Yammie Lam’s Friends and Family Provided Support

The news of Yammie Lam’s (藍潔瑛) passing has shocked and saddened many people. Yammie was once one of TVB’s top actresses and had many close friends. However as Yammie’s mental health declined, she increasingly alienated herself leaving only family and a few close friends to support her.

Chingmy Yau Lent 1 Million RMB

In 1999, Yammie suffered heavy financial losses, and had no money for her mortgage and daily expenses.  Chingmy Yau (邱淑貞) did not hesitate to lend her 1 million RMB and often took her to a Buddhist temple to meditate. Yammie attended Chingmy’s wedding in Tokyo and even carried a photo of Chingmy and her daughter in her wallet.

Meg Lam Provides Insight on Illness

Meg Lam (林建明) is another one of Yammie’s closest friend and often took care of Yammie. When Yammie called the police for wanting to commit suicide on Lunar New Year in 2004, Meg and Margie Tsang (曾華倩) rushed her to the hospital for immediate care. Every day, Meg arranged to have two friends visit Yammie, brought soup for her to drink, and chatted with her. Due to Meg’s effort, Yammie  recovered at the time and went home after a few weeks.

Although Meg has not seen Yammie for several years now, Meg is undeniably very saddened by Yammie’s passing. “Yammie’s living condition wasn’t that bad because she had families and friends to take care of her. Her mental illness was very serious; she was hostile to others and only trusted her older sister. It was pitiful to see her lose herself and be controlled by an illness.”

Meg continued her thoughts of Yammie leaving the world. “Family and friends can only do so much to support her, but only she can save herself. It is painful to live with this illness and perhaps ending the suffering is not a bad thing.”

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Meg Lam obviously knew her well. Her last quote rang true, when soneone is so unwell and has severe mental health issues. Dying may not be a bad way to end the suffering.

    1. @dramafan

      It is great that Yammie still had friends that cared for her so much. I heard that she had an older sister but she did not get along with Yammie well so did not do much for her. I think Yammie felt all alone with no one to turn to. Her parents are both gone so she seemed to have no one. Friends and even siblings can only do so much as the only person that can accompany you for life is yourself.

      Meg’s last quote really hit home for me as that was what the doctor told me when my mom was in the hospital. You do not want someone you love to die but yet at the same time, you do not want them to suffer either whether it is mental or physical health issues. Dying is hard to accept but yet maybe it is a good way for them to be relieved from all of the pain they are suffering. Yammie had such a tragic life that I hope she is now in a happier and better place where she can enjoy the happiness that she was denied when still on this earth.

      Great to know that Chingmy was close friends with Yammie. I never knew that. At the very least, Yammie had some close friends that cared for her.

      1. @hetieshou yes my thoughts exactly. I have some knowledge of mental illness as well as loss and grief. So i understood the meaning and thought behind Meg’s words. Let’s hope Yammie has finally been able to free herself from years of pain and is now resting in peace.

      2. @hetieshou Very well said and completely agree!

        Yammie and Chingmy were both part of the “nine dragon girls” (the name given to 9 of the most popular female actresses from TV and movies during the late 80s/early 90s who also had the most potential to make it big in the industry — the moniker was termed by the late James Wong)…a few of the actresses in the group were really close so I’m assuming that’s when the friendship between the 2 of them started. It’s sad though — looking back at the 9 dragon girls, 2 are now dead and the rest have either fully or partially retired from the industry or from acting.

  2. I Love Chingmy Yau, I am glad she was one of Yammie’s trusted friend.

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