Yammie Lam’s Memorial Service to Be Held on November 9

The news of Yammie Lam‘s (藍潔瑛) death shook the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Although the details surrounding her passing are still unclear, Yammie’s older sister appeared at the morgue today to officially identify the body while accompanied by three relatives.

Suffering from mental illness and living alone for years, Yammie cut off ties from former close friends. It was understood that since the beginning of 2018, Yammie became increasingly withdrawn and spent most of her time in her apartment. She had died quietly at home and her death was not discovered until a friend had attempted to visit her on November 3.

The police initially had trouble locating Yammie’s older sister and three step-brothers, but as the 55-year-old actress’ death was covered by major Hong Kong news outlets, her family eventually learned of Yammie’s passing.

Spotted by reporters, Yammie’s older sister appeared sullen and refused to answer any questions, blocking her face away from the camera while wearing a face mask. Bidding goodbye to her sister, Yammie’s sister stayed at the morgue for many hours before leaving.

Memorial Service on November 9

Since Yammie was baptized in March of 2013 at St. Anne’s Catholic Church, the church announced that they will be holding a memorial service for the late actress on the November 9.

Yammie’s good friend, Meg Lam (林建明) said that Yammie’s older sister has not decided on details of the funeral arrangements yet. Meg said, “She wants to let the church take care of it. Because after cremation, the church can provide the columbarium.”

Before the police were able to contact Yammie’s family, the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild (HKPAG) stated that it would assist with Yammie’s funeral. But the Guild apparently has not yet been able to speak directly with Yammie’s older sister, who wants to handle the funeral quietly without the presence of the media.

To remember Yammie, TVB will be playing two special editions of Yammie’s previous tele-movies, Always Remembering Yammie Lam –The Mamasan <永遠懷念藍潔瑛 霓虹姊妹花> and Always Remembering Yammie Lam – Fame or Shame <永遠懷念藍潔瑛 情危夜合花> on November 10 and 11. Prior to news of Yammie’s death surfacing, TVB had also announced that classic drama, Looking Back in Anger <義不容情>, which features Yammie in a memorable role, will be rebroadcast in the midnight timeslot in November.

Sources: Oriental Daily [1,2]

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sometimes it’s sad to note that it takes death to be aware of someone’s needs, difficulties and challenges in life. Guess the late Yammie personified this life trait in every society. My heart really goes out to her. We talk so much about her life after her passing on. When she had to soldier each moment of her life when she was alive, did the people concerned took note of her predicament. Just wondering. I am happy to note that a memorial service has been planned for her.

      1. @fighter01 Not that I know of – previous article says she was found dead in the toilet and this articles says “details surrounding her passing are still unclear.”

  2. Yes, it’s definitely good to know that Yammie’s family and church will be taking care of her funeral arrangements and also will be holding a memorial service for her. This should alleviate most fans’ concerns about her not having anyone to handle these matters – however I read today that some of her fans are still trying to push other artists and her friends in the industry to get involved with her funeral arrangements (some are repeatedly leaving messages on those artists’ social media saying they should get involved). Honestly, this bothers me, as the family has already made it clear that they want to handle things quietly and it’s obvious they are trying to avoid the media circus if at all possible, yet the fans seem to be hell-bent on making this into a grand high-profile affair (which Yammie would not have wanted anyway)….to me, that’s disrespectful to the family. Those fans need to back off and not make things harder for everyone involved….if they truly care about Yammie and her funeral arrangements, then they should be contacting the church and seeing what they can do to help…or better yet, attend the memorial service and pay their respects (since the information has already been published)…just like Yammie’s family should not have to endure harassment from the media in their time of grief, her friends shouldn’t have to endure harassment from fans either….I’m sure Yammie would not have wanted to see her family and friends being harassed. Let her rest in peace please!

  3. Okay. Her death is very mysterious. And we still do not know who are the two men that raped Yammie. Who’s to say that she was not poison by one of the men?

  4. I still think that a quiet farewell to her might be a better choice cos her physical body might have gone into decomposition and not so nice a sight to behold. Guess you know what I mean. Let her live beautifully in her fans( memories. And a quiet sending off is always to be cherished.

    1. @blest62

      I agree to some extent but which sight of a dead person is supposed to be physically beautiful? If it is a person you love and care for, would it matter how they look physically upon death? Her beauty and memories will live on regardless of how she looks in her coffin. Plus, she will be cremated as well so it should not matter how her physical body looks now. Her fans should love and remember her regardless if they are true fans.

      1. @hetieshou
        However a person dies their blood circulation stops and I assume the blood will find its way out anywhere so impossible to keep previous features . The body in the coffin will always seem a complete stranger compared to the person that was previously living. Been a funeral recently. It was a shock to the system to observe an open coffin. We should focus on their memories and if religious their afterlife and spirit….

      2. @jimmyszeto

        Exactly! I lost my mom almost 2 years ago and my late brother passed in a similar matter to Yammie so I know exactly how it is. We all did not recognize my brother but we know that his spirit, love and memories live in our hearts. I hope the same for Yammie that her family, friends and fans remember her memories and afterlife depending on her beliefs.

      3. @hetieshou
        It’s a disheartening and shattering experience if not in the correct mindset. I missed my grandad’s funeral (who repeatedly watched TVB video tapes with me when I was a child) because I was abroad and I’m glad I did. Since I’m not religious I don’t believe in a send off, but as long as he is in my thoughts then the bond will always be there. There were plenty who did not visit him when in poor health nor in years prior but attended the funeral so I don’t rate them attending as very meaningful. I can just about handle attending those of people who aren’t so close but If really close if I could I will definitely choose to not attend.

      4. @jimmyszeto

        Yes but it depends on the person and their motives. People generally believe that if you care for any person enough then you need to be at their funeral. I agree with that but it is true that some come just for the sake of coming. I remember my aunt being a bit mad at one of my cousins because she did not come to my mom’s funeral. There are also some who are just too devastated to come as it is too painful for them too. I remember when Leslie Cheung passed away and many were wondering why Maggie Cheung did not come as she was close to Leslie. She said it was because she was too devastated to come as she would be too sad.

        I agree that you should visit and take care of anyone when they are alive. If you suddenly show up at their funeral just to be there then it is meaningless. However, at least they made the effort to come. I do not think you need to be religious to send anyone off. You send someone off because you want to see them one last time because you will never get to see them again in this lifetime. One of my mom’s friends was so mad that no one told her about my mom’s passing since she could not send my mom off for one last time.

        Generally people believe that if you were close to anyone then you need to be there which is true. I was at my grandma, my uncle, my parents and my 6th older brother’s funerals because I had to be there and I wanted to see them one last time since I knew that I will never see them again in this lifetime. But yes their memories, love and everything will live in our hearts always.

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