Chinese Actresses Who Are on Acting Hiatuses

Despite their prolific resume in the past, popular Chinese actresses Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴), Wu Jingyan (吳謹言), Tiffany Tang Yan (唐嫣), and Jiang Shuying (江疏影) have significantly slowed down their work schedules to take long filming hiatuses. Without any clear explanations, netizens continue speculating the potential reasons for their absence of work.

Earlier, Dilraba was even heavily rumored to be pregnant because she took a seven-month hiatus from work. After shutting down pregnancy rumors through a livestream and revealing her slim figure, Dilraba will be pairing with veteran actor Pan Yueming (潘粵明) to film crime mystery Sword Rose <利劍玫瑰>. Her decision is believed to follow Zanila Zhao Liying’s (趙麗穎) path in switching from idol dramas to more mature, challenging roles. As Dilraba is entering her 30s, many voice that she could not play naïve idol characters forever and it is time for her to move on.

Additionally, Dilraba is needed to uphold her position as the top actress at Jaywalk Studios as Yang Mi (楊冪) is said to have cooled her relationship and parted ways with the company.  While fans are in support of Dilraba’s next moves, some have expressed their concerns on her collaboration with Yueming, as his declining popularity may potentially drag down Dilraba’s chances of success.

Among the actresses, Jingyan is pointed to be experiencing the toughest time as she did not receive any work offers for 23 months after wrapping up Royal Feast <尚食>. None of her projects after The Story of Yanxi <延禧攻略> were successful, and Jingyan’s acting and snobbish behavior were whispered to be the reasons behind her lack of filming projects.


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  1. I am glad for them for being able to take a break. Filiming and being out in the limelight is very toiling physically and mentally.

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