribl man……., if only.

      2. @bubbletea Why though? What’s the point? If Westerners, adults and kids, look up to him bc they admire his work and career accomplishment, aspire to be as successful as him in a career, and don’t know he’s an a-hole so they won’t emulate that, then what’s wrong with that? So if they know, all it’ll do is hurt is career, which I guess that’s your guys’ motive/ultimate goal. If so, I stand by my earlier comment: ones private life should differ from professional life. It’ll also bring in the possibility that fans think it’s okay to be an ahole like him bc he has a successful carrer. Like some mentioned, we have plenty of those here lol. We don’t need another reminder.

      3. R@jjwong Walt Disney’s legacy is not good, at least not anymore. The man was a sick, twistwd pedophile, a sex manic, a bisexual and an evil man who belong to an evil satanic group. He sacrificed human blood to make his billions. He was a ruthless, cutthroat businessman. He was a horrible human. I am not saying Jackie is these rhings things, but he too is not a nice person, and a degenerate father and husband. I do not want to destroy him. I don’t think anyone here does. We are just calling it as we see it. If that bothers you, I am sorry but I will make no apologies.

      4. @bubbletea Hello. I’ll reiterate one last time because ultimately we all have our own opinion. I’m not accepting or justifying WD or JC actions, behaviors or choices in their personal life. I’m saying it’s separate from their professional life. Sure call it out
        Not arguing it should be shove under the rug, just trying understand the benefit or what’s the big deal if Westerners know how JC treat his family badly.

        WD had been despicable to his employees, friends and family, but his pro legacy is still celebrated today. E.g. his parks, Mickey Mouse anything, his versions of Grimm’s tales, so forth. That is fact, his company racks in billions. Sure he has board running Disney but it still spawned from him, his idea. JC might not be as successfully or pong lasting as WD but his pro legacy is that he opened Westerners eyes and let them glimpse/accept HK style of cops, street fighting, comedy type of movies. Yes, there are others that influenced the West, e.g. Bruce Lee, Stephen Chow, so forth, but I don’t doubt JC hasn’t made a footprint in Western mindset.

        We might be cross talking, we might not. Regardless, good discussion. Gonna walk away before it possibly gets ugly, lol. Peace out!

      5. @jjwong Yes, Jackie Chsng has done all that you said and I don’t dispute that. However, a lot of westerners think that outside his movies, he is a good husband and father, based on his rightous movie image and the way he interactd with those around him. I am just saying that they don’t know how nightmarish his real life character is. Walt Disney’s legacy has crumbled in the last tqenty years and more than ever in recent years. However, the theme parks and his other brands must continue cause so many multimillonaires have invested in the brands and that is how thousands upon thousands of workers earn a paychevk to support themselves and families.

      6. @bubbletea For the record, I’m not asking you to apologize for your point of view or how you feel he should be depicted. I’m not saying you’re wrong or demanding you to conform to my view at all. Nor does it bother me to a point that I can’t sleep or starta a riot to sheild JC badness from the West. Now rly peace out lol.

      7. @jjwong LOL…I posted my comment before reading yours. See above, lol…

        Yea, coming from someone who grew up in LA with Hollywood pretty much in my backyard — believe me, Hollywood is not going to give a crap whether Jackie Chan is a horrible person or not…as long as he continues to make money for the companies here that sponsor him, he will continue to be popular and people here will continue to worship him. The only way he can possibly “kill” (though heavily damage is more like it) his career here is if he publicly does something “not politically correct” like use a racial epithet or publicly discriminate against someone (or a group of people) — or make a stupid move like Kathy Griffin and offend the whole world by publicly promoting cutting people’s heads off (which, btw, was a lame-arse move on Kathy’s part given all the terrorism crap going on nowadays).

        Bottom line, Jackie’s Hollywood career is pretty much safe as long as he keeps his mouth shut about politics.

      8. @llwy12 I’m not gonna dispute that Kathy Griffin did a stupid, very offensive, and stupid thing. However, she isn’t the along one with that kind of joke toward a president. I remember there were plenty against Obama when he was in office. One was poster with a nook/hang his head and another one had to do with KKK. Implication of death and threats aren’t a new concept or reserved only for Trump. Kathy is just dumb enough to think there’s no consequences and plaster her face all over it. The two I had mentioned, I don’t seem to remember anyone claimed it was their work. At least no media coverage.

        I say all of them (Kathy, et al) are pretty arrogant and ignorant. We’re all adult. Let’s discuss like civilized educated people. Instead, people resort to name calling, display childish behavior and close their minds just because they see everything besides worship and kiss their president(s) ground as an attack and they defend the heck out of it.

        Very off topic, but yea…

      9. @jjwong KG is an idiot who think she could get away with such a sick joke. Now she’s blaming everyone except herself after if backfired on her. Good riddance in my book.

      10. @happybi @jjwong Yup, agreed. I almost puked when I heard KG spewing all that garbage at that press conference the other day (and her lawyer Lisa what’s her name was stupid too – she obviously didn’t learn anything from her high profile attorney mother). Of course she is going to blame others because Trump is an easy target at the moment with the media all over him criticizing his every move (honestly, I’m tired of the stupid media here wasting time and resources with dumb arguments such as Trump should be impeached for petty stuff like wearing the wrong color tie or not combing his hair, lol). People are being blown up / run over by cars / stabbed with knives / gunned down, etc. all over the place yet instead of covering that stuff, the media is busy taking apart Trump’s speeches word by word in desperate hopes of finding something to nail him with. Sigh……

        Anyway….back to the article…I agree that the problems between Elaine and Etta shouldn’t be blamed on just one party, as both are obviously accountable for what happened. While it’s good to see that mother and daughter are taking steps toward mending their relationship, I honestly feel that all that drama is going to happen again unless they take more drastic steps like work with a therapist or someone like that, as it’s obvious that the 2 of them can’t do it alone. Hopefully they get help and get their relationship back on track.

      11. @llwy12 Yep! Her apology video was such a joke. She looked more angry then being sorry. And she never once apologize to the person she offended. And then a day went by and boom… she went and attack the person she victimized and made herself a victim. That also backfired on her and now I hope we won’t need to see her on tv again!.

        Yep. I hope both Etta and Elaine get help. They both need it.

      12. @llwy12 lol if wearing the wrong colored tie or not combing his hair are the only atrocities the POTUS commits then by all means I consider it happy news and wouldn’t mind it getting covered at all.

        Obama got criticised for wearing a tan suit, holding a cup of latte, putting his feet on the desk (other presidents before him did the same), looking nerdy riding a bike and tons of ridiculous things. That’s what I call an easy target.

        Meanwhile the current most powerful man of the US is: pulling out of the Paris climate accord, actively trying to get 30 million people to lose their health insurance, blasting the mayor of London in a twitter meltdown, opening up offshore oil and gas reserves using a method that industry critics said poses a real ecological threat.

        I’m tired too. Not from what the media says about him but tired of all the sh-t he actively does.

      13. @peanutbutterjelly LOL, true, but honestly, so petty (I’m referring to the media and the ones making those criticisms, not you, lol)! I don’t give a hoot about Trump’s (or any POTUS for that matter) personal attire or his affairs or whatever else the media chooses to dig up about him….neither do I care what he says on Twitter. Like most regular citizens, what I care about are his actual actions and policies and what his administration is doing and how it will affect us as citizens – THOSE are the things the media should be focusing on, not his personal eccentricities and definitely not gossip / cheap jabs at his family. Anyway…..I’m sure we can go on and on about this topic, but since it’s so off-topic, we should probably stop here, lol….

    1. @jjwong @bubbletea – all your discussions remind of the quote, “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime,” Honoré de Balzac.

      I think both of you are right.

      H!tler was a terrible man and he did many terrible things, but no one can say he’s not an astounding leader and great manipulator. Steve Jobs was an ahole and had a terrible personality, but he created (what I consider mediocre, but others consider genius) works of art. Disney, in spite of his innovative and family-oriented animations, was not very family-friendly at all. Jackie Chan is not a good father, not a great personality and not a good husband, but he did pave the way for Asians in American cinema history. He’s an icon. A cr@ppy person, but it doesn’t take away his legacy.

      He’s not a role model, but he gets people’s praise left and right. It doesn’t seem right, but his achievements in and of themselves, are something to marvel at. If you see it in that light instead of digging past his pleasant facade, it lessens the injustice regarding him as a person.

      1. @llwy12 @happybi @peanutbutterjelly I have no problem with Trump attire, hair do, personal affair, etc. People shouldn’t either. The attacks should be against his actions and not personal jab toward him or his family. The beef I have is his actions as a POTUS. It’s petty to engage or argue with Tweeters, to call those who don’t support him names, to mingle (essentially and indirectly use his POTUS) in private businesses, etc. A job of a POTUS is to take care of US affairs, not defending your own image. He acts more like a high profile celeb than a leader of a free nation. I have yet see anything from his administration that moves the nation forward. Majority has been going back in time. He cancelled this, pulled funding from that, stopped previous administration actions. No solution or plan on how to resolve, mitigate or progress to a problem set.

      2. @coralie well said. It is sad though when the only positive thing to be said about Jackie Chan is…..He paved the way for chinese actors to enter mainstream Hollywood. Nuff said

  5. Me thinks they both have problems, need lots of communication and maybe therapy for both of them to cope with difficulties in the relationship and in life.

    they need an observant 3rd party who can help facilitate helpful and useful direction in their conversations. With how most Asian families are, i feel like almost every family can use a family therapist.

  6. All said and done, Jackie Chan is a scumbag that’s all. The worst of its kind.

    1. @creditor

      Hardly a model father or husband, but do some research on famous movie icons Marlon Brando and Roman Polanski before proclaiming Jackie Chan as the worst.

  7. I hope Elaine is able to help Etta pull out of her suicidal state. There are so many cuts on Etta’s wrist, as if Etta had continuously cut her wrist many times over the past few months. There are some faded scars behind the bright red marks too.

    Elaine and Etta’s relationship seem very fragile. They seem to get along fine one day, but Etta has already reported her mother to the police twice. I hope they work things out and that Etta makes better choices from now on, to give more happiness to her mother and herself.

  8. @llwy12 “LOL…I posted my comment before reading yours. See above, lol…”

    How dare you have the same thought as me?? Lean off the ctrl + c and ctrl + v! Lol, I kid.

  9. Much more have now been said and done…….but it changes nothing – Jackie is scumbag and that’s all. The worst of its kind.

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