Lawrence Ng Gives His Daughter a 200,000 RMB Monthly Allowance?

Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng Kai-wah (吳啟華) has one daughter, Ng Hei-yee (吳熙兒), with his ex-wife Shi Yangzi (石洋子). Like father like daughter, the 11-year-old loves to perform, and reportedly dreams of having a career in the entertainment industry.

And her possibility of pursuing this dream isn’t far-fetched at all. Hei-yee likes to share her performance videos on Weibo, where she already has over 2,500 followers. She has also been invited to film a mini movie, and appears to be on her way to be an Internet celebrity.

Lawrence lives in Hong Kong, while his daughter lives in the mainland with her mother full-time. Feeling guilty that he could not be by his daughter’s side, Lawrence reportedly splurges on Hei-yee, giving her and her mother at least 200,000 yuan to spend each month. While Hei-yee is often separated from her father, she remains close with him, as seen in their photos together on Weibo.

Lawrence was reached for comment, asking if the 200,000 yuan monthly allowance claims were true. He said, “That’s exaggerated! I’m not going to say how much I give, but as man, you must have this responsibility.”

Asking if his daughter is indeed interested in debuting in the industry, he said, “She’s older now, and is starting to have her own ideas. I cannot control what she wants, but she is a really good girl. She would always ask for my opinion before she does anything.”

Lawrence is not completely against the idea of his daughter having a career in entertainment, adding that she would be getting a good head start if she decides to pursue acting. “At least she’s not completely unknown, so that’s a benefit. However, I still think she is young with a lot left to learn. She can think about what to do when she’s older!”


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  1. The title of this article implies he gives an amount of $200k to his daughter only but its content stating RMB 200k is for his ex and his daughter.

  2. I thought he only have to pay child support but also has to pay his ex wife too? What a beautiful child he’s got hope she’s not too spoiled that’s all.

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