Chingmy Yau’s Daughter, Ayla, to Make Debut in South Korea

Film siren in the 1990s, retired actress Chingmy Yau (邱淑貞), passed on her good looks to eldest daughter, Ayla Sham (沈月). Turning 20 years old, Ayla is dubbed as the most beautiful celebrity second generation. Due to her natural beauty and parent’s connections, many were curious if she would enter the entertainment industry.

In South Korea for the past two months, Ayla is speculated to debut there. Recently, she attended several fashion events and shared photos of herself with Korean stars Jung Hae In, Kim Hee Chul, and EXO member, Sehun. Photographed alongside some big name Korean stars, Ayla was able to hold her own and appeared to fit right in.

In the photos, Ayla was dressed in a black skirt with black blazer. Accessorizing with a white leather designer purse, Ayla oozed charisma. Many netizens praised Ayla for her fashion sense and unique style.

Some Korean media outlets also speculated that Ayla has already signed a contract with a South Korean management company and will soon make her debut.

Source: World Journal

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  1. Yau Chingmy 邱淑貞 was one of the rare beauties. It would be hard for her daughter to match up. Nevertheless, the daughter is beautiful, and hope she has her moms acting skills!

    1. Agree that Chingmy Yau looks prettier than her daughter but I recall there were rumours of her having plastic surgery on her chin to make it sharper. If that is true then her daughter would be considered a more attractive natural beauty.

  2. I mean, she’s better looking than me for sure, but better looking than her mom? Mm, nope. Good enough for celebrity halo? Mm subjective. We’re going to need to see more potential.

  3. Lol how we all think her mom is prettier. Doubt that most moms would want to hear that. She’s probably the prettiest 2nd gen celeb but in showbiz she’s just average looking.

    1. Lol….outwardly no mums wants to hear that…but inwardly, some will guiltily feel happy they are still the prettier at their age… But that is just a personal opinion, no intention to offend yours.
      I too find Ayla not great looking by Showbiz standards but I hope she has good entertainment skills to stay in the industry.

  4. Beauty doesn’t equal acting career; Idol dramas focus more on aesthetic than skill. Also she won’t be having much jobs cause priorities still given to local artist unless her contributions will create more news than project storyline. Korean netizens are harsher on foreigners especially with the mother’s credentials exceeding her own. Anyways it will just take a few years of her youth, if doesn’t work out she can always go home. Nothing venture nothing gain.

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