Jackie Chan’s Response to Daughter Etta Ng’s Sexual Orientation

Growing up in a single-parent household, Etta Ng (吳卓林) had a tense relationship with mother Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) in recent years. In June, Etta was hospitalized after several suicide attempts. Etta seemed uncertain about her sexual identity until meeting 30-year-old Internet star, Andiautumn. After dating for nine months, Etta openly acknowledged her sexual orientation online and declared, “I’m gay!”

Etta said that 2017 was a difficult year for her, which made her appreciate Andi’s love and support even more. “I encountered many events that could have broken me, but in actuality, you strengthened me. You are my everything and more. I love you, my princess. Let’s celebrate our nine-months of happiness together.”

Etta Still Needs Mother’s Financial Support

Elaine was contacted regarding Etta’s announcement. Although Elaine outwardly expressed her acceptance of Etta’s sexual orientation, her words seem to drip with sarcasm. “There’s nothing to accept or not. You have to give everything a try! It doesn’t hurt! I’m happy my daughter has a friend like that. Every day for 24 hours, they sit in the living room and tell each other ‘I love you’. The Bible has a phrase about how being loved is happiness. If my daughter is able to take care of her friend, I would be very happy.”

Etta moved out of her mother’s house and is currently living in a 200-square feet subdivided unit with Andi. However, Elaine continues to pay for her 18-year-old daughter’s living expenses.

Elaine shared that she was in touch with Etta last week to discuss her weekly allowance of $900 HKD. “I just need to know that my daughter is safe!” When asked whether she is worried about Etta, Elaine said, “No, I’m not worried. If it were a boy, then I would be worrying about having grandchildren! I would have to support her whole family then? I don’t have that type of capability!”

Elaine said that her door is always open in welcoming Etta to go back home. Asked whether she felt that growing up in a single-parent household had impacted Etta’s sexual orientation, Elaine said that Etta had previously dated a boy. Elaine said, “I also grew up in a single-parent household. I was very independent as a child and knew how to take care of myself. But Etta needs a lot of love and someone to accompany her. A few years ago, I was filming a TVB drama and couldn’t come home until after midnight. Etta was even afraid to go to the bathroom by herself. Since [Andi’s] appearance and her constant ‘I love you’s’ every 24 hours, of course Etta would be willing to to accept.”

Jackie Chan’s Response

While promoting his new film The Foreigner, Jackie Chan (成龍) was asked about what he thought about his daughter Etta’s announcing her sexual orientation publicly. Always curt in his responses when commenting on Etta, Jackie said, “If she likes it, that’s fine.”

Although Jackie was never involved in raising Etta and they had a distant relationship, many netizens criticized Jackie for his indifferent response.

Sources: On.cc; On.ccChinapress.com; MingPao.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The media reps are idiots. They know that Jerkie Chan could not not care less about Etta, yet they always ask him about her. When wull these morons grow brains instead of trying to scote interviews or high ratings, or sell newsprint from dealing with the likes of Jerkie Chan. The man does not even care about the son he fatheted with his wife.

    It makes me sick seeing the above pic of Etta with that auntie. This woman is using Etta for her fifteen minutes of fame. Etta is at such a vulnerable stage in her life right now. The last thing she needs is to be playing house with this auntie mama. Why can’t this grown woman find an older partner and let Etta be with someone her own age? In North America, she would be charge with raping a minor and labled a pedophile as she surely is.

    1. @bubbletea agree with you. Great that she found the courage to come out as a lesbian. But I hope she doesn’t really see this auntie as her everything as it’ll be really scary if this auntie leave after her 15 min. of fame is over. Etta will be on suicidal watch again. Good luck t other.

      As for the sperm donor.. really don’t understand these reporter… he doesn’t care! Stop asking!!!

    2. @bubbletea In N America, she’s considered an adult, your statement only applies if Etta is a minor. 18 is legally an age of consent and a legal adult

      1. @winnie Etta is 17 yrs old. She won’t turn 18 till next mth. They have been dating for a few month now so yeah she is consider a minor till next month. So its totally wrong. Especially when its obvious she has mental problem.

    3. @bubbletea Agree with your posts.

      Elaine and the corrupted greedy lazy canuck lesbian are both exploiting Etta for publicity, fame and greedy purposes. Both are not compassionate in heart towards the poor teenager. Etta’s future is not gonna be good.

  2. I actually think Jackie’s response in this case is appropriate. In that 1) he doesn’t give a crap, 2) it’s really none of his business and 3) it really comes down to her happiness.

    nevermind that her GF is a 30 years old woman when she’s only 18. but nobody called Jay Chou a pedo when he dated Hannah at 17.

    Men are way grosser about age differences than women are. not that it condones this woman’s behavior, but still. perspective y’all.

    1. @coralie I for one don’t worship these men and women. In fact I know a good few of them personally and have called them out. I call a spade a spade. Hypocrisy is not my forte. I did not, and will never agree that Jay should have been dating Hannah when she was 17. The difference is her parents knew she always preferred older men. Hannah was always matured with a good head on her shoulder. She was from a happy home and had no pressure to be forced to date Jay. She did not feel obligated to date Jay because she was confused, depressed, in mental or emotional turmoil like Etta is. I get the impression that Etta feels she has been rescued by the auntie and she feels safe with her.

      It boils down to Etta not having a father figure, and feeling betrayed and abandoned by her own father. That can trigger a hatred towards all men. She never had a close loving relationship with her mother, hence the attachment to this older auntie woman.

      I do not agree with Jay dating Hannah at 17, but Hannah was not put in such an emotionally distressing position like Etta was.

      1. @bubbletea I actually think Etta was lesbian from birth. Most girls whose father abandoned them end up with attachment issues with men, but don’t become lesbians.

        And true, I always thought it was gross how Hannah dated Jay when she was that young. Similar to Grace & Kevin Cheng. Which is why I don’t I think it’s fine for andi & Etta to date. But I think the reaction is much more negative regarding their relationship than other ones mentioned

    2. @coralie The issue with this relationship is not just because of the huge age difference or that they are two woman. But because it’s obvious Etta has issues and this Auntie may be taken advantage of her. But then what do I know. All I can say is good luck to them. Etta need to learn to love herself instead of relying on others to give her love is all i can say.

      @bubbletea I’m thinking Elaine know it’s not a healthy relationship but doubt she can do much at this point.

    3. @coralie Etta Ng’s lesbian auntie a typical corrupted canadian: Lazy, greedy, corrupted, poor, no-brain, shameless scammers and thieves who will do anything for self interests, esp calgary police!

  3. Pity of Etta having such parents like Jerkie & Elaine. Jerkie is needless to say…an irresponsible man. But Elaine is not much better as a mother too as she is unable to provide love and security (besides financial support) to her only daughter that causes her daughter to end up in her current state. However, Etta at the age of 17/18 is also considered immature if let say 10 years later…she regrets what she is doing now.

  4. Echoing the sentiments of everyone else here. Jackie Chan is despicable. He’s definitely talented but he has a horrible track record of being a bad husband and father. This is why I always make it a point to educate my Western and ABC friends whenever they put Jackie on a pedestal.

    Does anyone else also find it extremely ironic that he’s playing a role as a dedicated and vengeful father in The Foreigner?

    1. @kaykay Um, yes, absolutely! I was actually thinking the same thing, especially seeing all the promo stuff for the movie here in the U.S. and all the interviews that Jackie Chan has been doing, which honestly makes me want to vomit. Can you believe that in one of the latest interviews, he said something along the lines of seeing how his good friend Will Smith takes time off to accompany his son Jaden with filming has “encouraged” him to be a better father to Jaycee? Um, sorry dude, it’s too late for that (you don’t abandon your kid for 30 years and then all of sudden, be like “oh, daddy will make up for it by showing you some affection from now on”)….add in the Etta situation and there’s basically no turning back for Jackie – his status as a horrible father is already cemented in stone. Oh, and then he went on to basically “blame” his own father (who has been dead for many years) for why he treats Jaycee the way he does, claiming that’s the way his own father treated him so he’s just doing what he was taught to do (what kind of irresponsible comment is that?). One thing that still hasn’t changed is that Jackie Chan can’t avoid putting his foot in his mouth no matter what the topic is.

  5. @happybi Yeah, it will destroy Etta if this auntie and child relationship does not work out. I just feel that this Andi woman has an ulterior motive. It is not money cause Etta and her mother have none , but a motive is there, nonetheless.

    @coralie. Good points. Yes a lot of girls who lack a father figure in their lives have issues forming positive or lasting relationships with men, but some do turn to women for romantic comfort. That could be the case with Etta. Also because Etta has a stormy relationship with her mom, that could be the reason she feels loved and protectected by this older woman. What is troubling about this is the fact that this is an unhealthy relationship and Elaine can’t see that. The fact that Andi and Etta have to reassure each other of their love by saying the “I love you” 24 hours a day to each other is disturbing. It shows that they are both in a weak, needy vulnerable stage in their lives. This is not a healthy relationship in so many ways, shape or form. Yes, this relationship is going to be scrutinized by the general public more than a male/female relationship cause being gay or a lesbian is still widely frowned upon in the Chinese culture. No wonder there are so many big names celebrities that are married but swing for the same gender team. If they come out, their leading man or leading woman roles are over, and love scenes will dry up. They have to keep quiet and get a beard to keep the rice bowl full. I agree with @happybi that if this does not work out, Etta will go back on suicidal watch.

    Don’t get me started on Motor Mouth Grace and Keven. Lol, hehehe.

    @kaykay. Yes, very ironic indeed. I too can’t believe how Westerners put Jerkie Chan on a pedestal as if he is some god or something. If only they knew his true self. Don’t get me wrong, enjoy his movies and music, he is not bad as a singer. He is not a great actor, but his movies are entertaining. However, this man is not to be admired or taken on as a role model.

    1. @bubbletea Agreed and well-said! Interestingly enough, I had read somewhere that this andi woman actually has a boyfriend, which if true, means that she’s two-timing Etta on top of everything else. It’s quite disgusting actually – the age gap is one thing but andi is obviously taking advantage of Etta’s vulnerable state. Things are going to come to a head sooner or later and I hate to even think about what will happen to Etta. This is a classic example of a child paying for the sins of the parents…definitely makes me feel sorry for Etta!

      1. @llwy12
        Read through another source which was quoting an article that that Andi wanted to keep the bf of nine years and Etta but he ended up leaving.

        Also read that she is currently unemployed while Etta works part-time as a photographer for rent and other living expenses.

        Apparently they met when she was a private tutor for Etta. Around the time they started dating, Etta quit school…

        I have no problem with Etta coming out especially in a culture less accepting of LGBTQIA+ people. The age gap is controversial and I can see the concerns over Andis true motives.

        On Andis instagram page, Etta claimed they aren’t doing anything illegal and that if anyone wants to judge them for being unusual, “they need to grt woke.”

      2. @kirigiri Etta is right in that they are not doing anything “illegal”, since the official legal age of consent in HK is actually 16 years old (so in that regard, andi won’t get in trouble for having a relationship with a minor)…but whether that’s the “right” thing to do is a whole other issue. I have no problem with Etta “coming out” either – in fact I applaud her bravery given the circumstances, with both the Chinese culture and HK society being generally intolerant of the LGBTQ community. The age gap by itself isn’t really that much of an issue either. It’s the whole thing taken together — Etta’s obviously fragile mental and emotional state, the fact that andi is in her 30s yet jobless and penniless and relying on a 17 year old to work and support her, plus all the other “controversy” surrounding her (I vaguely recall Elaine mentioning something about finding drugs in Etta’s room after her “female friend” stayed overnight, which was the trigger point for that argument that led to Elaine being arrested…looking back now, pretty sure that “female friend” was andi) — that’s truly the issue. It’s definitely a shame that Etta is drawing up blinders to everything going on around her, though of course it’s hard to blame her given she’s only a teenager and the “adult” in the relationship who should know better is taking advantage of her (and no, her mom can’t do a thing about it, especially given the rocky relationship they already have plus Etta’s fiercely rebellious nature….I’m pretty sure if Elaine tried to intervene, Etta will probably try to get her mom arrested again).

      3. @llwy12 and @kirigiri if what you guys read are true about andi then not only is this person taking advantage of Etta, she is also a very bad role model for her. Drugs is bad and with her being 30 and not working and is relying on a 17 yrs old to work is just wrong in so many level. Good luck to Etta, she’s going to need it.

      4. @happybi yes, I found out that this andi had a boyfriend who she dated for years but she wanted to keep him and also keep Etta too. Well, the boyfriend wanted no part of such arrangements, and did not let the door him on the way out. I say, good on you young man. It would not surprise me if Andi wanted to have threesome sessions with the boyfriend and Etta. She is bold and shameless, but not in a good way. This woman is not good for Etta. Yes, Etta can do whatever she wants. Her dating a female is not the issue here but the female and her obvious motives are the issues here. I agree with @IIwy12 that a grown 30 year old woman should not be living with an emotionally and mentally very fragile teen who has to pay the rent cause auntie is so unemployed. Also, the drugs found in Elaine’s house would have been associated with Andi because at the time they were found, Etta and Andi were dating.

      5. @bubbletea Agree with many of your posts. Sad that Etta got used by her Mom as a bargaining chip with Jackie and her own publicity and now the lesbian auntie also for the sake of boosting her publicity as a social media influencer.

        Etta Ng’s lesbian auntie a typical corrupted canadian: Lazy, greedy, corrupted, poor, no brain, shameless scammers and thieves esp calgary police!

  6. In every country there is an age if it is considered legal and since Etta is abiding by the law I don’t see a problem with what she chooses to do. We all have relationships in our lifetimes and learn from them. As for Jackie, yes, he was bad parent but if he realises his past mistakes and shows regret then it’s only a good thing that he puts more effort into his children in the future.

  7. The canadian lesbian teaches Etta to steal her Mum’s. My friend’s home in Calgary Canada abused and ripped off by the shameless property management as a free gift store, walking in and out of my friend’s home while my friend is out to steal and grab whatever the managers like. Canadians are corrupted, greedy, poor, beyond imagination robbers and scammers.

  8. The 30+ year old canuck les is abusing and taking advantages of poor Etta. Typical greedy, poor, corrupted shameless canuck scammers and robbers.

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