Yammie Lam Was Linked With 11 Men

As a highly promoted actress for TVB, Yammie Lam’s (藍潔瑛) beauty captured the hearts of many in the 1980s. With such attention, Yammie’s love life was complicated and throughout her career, she was romantically linked with 11 men.

In 1984, while Yammie was filming It’s a Long Way Home <家有嬌妻> with co-star, Tony Leung (梁朝偉), there were rumors that the couple’s chemistry on screen was turned into reality. However, that news immediately died down the following year when she partnered with Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) in The Possessed  <六指琴魔>. Reporters caught Lawrence driving and picking up Yammie, which lead to speculations that the two became a couple off screen. However, she never admitted to either of these relationships.

It wasn’t until 1986, reporters learned that Yammie has been dating a screenwriter for three years. Unfortunately, her boyfriend committed suicide, which lead to a deterioration in her mental health.

Afterward, Yammie began dating billionaire Cheng Yu Tung’s (鄭裕彤) second son, Peter Cheng (鄭家成). The two were often seen together at clubs and a source shared that Peter was her ideal man. Rumors circulated that Yammie was the reason for Peter’s failed marriage with Cally Kwong (鄺美雲). She defended herself and said, “I did not steal someone’s husband. I only accepted him after he ended that relationship. I did no wrong in this situation.” However, this relationship didn’t last.

Yammie continued to be romantically linked with other men including Stephen Chow (周星馳) after filming A Chinese Odyssey <西遊記之月光寶盒>. In order to clear that misunderstanding, she introduced her Caucasian boyfriend to the public. The pair were even spotted attending Anita Mui’s (梅艷芳) birthday party together, but like her other relationships, it came to an end very quickly.

Yammie has also been linked to director Derek Yee (爾冬陞), race car driver Kenneth Gan (陸淦), actor Lau Siu Kwan (劉少君), advertising executive Tang Kin Ming (鄧建明), and retired lawyer David Tsang (曾權威). There were reports that both Tang and David proposed and even offered to help her during her bankruptcy, but in the end both men denied these claims.

The misfortunes in her love life have definitely taken a toll in her mental health, which could be a leading reason to Yammie’s sudden death.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I find the timing of this article very disrespectful. I mean this kind of article is redundant either way but right after Yammie’s recent passing? I get it, this is a gossip site and normally I’d let it slide but talk about being in bad taste. What even is the point of this?

    This actress who starred in many era-defining HK classics just died let’s look at all the men she has dated!!!!

    Is it that hard to write a tribute or overview of her career? Or not write anything at all? But congratulations I guess, you got your click and traffic.

    1. @peanutbutterjelly
      I had the same thoughts as you but maybe that was not the intention of this site? Jayne has always been very respectful and maybe they just wanted to remember Yammie? However, I think they should have talked about more positive things instead of her tragic love life. Yammie did have some happiness in her life too so it was not all negative stuff.

  2. What has this piece of useless news got to do with her death? I wanted to type ” pick your timing” but this piece of crap news should never ever be published! Disrespect!

  3. This article is very inappropriate. I ask that the administrators of Jaynestars to seriously consider in removing this article. I have been an avid reader/follower of Jaynestars for many years however you really have gone out of line with this one.

    I completely agree with peanutbutterjelly and fatmamamia – the article is 100% DISRESPECTFUL.

    This woman – Yammie Lam had dealt with so much pain and suffering when she was alive and even in death you have to defame her like that. I really cannot believe it.

    She was once an amazing actress of whom many people around the world loved. You would remember such great person with POSITIVE memories so that she can actually REST IN PEACE.

    1. @shimmerstars

      I completely disagree with your comment that posting this article at this time is ‘out of line’.As a business or even a professional article publisher, the target is to post articles that attract readers and bring in new members. To post this article a few months later will be more meaningless on a business standpoint. Have you even wondered why there were articles of Ruco every couple of days posted on this site at one stage? It wasn’t that he was involved in any particular news. It was due to demand because he Ruco has many fans on this site and they gush over him in the comments section. Similar when members and multi-account abusers were posting ‘motor mouth’ Grace every time she appeared in an article, more articles were posted of Grace in subsequent weeks so members can have a field day in the comments section. Same goes for Grace Wong and her ‘fake’ attitude. Another article was posted about he dressing seductively a couple of days later. You are only thinking in your own compassionate point of view and not in the standpoint of Jaynestars. No one were searching ‘Yammie Lam’ on the web a few weeks ago and no one will be doing it in a few weeks time but plenty will be searching her up now. This is absolutely the right time to post catchy articles related to her at this current time…

      1. @jimmyszeto
        I agree with you to some extent but I think they should have posted one talking about her life and career instead of her tragic love life. Basically something more positive instead of negative especially in her case as she suffered a lot in her life. A more positive article would have been more appropriate but I would not say this article is way out of line too. I find it sad that people could not cherish people when they are alive but instead take interest in them after they are gone. Very sad indeed…

      2. @hetieshou
        I’m sure there will be plenty of articles covering her life. Already we have had articles on speculated lovers and her good friends. People will be searching her up online right now so any related article is advantageous on a business standpoint. That’s the reality. We cherish the ones who are gone and the memories of the ones that are gone are usually good times…

      3. @jimmyszeto I disagree. Depending on your own personal values and morals, it can and should be seen as ‘out of line’.

        You’re talking from a business perspective and I guess that’s smart. Just like how it is smart to pay children one dollar an hour to make shirts in third world countries. Smart yes but morallly reprehensible.

        I’m sure Jaynestars knows what they’re doing and that’s exactly the reason people are calling them out.

  4. I was so surprised when I read the headlines. It is just unacceptable tp punish this when she just passed on. Goodness Jayestars who is your Editor?

  5. This article was not meant to be disrespectful towards Yammie, only to shed light on the men she was once linked with. The tone of the article did not have any judgement towards her love life, only mentioning names she was linked with, and did not necessarily date.

    I think it provides a more complete picture for some fans who may have known Yammie primarily through her works, but not too much about her personal life.

    For myself, I only knew about her boyfriend that had committed suicide. I thought she had dated Lawrence Ng at one point, but it turns out to not be true. Through this article, it is also an opportunity for readers to distinguish the rumors from the real relationships.

    It appears that the only real boyfriends she had were the screenwriter, Peter Cheng, and the Caucasian man she brought to Anita’s concert. The others are just rumors, which we don’t know happened or not.

    The news of Yammie’s passing was reported with respect. We covered the friends who were in her inner circle, and will be featuring celebrities’ reactions towards her passing, as well as her funeral arrangements. It is just a more 360-degree coverage to feature her love life as well.

    1. @jayne Intent doesn’t matter because action speaks louder than words. And the action now is that you posted an article titled ‘Yammie Lam Was Linked With 11 Men’ about a recently deceased actress. Even in death, you choose to capitalize on the gossip at the expense of the person who died. You even admit that most are ‘rumors’ so what is even the point other than encouraging salacious gossip of a person who just died? There is no respect in this. None. Hate to say it but I think even trash like TMZ has more dignity than that.

      But I guess in the end you got what you wanted.. Clicks, traffic on your site and engagement in the comment section. Profit before empathy.

      I’m sorry Yammie, you’ve suffered enough. May you rest in peace.

  6. I personally think that writing and/or publishing an article like this after someone has passed is in bad taste. Other than the men that she had admitted to dating, all of the others are unfounded rumours and gossips (some of which she had disputed and some of which the men have disputed). Yammie can no longer defend herself, so please just let her rest in peace.

    There have been a few other obituaries posted regarding other artists, producers, authors, etc… Yet they are not followed up by such tasteless articles (whether written or published). Is it because Yammie deserves less respect? Just because it’s written does not mean that it needs to be publish on this or other media.

    Sure, you can say JayneStars just want to attract readers and new members, but think about the kind of readers and members you are trying to attract…

  7. This will be my last post on here and I will not come back on Jaynestars. Because if I do I’d be supporting this and I can’t bring myself to do this anymore.

    Goodbye to everyone who happens to read this, I hope you reconsider doing the same if you feel the same way I do.

    1. @peanutbutterjelly
      Is this the best way of retaliating against Jaynestars after possibly being banned numerous times under different usernames. Don’t worry! you won’t be be gone. You will just go ahead and open up another account..

      1. @jimmyszeto

        Okay you made me go back on my word that that would be my last post so I guess congratulations.

        I have nothing to hide and I have no other account other than this one. Ask Jaynestars themselves to check my IP or whatever else you need to check.

        I am all for disagreements and criticisms. Don’t like what I have to say? No problem. Call me out on whatever you like but if you accuse me and defame my character like that I won’t stand for it. Go on, tell me who else you think I am but I can 100% assure you that you will be wrong. I posted some unpopular opinions before under this, my one and only, account and have never been afraid to express my real thoughts. I sure don’t need multiple accounts to do that. Go on @Jayne, expose me.

        I thought you were reasonable enough before Jimmy, sure we disagreed on certain topics but at least I didn’t think you were this childish or petty, especially for a father. I’m an adult who has responsibilities and a life and I have no time for these kinds childish games or pettiness. I’m deeply disappointed in your remarks.

      2. @peanutbutterjelly
        You haven’t walked away yet and is still reading so you are still supporting and ‘you can’t bring yourself to do this’ is a load of nonsense. Yes. I said you have possibly been banned numerous times just based upon that you are making such a overreaction by criticizing Jaynestars then refusing to listen to her explanation and suggesting you leaving in a high profile post. Why not just quietly move on and not visit this site again? Anyway, I will definitely apologise if you aren’t a multi account abuser. I have been accused many times before and it is frustrating if it isn’t true….

      3. @jimmyszeto

        I will say this once and for all: I have never been banned before and have only ever had this one account. It’s infuriating that you accuse me of something like this, especially when you know the feeling of being accused of the exact same thing.

        Jaynestars can ban whoever they want (even though I did nothing wrong) because it’s their site. But to suggest that they are above criticism or that my reply is an ‘overreaction’ is ridiculous. I have carefully read their explanation and it’s a weak one. Matter of fact still stands: Even in death, they still choose to capitalize on the gossip at the expense of the person who died. They even admitted that most are ‘rumors’ in this article so what is even the point other than encouraging salacious gossip of a person who just died? What does this contribute to her legacy as an actress?

        I kept hopefully checking that this article will be deleted after Jaynestars realized how disrespectful this is. However, at this point it doesn’t matter anymore. After this whole ordeal is over (and you or other people stop replying to me) I will stop reading and commenting on any further articles on this site (hope you’re happy). Not under this account. Not under any account. So stop accusing me and properly apologize.

      4. @peanutbutterjelly
        It’s not about me being happy or not. You and yourself only who decided to stop using the site. There are a diversified variety of articles you can read. It won’t bother me in the slightest if you overturned your decision.

    2. @peanutbutterjelly Please, don’t leave. I like reading your opinions. I like the diversity of thoughts on this site even if I don’t agree with all of them and some may be infuriating.

      But I find your thoughts to be well written and in line with many of my values

      I don’t agree with this article and think it is also extremely poor taste but I am forgive Jaynestars because they are just translating existing news instead of writing the articles themselves.

      Unfortunately, society is so cruel and this article is a reflection on its judgmental and superficial nature.

      1. @potatochip Thank you I feel the same way about the diversity of thoughts too. However, when choosing to publish content like this article and not revoking it has made this site off-putting to me. I used to be a silent reader on Asianfanatics before finding this site so I’ll probably go back there. Hope I made everything clear and people can see where I’m coming from.

        I’m actually glad to see your comment because you’re one of the persons whom’s input I will miss the most on this platform. You always approach things from a very sensible and empathic perspective.

        I know I already come off as noncommital by still responding but it feels right to respond to you as my final post here and end things on a somewhat positive note at least.

        Goodbye and thank you.

      2. @peanutbutterjelly I understand your decision and share your disappointment with this article.

        I tried to register for Asianfanatics several months ago but they are having technical issues. Unfortunately, it looks like that forum isn’t very active anymore.

        It feels like this website is also losing members rapidly. This is probably a reflection of the decline in HK dramas but also because of articles and discussions like this one.

        I hope in the future you will come back. I understand if you no longer comment. Good luck with everything!

      3. @peanutbutterjelly

        I actually can see what you mean and can understand how you feel. I feel that was too but yet I do not want to take it to heart too much. I used to want to quit this site too as some were insulting me and calling me a hypocrite and other bad names. I was disheartened but overtime, I learned not to care so did not let it bother me. Therefore, I think if you think of this at a different angle then maybe it is not so bad? However, whatever your decision is, good luck to you and maybe one day you can come back.

      4. @peanutbutterjelly – I can understand where you are coming from as we do always want to give respect to the deceased. However, I don’t see this article as a disrespect or out of line to Yammie’s death. As Jayne as mentioned at the top, it is just a informative report that is just shedding light on her past relationships. And there were no negative meaning to it; although I do believe that the title of the article could change to be less negative.

      5. @peanutbutterjelly
        I agree with you to some extent. While I also feel this article was in poor taste, choosing to leave because of it is a bit extreme (though with that said, it is your decision at the end of the day so we need to respect that).

        For me, while I understand Jaynestars’ reason for publishing this particular article and I don’t necessarily blame them for doing so, I will admit that I am disappointed. I guess since I’ve always considered JS as similar to a fan site rather than an official mainstream news site like Mingpao, Oriental Daily, HK01, etc, they are under no obligation to “report” every single aspect of the news that is currently out there (unlike official media sites that have that type of obligation to the public it services). In other words, they have a choice amongst the dozens upon dozens of articles published everyday by the various news outlets, which ones they want to feature and through their choices, it tells us a lot about what they hold important in managing their site. There have been times where I’ve actually questioned (more rhetorically than anything else) the choice of articles that the site chooses to feature (or not to feature) and while at times, I still get frustrated with it all, I try to bring it back to this being a fan site and it makes it easier to accept (at least for me). Like you and others, I’ve also had my fair share of run-ins with other members, which is one of the reasons why I don’t post comments as much as I used to and when I do, it’s only on very specific articles. It can definitely feel discouraging, but I’ve decided that life is too short to let myself get too worked up over this stuff anymore. Of course, I’m not advocating that we all agree with each other all the time because that’s not how real life works, but at minimum, we should be treating each other with civility, even if we disagree — and yes, I’ve disagreed with you often but I appreciate the fact that you’re always able to bring solid arguments to the table and well-stated points to back up those arguments. The tell-tale sign of a good debate in my opinion is being able to “agree to disagree” in the end. For this, I thank you! Whether you decide to stay or leave, your decision deserves to be respected. Best of luck to you!

      6. @peanutbutterjelly :/ don’t leave, your opinions have always been well balanced. Will greatly miss you. Also I don’t feel you are a multi accounter.

        @jimmyszeto what’s up with you lately? You used to be pretty level headed, but lately, it seems like you want to attack everyone and anyone. I used to quite enjoy your comments, but lately, not so much. You also used to not accuse people of this and that, yet now you are accused other of what you hate most! It’s almost like your account has been hacked by certain someone >_> though the writing isn’t the same mannerism

      7. @littlefish
        I thought it was a multi account user was retaliating after a few bans because of the overreaction he had against Jaynestars over one article instead of being grateful for the thousands of articles we have had over the years. I found it unusual that a regular member would be ticked off in such a way over one article. Maybe I got paranoid because of the recent Bubbletea multi accounts. I got into conclusions after the user threatened to leave in such a hostile way and will apologize it turns out to be incorrect.

  8. I don’t think this article is out of line. As Jayne said, it provide a more 360-degree coverage of Yammie’s life.
    Does this article said anything disrespectful of Yammie? No.
    After I read the article, I don’t think any less of Yammie.

    Maybe the title ‘Yammie Lam Was Linked With 11 Men’ push some people’s hot button and trigger some moral judgement in them. If the title of the article is ‘Yammie’s Sad Road in Relationship’, people would not react so negatively.

    I seldom bring up gender issue. But, this time I really want to question. If the celeb who died is a man and some article with the title ‘XXX Was Link With 11 Women’ would so many people said the article is disrespectful?
    The problem is not the article, but, the meaning a reader put behind the article.

    1. @kidd ‘If the celeb who died is a man and some article with the title ‘XXX Was Link With 11 Women’ would so many people said the article is disrespectful?’


  9. How could you say the headline “Yammie Lam Was Linked With 11 Men” was not disrespectful!?! For crying outloud, her death became public less than 2 days ago, no funeral arrangement was made, and you wanted to pay tribute by “‘shedding the light” about the ‘rumored men’ in her life?!?! Let her rest …

    1. @cutie777

      I know one of them did because he gambled and owed to much debt so committed suicide to escape. This happened while she was filming Heir to the throne is.. but I heard Yammie was very professional and did not allow it to affect the filming process.

  10. I don’t respect the title that she link with 11 men’s but is better then Facebook Tvb posted all her ugly photo. I’m really sad for her and hope that she can have a better place and Rest In Peace

  11. What a load of crap article. This women life is tragic enough and this site is milking clicks from her death. Business is one thing but there is also so called business ethics. Certain line meant not to be crossed. So dissappointed. I have been following this sites for as long as I could remember but now bye bye.

  12. yeah it’s somewhat disrespectful, but it’s only related to the timing of the article. if this was published months from now, i probably wouldn’t bat an eye. it’s just too soon.

    but i don’t blame jaynestars. i don’t come here for ethics or morals or any sort of self-righteous principles. i come here for the news! and the comments between the community members which i find insightful sometimes. this news piece might be published at a wrong time, but if jaynestar has to censor themselves from translating what other news site publish, then that’d be silly.

    in any case, all of you who clicked & read this article, did it because the headline grabbed you and made you curious, even if in distaste. that’s the job of jaynestars – not to police their own publishings, but to deliver news that they read that might entice their readers. insofar, they did that job properly. if you don’t like it, definitely remark and make your feelings heard, but don’t kill the messenger.

    1. @coralie We’re in agreement, here. While the absence of this headline/article would have been preferred, I see Jaynestars as a broad, objective platform for E related news, both good & bad. For that reason, it makes little sense why the site should be restricted to certain articles at the exclusion of others. After all, they are trying to cater to a wider audience.

      As for the article, itself, “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. There’s nothing inherently offensive about the title, though it can be interpreted that way, depending on the reader’s bias. Personally, I find that the information is delivered in a rather neutral manner, and doesn’t come across slanderous.

      Yes, the timing is offensive, but let’s be honest… JS is essentially a gossip site, at the end of the day.

      So given its nature, as well as how unreliable and sensationalized gossip articles can be, I doubt this report carries much weight, if any.

  13. @jayne Given the debates above over timing and what type of articles are posted, is it possible to explain again how you guys determine which articles to feature on this site so we are clear on how the process works? I had heard in the past that you guys translate whatever articles members on this site submit, which is why there are sometimes dozens of articles on particular artists (i.e.: all those articles on Grace Chan, which I’m assuming were all submitted by one of her fans), but none/very little on other artists and/or topics…that was a long time ago though so not sure if the process has changed. I ask out of curiosity mainly, as I’ve noticed (and I’m sure most other members have as well) a pretty big imbalance of articles on this site over the years — a recent example: the other big celebrity death this past week was Golden Harvest co-founder Raymond Chow — given his contributions to the industry and how important he as well as his company were in shaping HK entertainment history (I put him on the same level of importance as Run Run Shaw, to be honest), plus every media outlet in HK has reported on Raymond Chow’s death almost as much as Jin Yong’s — yet there isn’t a single mention of his death on this site (outside of the comments sections of course). And it’s not just this instance…I’ve noticed other times too when something big in the industry happens (that all the media outlets cover in one way or another), I don’t see anything on JS about it. I’m not complaining per se, it’s just that yours is one of the few sites out there nowadays that puts up HK entertainment news translated into English (which I’m sure plays an important role for those who want to know about the industry but can’t read Chinese) and if the goal of the site is to be more comprehensive, it doesn’t make sense to me that there would be such an imbalance. Again, just curious…you’re under no obligation to respond of course…

    1. @llwy12 JayneStars focuses primarily on news on Hong Kong artistes, with a smaller mix of popular Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese artistes as well. As you may have noticed, we don’t feature all the awards ceremonies, international film festivals, music awards ceremonies, etc. One may argue that these awards events should be included as they are significant…but it’s just not possible to cover all the major events and happenings in the industry due to limited resources and staff. As to the reason why we didn’t cover Golden Harvest co-founder Raymond Chow’s passing (which undeniably he is a major player in the industry), our website usually features familiar artistes that we see on television or film. There may sometimes be an exception made, such as in Louis Cha’s obituary because his novels were adapted into such memorable dramas and movies and offered career-defining roles for many artistes. Louis Cha/ Jin Yong is already a household name for many Chinese families.

      There may sometimes be a heavier emphasis on certain celebrities due to upcoming dramas, weddings, pregnancies, and major milestones. Aside from popular artistes being featured, we also try to give the spotlight to veteran artistes and newcomers as well. Sometimes the artiste may not be very well-known by audiences, but if there’s an inspiring story to tell or raise social responsibility, that’s a bonus. The news may sometimes be lighter (or fluff) because entertainment news should also give happiness and make us smile.

      Sometimes articles may come up that may be controversial, even if JayneStars did not intend to provoke or offend readers. We take into account user comments, but it’s impossible to cater to everyone’s preferences. User reactions are subjective and some readers may find offense while others do not, depending on personal bias, perspective, and interpretation. The discussions do become hostile and unpleasant, and accusations get thrown about, which is probably one of the most unpleasant aspects of maintaining this website.

      JayneStars has had a long journey since its early days, when it was just myself writing. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to have met passionate fans who contributed tirelessly in the comments section, voluntary contributors who submitted their drama reviews, and all the wonderful writers (who come from highly qualified backgrounds and have very busy careers and families to tend to) who write tirelessly for our website. I’m very fortunate to meet you all, who contributed in different ways to the JayneStars community and added to its diversity, and I greatly appreciate that.

      I look forward to more positive discussions about our common passion in Hong Kong/ Chinese entertainment with everyone.

      1. @jayne Thank you for taking the time to respond, Jayne! Understood and points well-taken! I’m sure it might not seem like it at times, but I know many of us appreciate all the effort you and your team have put into translating the latest entertainment news and maintaining this website. As a fellow writer and translator also with my own blog site (and a full-time job and busy personal life of course), I know how difficult it is to find the time to keep up, and on top of that having to deal with all the user reactions, comments, feedback (and the occasional arguments and hostilities, which are unfortunate but bound to happen). We are certainly an opinionated bunch and more often than not, we may disagree with each other and/or the content of the articles, but that’s the beauty of having a forum like this where we can share our common passion and still feel free to express ourselves (staying within established rules of course). With that said though, the increasing hostilities with some of the discussions in recent months have truly been discouraging and I can definitely see where some members are coming from in not wanting to comment anymore or, in a few cases, even wanting to leave. Hopefully we can all keep the discussions more civil in the future. Thanks!

      2. @llwy12 Thanks for your kind words and understanding. While I don’t enjoy policing comments, I’ll be more active in banning users who post offensive comments repeatedly. I have already banned some users who can’t exercise civility towards others or who post repeated insulting comments.

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