Chingmy Yau Creates a Scene While Leaving for Family Vacation

Above: Chingmy Yau with eldest daughter, Sham Yuet.

Former Miss Hong Kong beauty Chingmy Yau (邱淑貞) retired from the entertainment industry soon after her marriage with I.T. Limited founder Sham Kar Wai (沈嘉偉) in October 1999. Her last television appearance was a few weeks before her marriage, on a music documentary by Leslie Cheung (張國榮). Chingmy Yau has since given birth to three daughters – Yuet, Yat, and Sing.

Living a life of luxury, Chingmy Yau had laid low in the public’s eye until recently, when reports regarding her husband’s slumping business have begun circulating online. To avoid the spotlight and enjoy the winter holidays peacefully, the Sham family decided to go on a trip to Nagoya, Japan and was seen attempting to board flight an afternoon flight to Nagoya on December 20. However, the Christmas spirits for the family were slightly dampened when the Cathay Pacific airline attendants refused to let Chingmy Yau board her flight due to an expired passport.

On December 20, Chingmy Yau, her family, and ten other people arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport to prepare to board an afternoon flight to Nagoya, Japan. When checking in for their flights, the Cathay Pacific attendants refused to allow Chingmy Yau to board the flight due to her expired passport. Chingmy Yau threw a fit at the attendants, and passersby who recognized Chingmy Yau stopped their tracks and stared.

The heated arguments went on for a few long minutes, until Chingmy Yau’s eldest daughter, 12-year-old Sham Yuet (沈月), came up to her and hugged her to calm her down. Chingmy Yau finally smiled and then apologized to her daughter. After a quiet discussion with her husband, the family left the airport.

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  1. Who does she think she is?……..special enough to travel with an expired passport…..she must be sitting on her brains these days.

    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention…..seeing her again in the pic reminds me of her as a brainless bimbo……was like this before when she was acting and still is now.

    2. Bimbos are Wong Jing’ favorites.

      Even if she is let into the plane, Nagoya Japan will still turn her back on that expired passport, that time, more embarrassed.

      Hahahaha! Even presidents cannot travel on expired passports. Perhaps bimbos never know this, kekekeke.

  2. why is she arguing with the airline attendant.. an expired passport is an expired passport.. there is nothing the attendant can do but to reject it and not allow you on the flight. Giving her trouble is not good as if she had let you on the flight, she would have lost her job already. Crazy.

  3. Hahahh this story cracks me up…. Maybe she misses the publicity?

  4. Even she was allowed to board, she would still be denied entry when she reached Japan. So why was she creating a scene for nothing?? Can’t phantom her motive!!

  5. She needs to apologize to the flight attendant not her daughter.

    1. Agree. This has nothing to do with the flight attendant or the airlines, they don’t set the law. Throwing a fit at them is so uncalled for.

    2. Not just the flight attendant, the flight crew should have given her the VO announcer to announce to the entire passengers on the plane for causing such a scene and delaying flight time/plans. Seriously- how could you not check your passport details before even planning your trip lady??

  6. lol..should have checked her passport before taking a trip out of the country,.

  7. People , it has nothing to do with flight attentants or Cathay Pacific….TSA will not allow anyone to travel without valid id. Even if She can get pass the hk airport security, but TSA will not allow her fly.

    1. TSA is in the USA…they got no control of anywhere else.this is HK, no tsa.

  8. Seriously – people just jumped to conclusions. No one knows the actual story, it’s very likely the following may have occurred:

    – poor customer service from flight attendants
    – chingmy yau may have an approved substitute document by the gov’t but was rejected by cathay pacific (happened to me)
    – chingmy yau may be discussing potential refunds and the flight attendant

    many different scenarios may have occurred. and let’s be honest, if this happened to any of us, we would throw a small fit over it begging to just let me board and let me deal with the consequences myself …

    stop throwing the Godly rule on artists. It’s christmas time, their family has been surrounded by publicity… sheesh.

    1. Pls don’t defend her. Anyone leaving for another country not within your own country’s dominion knows you need a passport (at least 6 months time left AND a visa for some countries). And we know airport staff are never polite but some people just deserve the rudeness.

      And why should there be any refunds when the mistake is hers?

      1. refunds, rescheduling .. scenarios alike. this is customer service. companies do things out of gesture to build better relationships with customers. they can also discuss a fee to keep the ticket and use it for next time.

        I’m defending her b/c everyone would have reacted the same way. You can say someone was stupid for not checking passport but like I said, there are countries where viable substitutes are available. I sense you are implying I’m an idiot too since the same happened to me.

        I had a passport ID instead of my passport and at first they said I couldn’t leave the country and then they said it’s okay. So there are exceptions to situations …

      2. I agree with Funn because it is our responsibility to have all paperwork ready and up to date. If you cannot even do that then how can you survive in a foreign country, even if you are only going on vacation?

      3. I agree with Funn because that’s the popular opinion right now

      4. Having a passport ID vs passport is totally different from having an expired passport which is no longer valid & acceptable.

    2. I agree with you pandamao
      Maybe the person who wrote this article doesnt really know the whole situation and assume that she cant bore the plane because of an expired passport?

    3. i agree with pandamao that people is always quick to jump to conclusion and who knows the truth about chingmy “expired passport” that is written on the newspaper

  9. “refused to let Chingmy Yau board her flight due to an expired passport.”

    Idiot isn’t she? Luckily they refused her there if not in Japan they would have refused her. Come on people, you go on a vacation don’t you ever check that your passport has 6 months time left? If not you well ask your maid named Maria then! Hugged her to console her? Pls someone
    slap her for spoiling the day of the poor person who had to break to her that she was so stupid.

    1. Exactly. let’s say she boarded the plane… what do people think would happen in Japan? Trust me, they’d stick her back on the plane and send her home.

      When you are going on vacation it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have all the proper documents in order… no one else’s.

      1. Yea, before you leave the country, you had better be prepared or else what is the point of going?

    2. I agree with you Funn! Gosh, she was the bad one but had to get consoled for it?? Goodness… That poor person needed to be comforted for having to put up with her.

  10. I think the flight attendant should be commended for alertness, because obviously when the family checker in their luggage and received their boarding passes, the officer at the check- in counter did not notice that Chingmy’s passport was expired.

  11. You people don’t know what really happened so don’t jump to conclusions. Maybe she did have an expired passport but also maybe the attendant was rude to her about it. I would have gotten mad too if someone were to be rude to me. Just speculating all this too.

    1. It should not happen very often with flight attendants. They are just doing their jobs. I think it was Chingmy’s unpleasant attitude that caused that kind of hassle.

      1. flight attendants can be really rude too. i’ve actually experienced more rude ones than nice ones.

        airlines are not hiring enough attendants and they have to work more shifts which leads to moodiness. part of their job is to explain the situation to the customer and when there’s not enough time, they just tell you to call hotline.

      2. NO. Hong Kong flight attendants are much better than North American ones. They are trained to be very pleasant and courteous, and they are all young vs. old ones here.

      3. The reason why we have “older” flight attendants is that Canada enforces a “no-discrimination” policy or something among those lines. But in Asian airlines, they want young and pretty flight attendants, which is understandable.

      4. Hong Kong may have some extra nice and pretty flight attendants like the ones in “TITS 2”. I wish there would be similar ones here in North America. We are not the only country with old and not-pretty flight attendants, it is same in the States.

        I flew Austrian Airline two years ago, and their flight attendants were so young and pretty like movie starts

      5. I know that we’re not the only ones with “older” flight attendants, but actually, I don’t really mind :/

      6. No, I love to see those young and pretty flight attendants. Ours are no good, most of them are not that pleasant, just okay!

      7. Well, the ones I am usually on (Jetblue,Westjet and Air Canada) was pretty good, well mannered. I really enjoyed Singapore Airlines’s service but my mom says that they are top notch airlines.

      8. Yeah. I heard Singapore Airlines is a top airline in terms of service and pretty flight attendants. Cathay Pacific is pretty good too.

        Air Canada is okay, but no pretty flight attendants. Majority of them are old and not pretty. It is always nice to see pretty faces. Right?!

      9. @Bubblez
        Singapore Airlines (SIA) is one of the top few airlines consistently being voted for as one of the best. Personally, I really like their inflight entertainment (one of the best from experience) more than the service quality of their air stewardesses. Though their air stewardesses are not bad, there aren’t the best either.
        Traveling twice on Cathay this year, I have seen how much patience some of their air stewardesses have shown on the obnoxious passengers. It’s quite impressive.

      10. WOW! I have totally opposite experience. I guess it really depend on the airline. I love the fact that we dont discriminate when choosing flight attendant. Airlines like Korea or Cathay pick and choose their flight attendant like they are having a pageant contest. It’s all about look! I think the Southwest people are great and very accommodating.

  12. Lol at all ppl jumping to conclusions and being keyboard warriors when we don’t even know for sure what happened.

  13. Like others have stated, if she did board the plane, in Japan the airport staff would be like wtf? o.O

    No need to get all angry over this… no big deal… not every scenario in life is going to be perfect.

    Although she should have made sure that her passport was not expired so she can have her trip! Anyways, it’s the past already…Just move on…

  14. Maybe she’s been spoilt all her life. Shameful reaction in public for sure.

  15. it was not the flight attendant who denied Chingmy boarding. the area where she and her family are standing (if you look at the pictures in the article) is the first class check-in kiosk where CX issues boarding passes and check passports. at HKG, CX does not use counters for their first class passengers. so it was actually the checkin agent who noticed that Chingmy’s passport did not have at least six months’ validity.

  16. wonder if she screamed at the personnel: “do you know who I am???”

  17. i’m surprised she showed up that messy because usually I see people at the airport (not me) particularly tidy.

    1. Most people show up at airports in very casual outfits nowadays due to the very tedious and tight security checks. Though casual, people still look tidy. Chingmy Yau seemed to look a bit messy in the above photo.

  18. Expired gold digging plastic category 3 diva at airport w/ expired passport.

  19. The article is a bit unclear – “attempting to board a flight” sounded like she’s already checked in, passed custom and getting ready to board the flight.
    But when u’re traveling airline staff would check your passport first at the check in counter. She was probably declined then. Even if they allowed her to check in custom wouldn’t let her leave the country without an expired passport.

  20. so 10 of them left the airport and cancelled the flight??? gosh, its a loss hahaha

  21. Allow me to be a white knight. Leave Chingmy alone!!! If Miley Cyrus had an expired passport, she’d be allowed through. Not fair…

    1. Miley can twerk her way into the check point she still won’t be able to twerk her way into Japan. There is a reason passport exists.

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