Artistes Guild, Led by Louis Koo, to Help with Yammie Lam’s Funeral Arrangements

The Artistes’ Guild is willing to cover all funeral-related expenses.

Members of the public have reacted with sadness, shock, and pity since news of Yammie Lam‘s (藍潔瑛) solitary passing in her Hong Kong apartment on November 3 surfaced. Since the police has been unable to contact her family, Yammie’s fan club has expressed its keen wishes that her old friends in the entertainment circle help to take care of the former actress’ funeral arrangements. Louis Koo (古天樂), as the current president of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild (HKPAG), also issued a statement that he will assist with the funeral with trying to get in touch with Yammie’s family.

According to Apple Daily, Yammie is the youngest in the family. Her parents had passed away in the 1990s. She has an elder brother and sister, as well as three other elder half-brothers from a different mother. Although Yammie’s relationship with her family grew distant after adulthood, her siblings would still come to her aid and offer their concern whenever she faced financial difficulties. However since her death, the police has been unable to contact her family members.

Earlier, president of the HKPAG Louis Koo issued a statement which mentioned that the Guild will assist with Yammie’s funeral, and has called upon her close friend, Meg Lam (林建明), and Gordon Lam (林家棟) to try and reach out to Yammie’s sister. Adding that he is aware that Yammie came from an ordinary family who might not be able to afford an extravagant funeral, Louis says that they will discuss with Yammie’s family and that the Guild is willing to bear all funeral-related expenses. However, as he noted, their utmost priority at the moment is to gain contact with Yammie’s family. “We will do our very best to help Yammie’s family with the funeral arrangements, (because) she is a part of our entertainment circle,” he said.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. “However since her death, the police has been unable to contact her family members.”

    I guess we will hear from Yammie Lam’s family members soon, now that HKPAG is offering financial assistance with her funeral.

    1. @peachyogurt If that is the reason for not contactable, then they never will. Her colleagues are taking care of her funeral only not offering monies into the bank account?

  2. The entertainment circle has had a hand in her demise but at least they are able to help out at the very end.

    I didnt know louis was the chair of HKPAG. Is that the same one Anthony Wong was rejected from with great furore a few years ago?.

    1. @megamiaow Feel they should do something when she came out to tell that she got raped by the big brothers of the industries years ago. More could have been done not just for Yammie but for all the future young artists so they don’t get this happening to them too. Hope they are going to take this more seriously after her funeral arrangement is settled.

      Is the guild the same one that ganged together and marched in protest when someone peep photo one of the twins?

      1. @mike
        Either the figures in the industry didn’t believe Yammie’s accusations due to her mental state or it was a known secret in the entertainment industry who the culprits were but too afraid to speak out. Just seems strange that there was so much silence over the subject….

      2. @mike It’s not surprising that the HKPAG would not have done much for Yammie previously, since one of the two “big brothers of the industry” implicated in the rape was President of the organization for many years —including the year that Yammie’s video interview first came out, which was in 2013 — and of course he is not going to incriminate himself (and others in the industry are not going to condemn him either unless there’s proof or unless it escalates into a Harvey Weinstein situation where dozens of women come forward…for the record, I’m not condoning his behavior at all, I’m merely stating the facts of how the industry works).

        Actually, in the 25 years since HKPAG was established, the position of President has pretty much rotated between the same handful of veterans in the industry (all of whom were “founders” of the group initially) – this year was the first time that an artist from the “newer generation” (meaning those who started their careers after the HKPAG was established and who wasn’t part of the original founding group of the organization) was elected to the position. So with the changing of the guard, maybe things will be different now. Louis’s term just started in January 2018 and goes until December 2019 (after which the guild will either elect a new President or re-elect Louis for another term), so let’s see what happens between now and then. It’s of course too late for Yammie unfortunately but maybe not for future artists….

  3. although nobody owes anyone a living, HK artistes are very close…or only a certain group of artistes?
    I remember reading about Yammie several times and was feeling happy she attended church. Sad to read she passed away alone and was decomposing at home.

  4. I am glad that at least other artists are helping her out. I did not know Yammie had that many siblings but yet none of them seemed to care about her at all. She died all alone without anyone knowing to the point that she was decomposing. That is beyond sad. I remember my late father telling me that we must be self sufficient and take care of ourselves as only our parents would care for us most and even siblings(especially after they marry and have their own family)can only do so much since they have their own life.

    I have a feeling her family may not even do anything and the artists and her friends may be the only ones to help and arrange her funeral. Her life was so tragic but yet she had a family that did not seem to care for her at all. So tragic that her life was sad from beginning til end.

    1. @hetieshou

      It’s not fair to say her family didn’t care. Didn’t this article said although Yammie’s relationship with her family has grown distant after adulthood, her siblings would still come to her aid and offer their concern whenever she faced financial difficulties?
      I’ve also read other articles where it said after she got depression, she won’t let her siblings get close except for one sister. We don’t know why the Guild was unable to contact her family. Maybe her family is not in HK. Maybe they don’t have Yammie’s family’s contact information.

      1. @kidd
        this has been pretty big news. if anyone cared to pick up a newspaper or heard chinese radio, they would have known for sure. i agree, there could be other reasons but i think not in hk or not having the contact info are not it.

    2. @hetieshou @kidd I also feel it’s unfair to say that Yammie’s family doesn’t care or isn’t doing anything. The latest report (from yesterday) is that Yammie’s sister already went to the morgue to claim Yammie’s body (of course, she was chased down by reporters) and that the family has so far declined HKPAG’s support, as they are hoping the funeral will be low profile, which of course is their prerogative regardless of what the fans say/want. Since none of us know the true circumstances of Yammie’s relationship with her family, it sounds like the best thing her fans (and the media/general public) can do for her at this point is to leave her family alone and let them take care of things the way they feel is most appropriate.

      1. @llwy12
        Yes I just heard the news on YouTube. I know maybe it is not fair to say that her family did not care but that was the vibe I got. Yammie always seemed all alone with no one and even on her final days, no one was around to the point where she died all by herself to the point of decomposition. If her family regularly visited her as they should in her state, they would have been there for her. It was her friends that visited her and even noticed that her state was not good as she withdrew from everything in her final days. However, no one was around that I wonder if her friend did not visit her and called the police then no one would have known that she has passed away.

        Yes we do not know the circumstances about her and her family but I have a feeling that it was not good. But still hope her family can at least be there for her for her final journey to a better world.

      2. @hetieshou To be honest, that’s the same vibe I got about her family too based on some things I’ve read / heard in the past, but then again, none of us know for sure (since Yammie obviously didn’t talk about her family much and the media is not necessarily reliable when it comes to these matters). Regardless of their relationship in the past though, at least her family is stepping forward now to take care of the funeral arrangements (which was the fans’ primary concern) and they’ve already confirmed that Yammie’s church will be working on the arrangements with them – since the fans’ concern has been addressed, hopefully the media will leave the family alone now. I saw the footage of reporters trying to chase down Yammie’s sister for comment and it was very obvious how uncomfortable she was — poor woman…..they basically stalked her from the morgue all the way to the restaurant where she and her friends went to eat, then tried to chase her down at the MTR station afterwards too….makes me angry seeing the media harassing family members like that….just leave the woman alone for god’s sakes!

  5. Really sad to note that even I. Hee final moment on earth,there seems to be some challenging ges coming along as in not being able to contact her next of kin. So very sad. Glad that the entertainment circuit still has some great people who know what needs to be done at this critical time of funeral arrangements and expenses. Rest in peace, Yammie. Hope that you have embrace God’s greatest and free gift of salvation.

  6. I use to remember watching The Man of Greed with her in it her acting was good and she’s pretty heard about her story its pretty sad and it shows how corrupted entertainments business back in the old days nobody will listen they dont care if you were sexual harrass who cares just keep quiet but nowadays if you look or touch a lady in a wrong way your title in the industry will go downhill so fast!!! I hope they will locate her family soon as least she’ll get some closure with her family by her side until the end!!! may you RIP

  7. That’s nice of them RIP Yammie. She’s such a talented and pretty actress sad that’s she’s gone.

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