Margie Tsang’s 14-Year-Old Son is a Swimming Champion

“Second-generation celebrities” are either overshadowed by their famous parents or often stereotyped to be as failures when they are unable to carry down their family legacy. But not all celebrity kids are pressured to follow their parents’ applauded footsteps. In fact, there are many second-generation celebrities who are achievers in their own respective ways.

Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘) son, Zai Xiang (馬在驤), is a karate black belt champion and a violinist. Alan Tam’s (譚詠麟) son, Hiu Fung (譚曉風), is a Grade 8 pianist, composer, and singer, while Donnie Yen’s (甄子丹) son, Jeff, has won awards for his directing and screenplay productions at a local school competition. Another example includes Stanley Ho (何鴻燊) and Angela Leong’s (梁安琪) youngest daughter, Alice (何超欣), who is a straight-A student and a multi-winning athlete at her school’s track and field competitions.

Margie Tsang’s (曾華倩) 14-year-old son, Martin Lam (林浩賢), is yet another talented second-generation celebrity who brings pride to the family. Martin, currently attending La Salle College as a Form 2 student, has recently won three gold medals at an inter-region swimming competition organized by the Hong Kong and Kowloon school districts. Martin won the 50 meter, 100 meter, and the 4 x 100 meter freestyle relays.

Born in 1999, Martin’s father is Stephen Lam (林肇基), a business executive involved in the cosmetics industry. Margie and Stephen married in 1996 in London, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2002. Margie won full custody of Martin. The couple’s divorce was one of the reasons why Margie returned to the entertainment industry after her 10-year hiatus.

“Since I don’t know how to swim, I wanted my son to learn it, and also use this opportunity to improve his health. When I first took my son to swimming lessons, he didn’t even want to put his head under the water. Now, he is a pretty good swimmer!”

In an interview with East Week, Margie revealed that her son has been swimming since he was four years old. Martin has developed a deep affection for swimming, and would insist to practice every day, even on cold or stormy days. Earlier, East Week snapped photos of Margie looking after her son while he practiced at an outdoor swimming venue at the Shatin Sports Association on a rainy day.

Standing at 180 centimeters tall, Martin is known as the “tall sea monster” at his school. Margie would never miss any of her son’s swimming events, and would try to participate at parent conferences at her son’s school, socializing with his classmates and their parents. Because of this, Martin developed many close friends in his class, who are now less anxious on the idea of interacting with the son of a famous actress. “I tell my son that the most important thing is his moral conduct. I only require him to try his best on everything. It doesn’t matter if the results turn out bad, but did he devote his effort on it? The one thing I want the most in the world is to see my son living a happy life.”

Source: East Week

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  1. Time flies so fast, still think about Police Cadet (1984, 1985, 1988)….

  2. Saw her on Cook Away Lady May. She’s still very pretty. I remember her from Everybody Loves Somebody.

  3. like her and jamie chik the most when they were young. carina lau was way less pretty than margie tsang and with all the money she has now she still looks less attractive than margie tsang.

    1. Totally agree with out about Margie and Carina. My favorite back in 80s are Margie are Jamie as well. I miss those days.

      1. I like kitty lai a lot too. And older generation angie chiu A TON in one serie with Adam Cheng where he is a king and he is with Angie chiu for awhile and then of before with kitty lai for awhile.

        Seriously Tony Leung should have picked either kitty lai or margie tsang. I dont dislike Carina Lau. Just that the other two looked sweeter and prettier 🙂

      2. oh and one of my aunt looked like margie tsang when both of them were younger maybe thats why i like her too 🙂

    2. I preferred Carina’s acting over those two… But Jamie was sooo pretty – especially in Smiling Proud Wanderer.

      1. Carina still cannot speak perfect Cantonese after living in Hong Kong over 35 years. She has been a non-stop actress all these years while the other two have almost retired. Jamie Chik stopped her acting career ever since she got married, i.e. over 20 years, and Margie Tsang went back to work for TVB after her divorce, and she works mainly as a host in shows not in drama series.

      2. It’s hard to lose an accent and speak perfect Canto if you didn’t start at an early age. And people put WAY too much emphasis on the accent of an HK actor; as long as they sound intelligible, that’s perfectly fine for me. Like Fala Chen or Elaine Jin (although I understand if it sounds grossly out of place in an ancient drama). HK actors going over to Mainland are lucky they don’t get slaughtered like that since they get dubbed anyway…

        (Also, I’m not sure why Carina’s longevity as an actress is relevant. I only watched her in the 80’s and early 90’s so I’m only comparing those three actress then.)

      3. It all depends whether or not you are brought up in Hong Kong. Being a Hongkonger, it is pretty bad to watch a Cantonese-speaking drama series/movie with a cast speaking Cantonese with heavy accents.

        Elaine Yiu is Taiwanese, I believe. But her Cantonese is so good that I don’t even know that Cantonese is not her mother tongue.

        I know it is not easy, but it can still be done. Fala Chan has improved so much in her Cantonese vs. other Mandarin-speaking actresses. It is hard work. At least we don’t have to read the subtitles in order to understand her dialogues now.

  4. THE KID IS 14 YEARS OLD AND HE’S ALREADY 180cm TALL?!?!?!?!!! How much taller is he going to grow?!

    1. Some people develop early and then just stop growing. He could be getting taller or stay at 1.8m which is pretty tall already 🙂

      1. Correct. If a person has an early grow spurt, he will probably stop growing at age 14. If a person has a slow grow spurt, he/she will grow up to age 18. Anyway, 180 cm. (or 5′ 11″) is a good height for a male. Margie is quite tall for a woman, and her son should be tall too provided her ex-husband is not a shortie.

    2. He is approaching 6 ft. Maybe 6 feet and 4 inches by 18?

      1. Perfect physique for a swimmer and probably nice body as well. Will we be seeing him at the Olympics one day?

      2. Not necessarily. Many people stop growing after age 14.

      3. Growth stops when the growth plates are sealed. It can be from 17-25 years old.

        If I were her I’d take the kid to get an X-Ray to see how far off he is from reaching his max height.

  5. This is the perfect way to have a healthy and happy life for the kids who have famous parents. Those parents who keep trying to hide their kids, it only makes them to lead a harder life. Reports would take the pictures and move on. If they couldn’t take picture, they would try again and again until they could. Yes, artists are like us. However, they choose their career to be in the public eyes. So that is the price to pay.

  6. Not sure if it’s makeup or anything but she’s still looking young.

    1. She looks okay in the above photo. She has aged quite a bit in the last few years.

      She was one of the prettiest girls in TVB many years ago …….. prettier than Carina Lau and many others. She shows off her age around her eyes.

  7. It’s nice to see her actively taking part of her son’s life. Some celebs are so busy with their careers that they don’t have time to care for their kids.

    1. It is hard on her being a single parent, but she seems to do a good job.

      What happens to her ex-husband? Does he ever care about his son at all, financially and emotionally? Or has he got his new family?

  8. Margie was the best from the 80’s, and of course she’s prettier than Carina Lau. Margie looks authentic and Carina looks plastic.

  9. It is really not easy to train everyday. I really salute his deep passion for swimming.

    However to swim during rainy days, wouldn’t it be too much?

    There isn’t much lightening in Hongkong I suppose?

  10. That is a good photo of her since I have seen others where she looks a lot older. I think Yammie was the prettiest actress back in the 80s, but sadly we all know her current state now.

    WOW, time really flies and her son is so grown now. I wonder how he looks. Great to know that Margie is doing well.

  11. When u hav the $, you are already few steps farther from others. A little polishing and hardwork will make them better.. If only all children in the world can have richer or at least financial stable parents..

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