Jacqueline Wong Had a Richer “Target”

Dubbed the “Sum On Incident,” Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) cheating scandal is crashing through Hong Kong like a tidal wave. All parties involved have already spoken up, but it’s going to be a while before the storm calms down.

Andy and Jacqueline have since halted all of their jobs, and Jacqueline is now effectively frozen by TVB, jobless. The 30-year-old still has many years left in her TVB contract, and Jacqueline has no choice but to wait it out.

Alvin Chau

According to a source close to Jacqueline, the TVB starlet has always had an interest in being part of the upper elite. Since winning first runner-up at the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, it’s been said that Jacqueline wanted to get close with the controversial business tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華), who also has a few relationship controversies of his own, but that didn’t work out. It was then when she decided to get closer to Andy, who is under Alvin’s company Sun Entertainment Culture. Whether it was private events or public, Jacqueline would make an effort to attend all events hosted by Sun Entertainment so she could get close with company artistes, specifically Andy.

The source alleged that her relationship with TVB star Kenneth Ma (馬國明) had always been a temporary one, just to support her career. Indeed, Jacqueline did become more well-known after her relationship with Kenneth went public, receiving a career boost.

Jacqueline’s way of getting close to Andy was reportedly very strategic, and similar to how she started her relationship with Kenneth. According to the report, Jacqueline eased into Andy’s life by texting him and befriending his friends group. “That has always been her way,” said the source. “We just didn’t expect her to hook up with a married man.”

Ironically, Jacqueline had said before that she had no interest in married men. In 2014, while shooting the TVB drama Tomorrow is Another Day <再戰明天>, there were rumors that she got close with the married Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), but both parties quickly denied the relationship. Jacqueline went on to explain that a relationship with Lawrence would be “impossible,” as she would never develop feelings for a married man. A few years later, she developed dating rumors with Vincent Wong (王浩信), her costar in With or Without You <東坡家事>. It was said at the time that Vincent and his wife Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) were in a “cold war,” and Jacqueline used that as an opportunity to get closer to Vincent. Though all parties had denied that to be the case, Yoyo Chen interestingly liked a post on Weibo recently about Jacqueline being a third party. Yoyo later unliked the post.

Jacqueline Wong with Jung Joon-young.

After confirming her relationship with Kenneth in 2017, reporters spotted an intoxicated Jacqueline making out with former TVB actor Daniel Chau (周志康) at a night club. Kenneth was asked to comment on the issue, but the actor defended Jacqueline and said, “I hope everyone had a good laugh [about the report].” Jacqueline denied the kissing even happened, saying that she’s not close with Daniel.

And just like how everything comes to a full circle, Jacqueline was once linked to Jung Joon-young, the main star in a sex scandal that is currently plaguing the South Korean entertainment industry. Jacqueline and Jung Joon-young had filmed a variety show together, and frequently appeared together on social media. After the sex scandal broke earlier this year, Jacqueline quickly dropped any relations with the Korean star.

Source: ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Izit just me but Alvin Chau looks like Andy Hui in the photo 😀

    Wow I just remembered I did watch that variety show of Jacqueline with the Korean guy and now both are caught in one of the country ‘s biggest scandal.

    Btw the photo indicated the name wrongly as Priscilla wong.

  2. Perhaps that’s why they are/were friends/connections they sure have something things in common now – Videotaping, Shameless and Stupidity. Some even called the Korean dude a Monster which is still an understatement. How can anyone be so stupid doing illegal actions and yet shared/bragged about them on popular Kakao when everything s/b kept in record? Sigh….What kind of morons are these.

    1. @niangniang Yeah, I don’t think it’s the pictures. It’s probably a matter of taste since it seems like a lot of people still refer to her as “beautiful, pretty, sexy, etc.” despite her actions.

      From the very first time I saw her (when she was competing for Miss HK like 7 years ago) my first reaction was “EEEWW.. What’s going on with her mouth area?” She’s extremely unattractive to me personally.

      Her jaw/mouth area protrudes and juts out in a very disturbing way and it’s a lot more noticeable in moving media than still pictures.Other stuff about her face bothers me to hell too, the flatness of it (more prominent in side view) the fleshy, perpetually seemingly flared nostrils. I never got the appeal, I think probably because boobs, she definitely has large boobs in comparison to her weight and stature.

      in terms of just her face, undoubtedly below average for me.

      1. @silvernara in a way she was overrated to be placed second in miss hk which Tracy Chu is more deserving. Agree with the boobs section, maybe that’s why Andy fell for it. Perhaps she and that korean dude can make a “private video” together?

      2. @hayden Based on her actions I wouldn’t put it past her lol!

        I mean I don’t judge what she likes to do in private unless what she’s doing is hurting others (like her cheating and stealing someone’s husband).

        I completely agree that she’s overrated to a very high degree, I don’t get it at all. I simply see her face and pretty much cringe, that’s not an attractive nor feminine face.

        I get the boobs though, her body’s good but definitely doesn’t do it for me since the face is below average. No amount of boobs can make up for that face…#monkeyface :X

      3. @silvernara @hayden @karina
        There are some women who aren’t conventionally beautiful but pleasant on the eyes of the beholders while this Wong girl has a kind of “beauty” that painful to look at and unpleasant to the eyes….Her latest behavior added to the unpleasantness…haha

      4. @niangniang I agree, there definitely exists those who aren’t conventionally attractive but still hold beauty due to charisma, style, etc. with this particular woman, it probably didn’t work for me because she’s so far from a conventional beauty (facially) yet tries to adhere to the convention, which just makes it more obvious she isn’t attractive.

        In general, I don’t find she has charisma physical or nonphysical, and as you’ve said the recent developments only makes it her physical flaws look worse.

      5. @silvernara

        Yes her mouth. And to me anyways, her sister Scarlett looks a lot prettier – more alive, animated.
        Jacqueline’s type of looks – you may say “sweet” at a glance but look further … and she’s kinda tiring looking.

        Even kinda dated looking and old, for her age.

      6. @nomad822 I agree, her sister is way more attractive but I think people are obsessed with boobs and youth and not actually really looking for facial beauty based on facial features, well in HK anyway, I guess.

        Youth is a factor in beauty but it really is irrelevant if the person doesn’t at least, by default have good facial features/looks.

        Yeah! she does look old in her pics, something to do with her facial structure, makes her look like she’s someone’s soccer mom or something.

      7. @silvernara
        those Korean k-poppers discussed the women they raped pretty much the same way. One of those pervs made fun of one victim’s face but gave high marks to her figure. Seems like women are still judged by their faces and bodies no matter what.

      8. @msxie0714 Horrible….Those people are evil, raping someone then trashing them afterwards, sociopaths.

        Everyone judges on some level I just find it strange when someone is a celebrity and reliant on looks (particularly female celebrities) and they look pretty below average and hailed as beautiful. So it appears to me they’re more concentrated on non facial beauty or something.

      9. @silvernara OMG yes! Her mouth protrudes in a weird unpleasant way! First i thought it was her smile but now that you mention it, it is the mouth/jaw too! She’d always looked really annoying to me. Quite ugly for a Miss HK. Plenty of more deserving girls i reckon. Wonder who she slept with before to win it lol

        Yes boobs, but easy to be done these days with boob jobs on a prettier face

    2. @niangniang never like to judge a woman by her appearance but I agree. I’ve seen many local ladies her age much prettier than her. The fact she turns out to be a selfish cheap home wrecker doesn’t help

  3. Jacqueline is one calculating b*tch using men to gain benefits. Alvin Chau was reported to be one of the investors in Seungri’s Burning Sun nightclub. Birds of a feather flock together.

  4. Read about this 2 days ago actually. Not sure how true this is but it does make sense, as to be honest, I always wondered why she would hook up with Andy of all people, since they don’t work together, they don’t have any mutual friends, they are from different generations, etc…what opportunity would Jacqueline have had to even get close to Andy? Some people were saying it’s because Kenneth knows Andy from the Celebrity Soccer team but honestly, Kenneth is not heavily involved in that team as a regular (I don’t think he even has time to go to practices due to his busy schedule) and it’s not like Kenneth and Andy are that close of friends nor do they hang out together often. Now it all makes sense….

    Thinking back…those “mutual friends” who were there the night of that now infamous birthday dinner prior to “the incident” – I remember commenting somewhere that those couldn’t have been Jacqueline’s friends and it turns out many of them weren’t – they were either current or former Sun Entertainment people and/or friends/colleagues of Andy’s — Wilfred Lau was there, so was Alex Fong…also a few other people I recognized as working for that company… and that third friend who was in the taxi with them (I think his name is Ken), he and his partner work at the same company as Sammi’s sister, so I take it he’s actually Andy’s friend and not Jacqueline’s…

    I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that the affair between these two has been going on for quite some time already — the timeline I read was 6 months to 2 years…not sure which number is correct but the one thing that is “for sure” is that the taxi incident wasn’t the first time…

    1. @llwy12 The real question is how did they manage to keep this affair quiet for this long ? Did Andy’s close friends like William and Dicky know about it? If they did but didn’t do anything about it and purposely kept Sammi in the dark then wow I don’t know what to say. At least that Ken guy tried to unsuccessfully stop it. The fact JW tried to go after that pig Alvin Chau speaks volumes about her “morals” this woman has no shame. Ugh I wish Sammi didn’t forgive him so easily and quickly…

      1. @karina I doubt Andy’s mutual friends with Sammi (i.e. Big Four group and others) knew about it, as many of them are close with Sammi as well so I’m sure they would’ve said something. Now Andy’s colleagues and friends from Sun Entertainment though, that’s a different story, as most of them aren’t close with Sammi (except for Andy’s manager Paco, who used to be Sammi’s manager too many years ago when Sun Entertainment didn’t even exist yet). It’s quite possible that Andy’s friends/colleagues from his management company did know about the affair, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept it to themselves, as they had no obligation to tell Sammi if they weren’t close with her like the Big Four guys were. You can kind of tell from the way Sammi and Andy’s mutual friends responded to the scandal versus the way Andy’s friends/colleagues responded….case in point: Wilfred Lau (Andy’s friend and fellow artist also under Sun Entertainment’s management but who is not close with Sammi) was also at that birthday dinner and he said that he wasn’t sure why Jacqueline was there or who brought her and he didn’t ask, but he did say it was the first time he had attended a dinner party where Jacqueline was present (though typical Wilfred, he put his foot in his mouth again when he said that he did see Andy and Jacqueline drinking, but it wasn’t a lot and they didn’t look drunk…but then he said he sat with his own friends at the dinner and left early, so he’s not sure about the situation that happened afterwards). So obviously Wilfred thought it was odd that Jacqueline was there but he didn’t bother to question it (and he once again spilled the beans on Andy in terms of the drinking thing, lol).
        If it were one of the Big Four guys in that situation, pretty sure they would’ve said something because of their own (and their wives’) close friendship with Sammi.

        Yes, I agree about Jacqueline wanting to go after Alvin Chau originally speaking volumes about her character. I actually kind of wish she did stick to her original target cuz Alvin Chau (yes, he is a pig) seems to be a perfect match for her, lol.

      2. @karina
        Why did these 2 idiots not consider the consequences by flaunting lust in a not-so-private setting unless they wanted to get caught? Passengers in cars near them could’ve spotted some of the action. How could they not expect the cab driver, who heard and saw everything, not to openly talk about the celebrity make-out session in his cab?

    2. @llwy12 my main question is what can she gain from Andy? It just doesn’t make sense. She’s young and attractive enough to go for other smaller fries, going for the queen of pop’s long term partner seems very dumb. It’s so dumb It just don’t make sense. Like if you were to be as calculated as people makes her out to be, after Andy is the stupidest thing ever.

      And if you say Andy promised her to divorce Sammi, yea right, I would not even think that would be possible given their history. But if everyone just gonna claim she’s an airhead and naive, and think too highly of herself, then I guess nvm.

    1. @funnlim main thing is people eats it up! People sure is hating Andy >_> more like 90% hate on JW and 10% hate on Andy, but like a commentator said it’s how life works, woman gets hated more.

      1. @littlefish It seems as the situation develops, many media is putting all blame on JW, I wonder JW was never liked by many reporters, especially when you look at her past stories with other male actors as depicted by those media (and IMO most of them looked very untrue). And there are 2 issues that make me wonder even more: Firstly, when JW was participating in the beauty contest, one blogger wrote “she must be the only one out of the 10 contestants not having a chance to win”, and secondly, I read from a magazine years after the contest, that during the contest a reporter said from the audience area that “how can a girl with such face be in the final 3”, while JW’s father was right in the next row. I know beauty is subjective, but I think JW was not popular since Day 1 by a lot of the media. But a newcomer (at that time) receiving such criticism by the media seem a bit strange to me!

      2. @pengolinux You bring up a good point actually. I remember awhile back ago reading an interview that a reporter who used to work for one of HK’s notorious gossip rags did in which he spilled the beans on how the process works. One of the things he said is that the reporters (and the media outlets they work for) all have lists of artists whom they like or dislike to varying degrees…if an artist is unlucky enough to get on their s-*!t list, watch out because those outlets will relentlessly go after them more than others, even to the point of destroying their careers in some cases. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacqueline was on such a list (artists who almost always have negative press about them usually are on the list). This is why veteran artists always warn younger artists new to the industry to be aware of how they interact with the media, since they have the power to make or break their careers. It’s a love-hate relationship for sure and the key is finding the right balance…it’s a skill that very few people in the industry understand well enough to be able to master…

      3. @littlefish And as for the netizens, they even go so far as to check which celebrity likes the apology post by JW, go to that celebrity’s IG and scold him/her. Perhaps this is even more ugly than the whole incident.

      4. @littlefish I agree that this is an issue with Asian mentality and culture and I’m sure that has a little to do with Jacqueline getting more hate. In this particular case, I’m not sure it applies entirely. Jacqueline getting 90% of the backlash, is in part, because she simply chose the wrong people to get involved with. The popularity of those involved is just too great in HK and her popularity is far, far below them. It’s easier to hate on the least popular person.

        The main thing is it all comes down to shame or lack of shame that fuels the hate of others. Andy is shitty and Jacqueline is diarrhea. At the very least, Andy’s actions seemed to show caution (no talk of him being friendly with Kenneth, at least no more than usual during the affair, moments of hesitations in the taxi, not following Jacqueline on Instagram, held a live press conference facing the media, opened his Instagram comments to take some heat) which shows he realizes on SOME LEVEL what he’s doing is shameful (enough to act with caution) and at least taking responsibility – by facing and receiving anger from the public.

        Jacqueline’s actions were incredibly aggressive and arrogant, as if she has no guilt and no shame about what she’s doing while and after she was doing it. She unnecessarily befriends the wife of the man she’s sleeping with (even left a comment on her post that dates around the time of the taxi video), paws at a married man with no hesitation. She also preemptively closes her Instagram comments to not have to hear criticism and still no in-person apology/press conference. She followed Andy Hui on Instagram and proudly posted numerous photos with him while she was having an affair with him. The absolute best proof of her character is her bothering to interact with Sammi at all. If you’re sleeping with the woman’s husband, outside of arrogance and pride, there is absolutely zero reasoning for you to interact with the man’s wife.

        None of this appears to be a person who has shown feelings of shame nor guilt nor truly realizes that whatever wrong she’s done is SO WRONG, that she has to take some heat for it. Guilt = someone who wants to repent and willing to take responsibility for it. Her actions do not show this.

        It’s just a lot harder to forgive someone who acted like Jacqueline Wong in this situation than Andy Hui and it is definitely not because of her gender (for me anyway).

        To be fair, in the case of Mandy Lieu and Alvin Chau, I think the sexist double standards was definitely at play. In Alvin/Mandy situation, the Asian mentality of making the women out to be villains and men getting a free pass was evident here in full force, I 100% agree with those two. Alvin Chau is more disgusting of a person than ALL of his mistresses combined yet Mandy Lieu received ALL of the criticism. I don’t remember anyone really judging Alvin Chau too poorly, just stating what he did in a neutral way.

  5. 1) there were more to the friend’s comments – “玩大D”

    2) she’s nutsville if she thinks Alvin Chau would be interested – he has enough on his hands with Mandy Lieu and Heidi competing to pop babies out. And she’s a far cry from Mandy Lieu in looks.

    3) is this some subconscious rivalry thing … her sister Scarlett has Justin Ma (馬桂烽) … ball socialite 薛芷倫 son – banking tycoon old rich background) as her younger 26 yr old bf? So Jacqueline had to Upp her game?

    1. @nomad822 I don’t know how true the story is, but there is a new one where this former Mr. HK contestant (Flow Cheung) spoke out on his instagram stating Jacqueline Wong once told him her and Kenneth Ma had problems and that she had fallen in love with a married man and that JW is “only a victim.”

      He’s gotten backlash for it but honestly pretty transparent he’s trying to take advantage of the controversy to gain fame.

      Agree about Alvin Chau (#2) she’s really not attractive enough based on the type of women he rolls with.

      1. @silvernara Yea, I read about that too. My first reaction was also that Flow is trying to use the situation to gain fame for himself…either that or he’s been watching one too many TV dramas, as most of what he said sounds exactly like the plot line from the latest TVB series, lol. Also, the timing is fishy too….

      2. @silvernara @llwy12 I highly doubt he is defending Jacqueline for the purpose of fame. I’m sure he ain’t stupid enough to not know that by defending someone against a cheating scandal, he will certainly receive backlash and negatively affect to his public image.

        Prehaps the reason why Flow Cheung defends Jacqueline Wong is because he is a good friend of her that’s why he defended her from the netizens to show his loyalty to her.

        This is not uncommon. I have also encountered many people who’s like him, in my personal life. No matter what their loved one or friends do, they will still defend and support them even though they know what they did was wrong. They turn a blind eye on it instead of correcting their mistakes and wrongdoing.

      3. @tim3e Fame is a fickle thing, Flow can gain some interest in who he is to get him more notice. He is at a point in his career where he isn’t famous enough to receive any real “damage,” to his image. At his current status of fame, if anything, it will still generate more interest/benefit than it would harm him. I mean I don’t know the guy personally, maybe he is doing this out of loyalty.

        His response doesn’t make much sense though. Despite what he has said, I don’t buy that a “victim,” as he called Jacqueline, would willingly make comments and befriend the wife of someone she’s sleeping with.

        If Jacqueline Wong felt as much guilt as Flow said, she would not be able to be around the wife, much less hang out and interact with her in admiration. This is not the actions of a person feeling guilt.

        I think that’s why Jacqueline is receiving so much hate. Her actions show she has little to no shame. She was way more aggressive than Andy in the taxi. She followed Andy Hui on instagram, posted numerous photos with him and spoke out on her admiration for him, she goes and comments on Sammi’s pictures around the same time the video was taped in a friendly, admiring way, she closes her instagram comments to ensure she receives no criticism, and just how she behaves in general towards this incident.

        Andy Hui is a piece of crap for sure but Jacqueline Wong is truly diarrhea.

        There’s a reason Andy didn’t follow Jacqueline on instagram, didn’t post pictures of them together, had moments of hesitation in the taxi, had a live press conference and opened his instagram to receive all the hateful comments – he recognized on some level what he did was shameful and felt guilt and saw a need to take some responsibility (I still think he’s a piece of crap though).

        Jacqueline on the other hand, none of her actions point to a decent person. She basically comes off as borderline sociopathic. She did wrong but wants to insulate herself from backlash. I mean to befriend the wife of the man she’s sleeping with? Entirely and completely unnecessary. Had she felt guilt and not what seems to be arrogance and pride, she would not have done any of the things I listed.

        That’s why I don’t believe anything Flow said.

      4. @silvernara Well-said! You expressed perfectly exactly what I was thinking! Flow basically made Jacqueline out to be a naive teenager who has never experienced love before and so when an older guy came along whom she admired, she fell hopelessly in love and only agreed to be with him when he told her he intends on divorcing his wife. I agree that none of what he said makes any sense given Jacqueline’s actions.

      5. @llwy12 Thank you! Yeah, the way Jacqueline conducted herself just seemed really arrogant and shameless to me, both during the affair and after. I’d buy naivety if she was like late teens or early twenties, but for a 30 year old? hheeelll naawww…

      6. @hetieshou Absolutely, you are correct. For sure though, I’d still give someone more leeway if they’re late teens – early 20s than someone who is 30 for acting as if she didn’t know better or lack the maturity.

        Maturity isn’t determined by age at all but you will be given more slack if you are actually, physically younger in age. This doesn’t apply to Jacqueline at all.

      7. @silvernara
        I totally agree and it makes her more pathetic as she is supposed to be 30 but acts like a little girl throwing a fit since she got caught doing a bad thing. She may have been given the benefit of the doubt if she was physically younger but sadly she is acting like a little girl at 30 years old. How sad is that?

      8. @tim3e Well, after his post defending Jacqueline, which pissed off a lot of netizens, the media is digging up old reports from when he participated in Mr. HK pageant where he told a reporter that his purpose for signing up for the competition was to get fame and recognition for his personal benefit. Also, when he went with the other contestants to Taiwan to film a segment for the pageant, he kept telling everyone who would listen that his room was haunted and that there was a ghost there reciting verses…and he said his room was like an ancient prisoners death chamber. Later, when reporters asked him about it again, he claimed that it was only a dream and he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

        So, sorry, I don’t believe a single word this Flow guy says…and like I said elsewhere, if he is truly Jacqueline’s friend and cares about her well-being, he should reach out to her privately rather than publicly making nonsensical statements that do nothing but make people dislike Jacqueline even more.

      9. @llwy12 To be honest he isn’t the only person who wants fame and recognition. A lot of people who join the entertainment industry desire for fame, wealth, status and want to be successful and make a name for themselves in the showbiz. There’s nothing unusual about that.

        But what I don’t understand is what kind of benefits can he get by defending someone against a ugly scandal? By doing this, he will certainly receive backlash and negatively affect to his public image.

      10. @llwy12 To be honest Flow isn’t the only person who wants fame and recognition. A lot of people who join the entertainment industry desire for fame, wealth, status and want to be successful and make a name for themselves in the showbiz. There’s nothing unusual about that. But what I don’t understand is what kind of benefits can he get by defending someone against a ugly scandal? By doing this, he will certainly receive backlash and negatively affect to his public image.

  6. Firstly this Flow guy should sort out his ridiculous name and secondly he is he talking crap. No one has heard of him so he should shut up….

    1. @jimmyszeto Lol..Yup…and his credibility is being called into question now, as media found old reports of him making up stories in the past. But hey, he’s getting the 15 minutes of fame that he had told reporters in the past was one of his goals in life…

  7. She dreamed of climbing the social ladder just to have it blow up in her face. Karma biting at her! Kenneth dodged himself a bullet. Andy got off easy compared to her and got lucky. I feel bad for Sammi and Kenneth.

  8. I’m sure there will be a lot of nasty nicknames from Hong Kongers reserved for Jacqueline now. No way she can walk down a Hong Street again without taking some verbal abuse..

  9. I don’t buy the whole Flow story but wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what Jacqueline made him believe. Maybe she was his niang niang and he was her bing so he’s out here defending her.

  10. That Alvin Chau guy? Doesn’t he already have like 3 mistresses and plenty of illegitimate children that women keep having! Well if that guy was her target, that speaks volumes.

    1. @myxx

      1) JW might have got inspired by how affluent all the 4 wives of Macau King Stanley Ho. (she’s either damn naive or blinded by wealth NOT to see competitive bickering between the kids/the wives).

      2) Alvin Chau is better looking and sexier imo than Andy Hui

      3) Officially the dude only has 2 = Mandy Lieu (she now has 3 babies – shelf life almost over!, and (I think) his first wife finally saw the light and divorced him

      4) Though, with all the choices he has to roll around with in bed – JW nutsville to think she stands a chance. And again, with no consideration to her family being someone’s official mistress. She might have a chance with 大刘 Joseph Lau – he likes Educated women (former mistress had Masters, and the current is a former journalist). along with looks (Li Kar-yan etc

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