Margie Tsang Celebrates 54th Birthday with Son

On August 6, artiste Margie Tsang (曾華倩) celebrated her 54th birthday with her son Martin (林浩賢). On this special occasion, Martin posted a photo of himself with his mother and fans couldn’t stop praising Margie’s unchanging beauty and their close relationship.

Everlasting Beauty

Margie was known as a goddess in the 1980s. With her beauty and elegance, she was once nicknamed as “the embodiment of beauty” by her classmates. Now at the age of 54, the single mom barely shows any signs of aging and is as fashionable as ever.

Posting on Instagram, Margie thanked her fans and shared her birthday wishes, “This year for my birthday, I wish for world peace and for Hong Kong to return to stability. Happiness for everyone and live happily.”

Strong Mother-Son Relationship

On Martin’s Instagram, Martin uploaded a loving picture of himself with his mother, “Happy Birthday Ma. Wish you all the best in everything in life.” The sweet gesture had fans commenting that they look more like siblings than mother and son.

It is no wonder that the two have a strong family bond. After Margie divorced in 2002, Margie took full custody of her son and remained single for 16 years to focus her attention on raising Martin. With Margie’s dedication and love for his son, Martin was able to become a successful competitive swimmer.

At nearly 6-feet-5-inches tall, Martin also inherited his mother’s good looks. Not only is he a good student at La Salle College, he is also a very talented swimmer and won gold in the 4 x 100 meter freestyle relay at the 61st Open Swimming Championships in Malaysia.

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  1. Wow. He is very tall for his age I wonder if his dad are tall too? I’m not sure who his dad is either I don’t remember seeing him in the picture. Margie still looks good as for her age and looks natural unlike other with too much Botox or plastic surgery. Happy birthday Margie!!

    1. @cutie777 Stephen Lam, a rich businessman is his dad. He was about the height of Margie, not tall like the son.

      1. @hohliu I see. I guess married a business man is not that easygoing but glad she stay strong and concentrate on her son instead. Thanks for your reply.

    1. @wm2017 I too was wondering about the taking after mum’s good looks part. But I rather a loving son then one with just good looks. I am sure they both love each other lots…lol

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