Eric Tsang Knocks Down Sexual Harassment Claims: “I Respect Women; Come Investigate Me!”

Facing building sexual harassment claims,  64-year-old Eric Tsang (曾志偉) held a press conference today to clear his name. Accompanied by his son, Eric stated the claims that he had raped Yammie Lam (藍潔瑛) are “completely falsified!” He said, “Respecting women is my principle. I am willing to accept any investigation.”

Last week, a re-edited video circulated suggesting that the men who had raped retired actress Yammie Lam (藍潔瑛) thirty years ago were Eric Tsang and the late actor, Alan Tang (鄧光榮). In addition, the former Chairman of Ford Models in Asia Grace Han (韓穎華) claimed that Eric Tsang had tried to spike the drink of one of her trainees at a karaoke bar, and that he is a well-known sexual predator in the entertainment industry.  

Eric Tsang to Press Charges

Eric is officially pressing charges against Grace Han for slandering his reputation. To prove his innocence, he is willing to cooperate with any investigations.

Furthermore, old rumors about the Hong Kong Star Soccer Team making sexual endeavors while traveling for one of their games, were dug up recently. As a member of the soccer team, Eric felt a need to clarify the rumors. “We pressed charges against these claims in 2006 and won the case. I can’t believe that someone will still use this rumor to smear us again.”

Eric said, “This incident made me deeply aware that if I tolerate the allegations, it will just make cyber violence become worse and harder for the truth to surface. Although this make a momentary impact on the Internet, it can damage the involved person(s) for life. I hope such incidents become less frequent. As this case has entered legal proceedings, I will no longer [publicly] talk about it anymore.”

Grace Han: “Eric Tsang is Despicable!”

On January 11, Grace Han called out Eric for his sexual advances against a Ford Model trainee in the past. Through the public shaming, Grace hopes to raise awareness and escape similar sexual endeavors. Grace said, “The despicable man did not commit just one [indecent] act. I hope more victims can step forward to press charges. Like the despicable Hollywood film producer who now faces legal charges!”

Grace is unafraid of Eric pressing charges against her. As she is already in her seventies, she felt that even if she sacrifices herself to reveal Eric for his despicable actions, it is worth it.

Grace added, “Since the incident already happened, [he] should face the consequences. If the despicable man is willing to apologize to Yammie Lam, then he will have a more positive image and his wife and children’s [defensive] actions [are unnecessary]. The despicable man has committed many terrible acts and will not stop now. His wife and children are just expecting the [worst].”

Eric Tsang Denies Sexual Harassment Claims in Press Conference

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  1. It will be a mockery of justice to press charges against this woman if she is speaking the truth. I hope Eric knows that despite his fame and fortune, there is a God who is bigger and more powerful than any mafia, triads, satanic or secret societies. This living God is more powerful than him or any of us on earth. God is an honest, just and fearful God who stands for truth and justice. I pray that the truth will come out about many things in the world, including the entertainment business. Glad that Grace Han is not afraid of Eric Tsang. May God give all these victims the strength and courage that Grace has. May they come forward and may the real truth be revealed. It is time for these snakes to come crashing down. Money, power, fame and ruthlessness can only prevail for so long. Time for these vultures to be exposed. No one should be harassed to get or keep a job. Hope the sheeple are strong when the truth comes out.

    A bit off topic, I remember in 2009, was working at the hospital when a 20something was brought in because she believed this certain man when he furiously said he was not married. Even threatened to sue those who said he was. Well, silly fan believed him and felt she had a chance to date and marry him as she was very pretty, with long hair, gentle and very obediant. She was all the things he said he wanted in a woman. Let us just say that finding out he was married caused her to commit suicide. She was a family friend who belived every word this man said. That is one of the reasons victims will not come forward in Asia. The rabid sheeple will add more attacks and insults to people who are already deeply scared. May the truth come out. This man’s lies lies and marriagr was exposed through pappi- in-law’s sad demise. If father-in-law had not died, he would have never come clean. Things have a way of coming to light.

    1. @bubbletea I disagtee. If after investigation and it isn’t true then the law should be equal application who did assault someone and those who falsely claimed someone did. Reputation at stake so if not true, sue. Defamation or some criminal liability. If its true arrest the man and charge him.

      1. @funnlim if certain people, especially the men in the entertainment world in Asia do certain things, they will, and DO get away with it. I know what I am talking about. There are things done, and are being done By the top powers that be.. If a lot of these brain addled fans find out, even with the truth smacking them in the face, they will deny and defend, hurt or kill themselves or the people who expose the filthy dogs. If this is investigated, Eric will win, not because he is necessarily innocent, but because that is how it is in Hong Kong. That is why I am praying for divine interventions from the ONE and ONLY HEAVENLY KING

      2. @bubbletea
        Who are you referring to as the one and only heavenly king? Eric Tsang is part of the HK entertainment triad gang for sure. But he is such a pervert. Don’t know why his son and daughter stood by his side. Probably they don’t mind having young siblings who can be their kids. Lol. As long as their dad give them money.

      3. @rainbow28 Personally, I am reluctant to drag the “kids” into this because why should they be held accountable for the sins of their father? It’s not surprising for Eric’s son and daughter to stand by him — most children probably would in similar situation so why blame them? Even Grace Han, when interviewed, had the decency to tell the media that this has nothing to do with Eric’s kids — they can’t choose their parents and so it is unfair to drag them into this mess. She also denounced those nasty netizens who have been leaving disgusting messages on Derek and Bowie’s weibo accounts basically threatening them and telling them off (this was when the allegations first surfaced). Regardless of whether Grace’s allegations are true or not, I respect the fact that she has the discernment to separate the issue from those who have nothing to do with it (i.e. family and relatives). To be honest, I hate it when some celebrity or other public figure is implicated in something and automatically everyone around them (family, relatives, close friends) get dragged into things and are made to be “guilty by association” — if there were allegations / rumors about them as well, then that’s one thing but if they are being all of a sudden “hated on” merely because they are the implicated celebrity’s offspring or friend or whatnot, that is totally unwarranted.

    1. @1nit I am not surprised by this at all. Yes, my story is what happens when these selfish idols lie to and exploit their fans.

      1. @bubbletea
        Thanks for sharing your story but to be fair, it is not always the idols’ fault since in many cases it is the fans who are disillusional, so at times they have no choice but to lie. I heard that some crazy fans even commit suicide after hearing their idol is taken or married. People often blame the idols for lying but at times they have no choice but to lie depending on the situation. I used to hate it when idols lie but now can understand to some extent why they do. It is usually not easy when you have crazy fans to announce your relationship/marriage.

      2. @hetieshou Nice to see you here, hope you are doing well. Yes, the fans have to take responsibility for their delusional thoughts and action. However, this particular comment was meant to focus on how the fans support for Eric Tsang can influence a judge and jury to sway towards him. Some fans will deny that Eric could be guilty/ They will say how wonderful he is, how he looks out for others, etc. stuff like that can work in his favor in a lawsuit. These fans do believe everything the idols say., though they are lying through their teeth.

      3. @bubbletea
        Thanks and wonderful to see you here too. I was deeply depressed due to the death of my aunt and uncle. They passed away consecutively after my mom.

        Totally agree with you that it is sad how some fans are in denial. Fans are blinded even when their idols lie through their teeth.But then again, to be fair we do not know for sure if Eric did rape Yammie or not. However, Eric seems like a sick and perverted psycho that goes after every pretty woman he sees. I find that sad as he has a daughter and I truly wonder if he wants men to treat his daughter like that.

      4. @hetieshou I am saddened to hear about the passing of your aunt and uncle. You are going through a lot. Be strong. I am praying for you. If you ever feel like you are overwhelmed by all this lost of love ones, please talk to someone. You will make it. I can tell that your mom and probably your auntie and uncle instilled in you strength to dry your tears and get going again. Thanks for sharing. Take care Heitieshou.

      5. @bubbletea
        Thanks so much and I am so deeply touched by your concern and kindness. I will never forget your kindness to me. I have talked to one of my friends who has lost his wife and recently his daughter. I also talked to my cousin who lost both her parents (my uncle and aunt), my other cousin(daughter of the aunt I just lost) and another friend as well. I will stay strong since I promised my mom I would before she left. Thanks again and you take care too!

      6. @hetieshou I’m very sorry to hear about the deaths in your family. It must have very tough for you and your siblings over the last year. The pain of losing a family member never goes away, but I hope it lessens over time and that you focus on the good memories and love you had shared together. *Hugs* We have all missed you, welcome back!

      7. @jayne
        Thanks so much for your sweet and comforting message. I am touched beyond words. It has been very hard for my brothers and I to deal with. It is the hardest for me as I was the one closest to my mom and am someone that is very emotional. Thanks for your great advice and that is what I do to ease my pain which is to remember the great memories we shared and kept in our hearts. *Hugs back* Thanks for the warm welcome back and missed you all soooo much too!

      8. @hetieshou We all find comfort with old friends and I’m happy to see you come back too! I hope you continue to surround yourself with people you love and feel better with each day.

      9. @jayne
        Thanks so much Jayne and you always give the best advice! I will try to grow stronger each day and coming here to chat with everyone makes me feel a bit better too. Thanks for welcoming me back!

      10. @happybi
        Thanks and very happy to see you here too. I have missed you all but was depressed since my aunt and uncle both passed away after my mom did. I am trying to stay strong and great seeing you guys here and hope to chat more with you all.

      11. @happybi
        Thanks and was thinking of you and everyone here too. Thanks for your sweet words! I really appreciate it and great to see you and everyone again!

    2. @1nit I am referring to God. He is the one and only heavenly king. It is blasphemy to hear a group of men, mere motals being referred to as heavenly kings. They are not heavenly, neither are they kings, although one of them thinks that he is. I am hoping that the truth will prevail. There atr lots of women and men who have suffered at the hands of producers, directors and top name entertainers in the acting, music, modelling industries etc. These men and women go scotch free because of their money, fame and who they have backing them, powerful, evil scum. In the meantime, their victims are scarred and traumatized for life. Sometimes they are threatened with what will happen to them and their relatives. To be harassed or assaulted and then have your life and the lives of loved ones threatened is beyond cruel. I have seen firsthand the devastating physical, mental, psychological and mental effects on patients that result from sexual assault. These victims never fully recover. These scumbag vampires know they will walk, no wonder they are willing to say ” bring it on”. That is why we have to pray that God will intervene and the truth will prevail.

  2. He’s already admitting to at least exploiting a rape victim by filming, editing and distributing her sexual assault so either way this guy is despicable.

  3. Well if he has nothing to hide then good. Investigate pls. If any to declare his innocence if that’s the case. No accusations should be left at that.

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