[Obituary] Yammie Lam Found Dead at Home

Hong Kong actress, Yammie Lam (藍潔瑛), was found dead at her home on November 3 in the early a.m. hours. She was 55 years old. As she was one of the most prominent beauties to grace TVB dramas in the 1980s, Yammie’s star once shone very brightly. A series of tragedies, including two alleged rapes, made Yammie mentally unstable over the last two decades. Her health was steadily in decline leading up to her death.

Cause of Death is Not Clear

A friend, Ms. Lui, was visiting Yammie’s home in Ma Hang Village, in the Stanley district today. She became alarmed when no one came to the door after repeatedly ringing the bell, yet the television set was on. As there was a putrid smell in the air, Ms. Lui immediately called the police. When the police broke into the apartment, Yammie was found dead in the toilet. It was estimated that she has been dead for approximately two days. Police said there was no foul play, and suspected she had fainted and died.

Due to her battle with mental illness for nearly 20 years, Yammie has been taking prescription drugs which may have had side effects of damaging her nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Steady Decline After Multiple Tragedies

Joining TVB in 1983, Yammie was quickly promoted at the station due to her striking beauty. Her most notable works include: TVB dramas Looking Back in Anger <義不容情> and Greed of Man <大時代>, as well as Stephen Chow‘s (周星馳) A Chinese Odyssey <西遊記> film series.

Although once a prolific actress, her work halted after 2000 when Yammie’s mental instability grew more distressing. That year, Yammie had a mental breakdown at the Vancouver airport, where security were called in to suppress her. Yammie eventually checked into a mental institution for ten days.

Multiple tragedies were speculated to have contributed to her tragic breakdown. In 1986, her boyfriend had committed suicide. Yammie subsequently got involved with the wrong men and was let down by the failed relationships. In the 1990s, both of Yammie’s parents passed away.

However, Yammie kept the most devastating secret inside her for years. In an interview in 2013, Yammie publicly revealed for the first time that she was raped by two men in the Hong Kong film industry nearly 30 years ago. Although the men’s names were removed from the clip, one of them was already dead, while the other man had allegedly violated her in Singapore. Scared to call the police since both men were power players, Yammie fell into deep depression and attempted suicide multiple times by cutting her wrists.

Tragic End

As she was unable to work due to mental illness, Yammie ran into financial troubles. Although friends initially tried to lend her money, those resources were not sustainable. In 2005, Yammie filed for bankruptcy and relied on government welfare checks of $3,700 HKD each month.

When she was spotted publicly in recent years, Yammie often appeared disheveled and in a daze. Her hair had turned white and she had aged significantly, due to all the suffering she has gone through.

Friends tried to help Yammie by bringing her to church and instilling faith in her life, and even introduced her to possible suitors. But it was too late, as Yammie’s trust in people had disappeared a long time ago.

In the beginning of 2018, Yammie’s condition worsened. She became increasingly withdrawn and didn’t want to leave her home. She stopping reading newspapers and going on the Internet. A friend commented, “I could tell that her situation wasn’t good.”

Remembering Yammie 

With Kent Tong in 1984’s “The Return of Wong Fei Hung” <寶芝林>.
With Kathy Chow in 1986’s “Heir to the Throne” <真命天子>.
In 1986’s “The Possessed” <六指琴魔>.
In 1988’s “Looking Back in Anger” <義不容情>.
With Damian Lau and Adam Cheng in 1992’s “The Greed of Man” <大時代>.
In 1995’s “The Chinese Odyssey” <西遊記> film series.

Source: Ettoday, HK01

This article was updated on November 3, 2018 at 9:41 a.m. to reflect additional details of Yammie Lam’s death.

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This is so sad but perhaps it’s a better way for her. RIP. She was a real beauty that can act.

  2. Yammie had such a tragic life and she has been suffering for too long. I hope she finally found peace. Fans will always remember her beautiful smile and ethereal beauty in period dramas.

    1. @jayne
      I am so sad and shocked by this news! I cannot believe that she is gone. She has had such a hard and tragic life full of sadness and suffering. I also hope she is at peace now and is happy in the new world. I will always remember her beautiful smile and all of the happiness she has given me and my family. Hope she rests in peace and is safe from all of the pains and pressures of life.

      1. @hetieshou I was also very shocked when I saw the news about Yammie’s death. But each time she was in the news in recent years, it has been difficult to to hear about her suffering. The rebroadcast of “Looking Back in Anger” in Hong Kong starting in November will make fans even more nostalgic.

      2. @jayne
        I thought I was dreaming when I saw news of her death. My late mother was always concerned for her and wondered how someone so beautiful and talented like her can have such a sad and tragic life. I think it is all fate and you are right, each time I heard of new news about Yammie it was all sad or negative news. But at least hopefully she is at peace now and will not suffer anymore. I have a feeling she may have passed due to an overdose of her medications. Very sad and tragic.

        I have been rewatching series with my little brother lately and one was Heir to the throne is which is one of my most favorite series of hers. She was so beautiful and sweet in there. Looking back in anger was her other trademark series even though she was not in it much. I am sure fans will feel the nostalgia heavily as it rebroadcasts.

        I wonder who will pay for her funeral as she does not seem to have any loved ones that care about her. So sad and I wonder if Andy will help out as he seems to be one of the very few friends that still cared about her and helped her out? Let’s see and I wonder if there will be news of how artists react to her passing.

        She will stay in everyone’s hearts forever and be remembered for her beautiful smiles and wonderful acting and beauty.

      3. @hetieshou its alright. Bcoz u can tell all what i thought, due to my bad english, i cant write a long comment and tell what i literally meant 🙁
        Maybe you’ve been though a lot in ur life, u fought for it thats why u had plenty of experiences. Words of wisdom 🙂 actually i read some of ur comments and it was yough for u during that time. But there is light at the end of tunnel 🙂

      4. @alicesky
        Thanks so much for your sweet message! I am very touched and English was my major so I am required to write well or at least decently as I was trained in that area. I will be teaching it too. I have had a hard life like Yammie as I lost both my parents too. My 6th older brother passed away in a similar way as her so this hit home for me. Life is so tragic and unpredictable. Thanks again for your words of wisdom too and I hope to be able to help and inspire others through my hard life and experiences too.

      5. @hetieshou urw 🙂 that made who u are today. U remind me one of the famous tvb’s quotes, out of difficulties, makes miracle. God bless you dear 😉
        When i first read this sad news, i was so shocked and speechless but i believe that God always has perfect timing so this might be good time for Yammie to have a better life in another world.

  3. Such a beautiful and talented actress. She suffered so much in her life. Her death really hurts. I am so sorry to hear this news.

  4. R.I.P Yammie. You were a true beauty and we loved watching you on our television screens. You brought so much joy to millions of people.

  5. Rest in peace.. She will definitely have a better life with God in heaven. Now, one more beauty joined Angels choir. We will miss you Yammie….

  6. RIP. She’s been through a lot.

    A beauty with talent. She gave us many memorable performances. One of my favs from the 80’s.

  7. Wow. I’m so shocked and saddened by this sudden news. There has just been too many deaths in the last couple of weeks. First it’s Elliot Ngok, then Jin Yong, and now Yammie.

    Yammie was such a beauty, and she was a great actress. Unfortunately, she has to experience so much hardship and tragedy in her life. Now her life ended so early. RIP Yammie. You will be missed.

    1. @kokomo
      Exactly! This year seems to be a dark and depressing year. First it was Elliot, Jin Yong and now Yammie too. I was in shock when I saw news of her death. I just cannot believe it.

      Her life was so sad and tragic and she passed all alone too. I wonder that if her friend did not visit her, would anyone even discover that she has passed? We all may die alone one day without anyone knowing. Very sad and depressing. But I hope she is at peace now and is no longer suffering and is in a better place now.

      She was such a beauty and was talented too but had such a sad life. Maybe it is all fate? Fate and life are sadly not fair.

    2. @kokomo There was also Golden Harvest co-founder Raymond Chow, who died on Friday (HK time) — 3 major deaths in less than a week, and if we count Elliot Ngok as well, that’s 4 deaths in less than a month….really sad. Definitely sad time for the HK entertainment industry right now…

      I also hope that Yammie has found her peace now after suffering so much tragedy. She was one of those rare artists who had both talent and beauty! May she rest in peace….

      1. @llwy12

        This year has been so sad recently as there are so many consecutive deaths in the HK entertainment industry. Yammie truly was a rare beauty and talent. She played only a small and limited role in Looking back in anger and Love is a miracle but yet left such a deep impression on everyone. Not many artists can manage to do that.

  8. She will be greatly missed. She has gone to a better place free from all the sufferings her mental illness has gotten her into. Every time I hear or see someone beset by mental issues which leave them shunned by society, my heart just goes out to the victims. May Yammie rest in peace forever.

  9. This is so sad.

    Yammie, you were brilliant. You deserved better. Thank you for the work you left us.

  10. Poor thing. I’m guessing she’s trying to killed herself? Never thought she’s gone this fast hope she Rest In Peace.

  11. I am in total and absolute shock. Not quite sure what to say, whatever her cause of death, yes her life was tragic but in the end one can only depend on oneself.RIP.

  12. may her and soul R.I.P, such a tragedy and all the hardship she went through during her lifetime my heart ache just reading this article.

  13. It is really sad that we have lost four big artistes (all related to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong) in a month:

    1) Elliot Ngok Wah 岳華(veteran actor) – passed away on Oct. 20, 2018
    2) Louis Cha 查良鏞, better known as Jin Yong 金庸 (legendary wuxia novelist) – passed away on Oct. 30, 2018
    3) Raymond Chow Man-Wei 鄒文懷 (legendary Hong Kong producer) – passed away on Nov. 2, 2018
    4) Yammie Nam 藍潔瑛 (veteran actress who was famous for her beauty and acting) – passed away on Nov. 3, 2018

    May they all rest in peace. I am sure that Yammie Nam had found a better place to live and enjoy her eternal life with God in Heaven,

    I have grown up with Ngok Wah, Jin Yong and Raymond Chow, and have witnessed their success in Hong Kong entertainment industry. Though I had not watched too many of Yammie Nam’s drama series/movies, I must admit that she was a real beauty in TVB and film industry. I don’t see any young actresses can replace her in terms of beauty or acting. She was a very unique artiste in Hong Kong.

  14. Such heartbreaking news! Ms. Lam was really one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screens with real talent too. I hope she is in a much better place now where she can attain the peace and happiness denied her in life.

    1. @dalebaines
      She was truly a rare beauty and talent with such a tragic life. I hope she can now finally experience the happiness that she never got to have when she was on this earth.

  15. It’s not so simple . Suspect foul play . Think harder . Why is there a law suit case and then she is found dead with television on and wooden door unlock ????

  16. May Yammie rest in peace. She had both beauty and talent, and she deserved a much better life than what she got. I hope that near the end, she wasn’t in too much pain.

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