Chingmy Yau and Husband Shum Ka Wai at Risk of Losing Their Wealth?

Chingmy Yau (邱淑貞), and her husband Shum Ka Wai (沈嘉偉) may be in financial trouble after Shum’s fashion retail chain I.T. saw a sharp drop in stock prices.

Since her marriage to Shum in 1999, Chingmy has been living a luxurious lifestyle backed by her husband’s multi-million business. She happily retired from her acting career, and spent her days caring for her three daughters. Although the couple did not produce a son, Chingmy has declared that three are enough. Mr. Shum also loves his girls deeply, and is often seen accompanying them during outings.

A sharp businessman, Mr. Shum successfully took his company public in 2005. With celebrity endorsement and lavish marketing, I.T. grew into a fashion empire that rapidly expanded into China and Taiwan markets. Blessed with a padded wallet, Shum began pursuing other business ventures. Recently, he brought France’s upscale department store Galeries Lafayette into Beijing, attracted by mainland Chinese’s increasing spending power.

Although he was living every rich man’s dream, Shum unfortunately became victim to a volatile stock market and changing consumer tastes. According to a recent source, I.T.’s stock price dropped nearly seventy percent, translating into a loss of $550,000,000 HKD.

Knowing that his savings is no longer infinite, Shum and his family have recently moved into a modest 2,100-square-feet residence. A drastic change from their previous two-story duplex, Chingmy is reportedly very upset at her husband and is praying everyday for a change of luck.


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    1. Ohh you mean like you saw her 15 years ago & you reckon people don’t age…

  1. Omg ! I couldn’t recognize her until I googled it. I saw her acting in one of those old hong kong movies about four men.. This is why you shouldn’t excessively spend in front of the public’s eyes.

    1. hope that her husband recovers… They should have planned ahead and made some back up. Well if its a corporation, then its ok, personal wealth is not affected. But the investors in the said company, those buying the stocks will be very upset. It the loss is divided to all investors, averagely, its not as huge as to be. Hope he recovers soon.

  2. Why should she be mad at her husband? He already provided her a life of luxury for many years. She’s lucky she doesn’t have to downsize by living on the street.

    1. Totally agree and if it true that she is mad at him just because he is not as rich as before then that shows that she married him for money more than love. This is another example of how women should not just rely on their husband and should be more independent and make their own money. That would also help ease the financial burden off of him in case things like this happen. It is sad when women go fir mainly money and once the money is gone, they are too. I find that so sad.

    2. As the saying goes … Money and fame do not last forever. Only true love can stand the test of time (and poverty).
      Let’s see how it plays out for them …

    3. try to look things through her perspective.

      what if you have the same husband, and you don’t agree with his choices. and his choices turns out to be what you are afraid of. how would you feel?

      it may not be the amount.

      why is everyone pointing at her being a gold digger. even so she was happy at where they were. while her husband seemed to want another milestone in his career.

      should he has cared about his family. he should have calculated the risk and the possible lost if fails. and hopefully he also calculated that they can still lead a relatively luxious life should the lafayette idea fails.

      1. True. I think his recent downfall may be the intro of Lafayette into China.

        Then again, the retail market is very fickle. Trends come and trends go … same with popular stores and their ‘fan-base’.

      2. If my husband made bad business choices and end up losing money, I’ll stick by him, give him my support. I won’t get upset with him like what Chingmy did, as stated in this article. “For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health … ” That was the wedding oath I took.

      3. Well said Primrose, but then again who knows if it is true or not that she is mad or not which is why I said IF she mad then that is sad. Women should always try to help out their husband by helping to bring home the bacon too because it is really stressful and hard for a guy to carry the financial burden all by himself. The guy can suddenly go bankrupt and then what will you do? One of my uncle’s used to work really hard to raise the family while my aunt just stayed home. But now my uncle is ill and can’t work anymore so my aunt now works to support the family. If you really love your husband, you should be with him through thick and thin regardless of what happens. That is true love.

    1. I think so too. Except for the chin/jaw which if rumours can be believed are a result of plastic surgery. It kinda makes her look unnatural. I remember her withdrawing from the Miss Hong Kong pageant because of it. What a waste as she has a nice figure.

  3. (1) For someone 45 and a mother of 3, I think she looks just fine.

    (2) Chingmy Yau used to be Wong Jing’s muse for the longest time. But that was a relationship that would obviously lead nowhere (dude was married) and had no stability. Why she was ever with Wong Jing though, is questionable (dude is so obnoxious and cheesy-tacky).

    (3) Shum Ka Wai was nowhere as wealthy when she chose him as marriage partner. Maybe he had potential, but certainly not the billions.

    (4) ‘Golddigger’ seems hard to believe in her case. Esp since she’s very low profile and not highly ostentatious and showy like many of her peers are.

    (5) Which is why it is said Chingmy Yau
    “旺夫” (ie brings luck to husband)

    1. “Why she was ever with Wong Jing though, is questionable ”

      Because at some point someone can be a materialistic opportunist. It was obviously for career but I suspect also a little bit of love. He may be obnoxious but he is educated and I believe eloquent. Saw him in a TVB game show once and I changed my mind about him there and then. He just chose a different path from other talented writers/directors.

  4. The last time I bought anything from a major clothing clain was 6 pairs of socks from Giordano. I bought most of my clothes from online stores like Aliexpress and Ebay. I personally enjoy buying clothes online because they have much better selections and prices. You may risk buying the wrong size, but it shouldn’t happen as long as you read all the descriptions. I believe that clothing empires are on their way out.

  5. She looks amazing good! She’s in her 40s, This is without all the makeup and stuff. Some of you people must be living in a Photoshop world. Wake up! Life isn’t that glamorous people!

    1. She looks great for her age I dont know what the problem is with everyone who Im guessing wont look nearly as good when they themselves are 45 -___-

      Also for those saying she is a gold digger. Dont be so quick to believe anything tabloid claims.

  6. If it is true that she is upset by the latest negative change in her husband’s fortunes, then she is too shallow. But if he comes home and throw temper tantrums because of his current misfortunes, then she has a right to be upset at his behavior. There are two sides to every story and we have not heard the complete story to judge.

  7. I would never willingly do retail because retail and cooking in a kitchen are really for people who are immigrants and don’t qualify for salaried jobs. I wonder at actresses who open retail or start clothing lines – do they confuse their fondness for BUYING clothes to selling them?

    Their husbands or backers … unless they genuinely have some kind of celebrity pull that would make moms drop money on those labels … how is that possible.

    Why not invent one really flattering oversized shirt perfect for Moms who don’t want to look frayed when they run errands that they can afford despite expanded waistlines and fat upper arms?

    Then sell them from backs of trucks on the streets of residential Hong Kong? Watch every see lai in the city instantly relaxed because their rolls of mothering aren’t on full display.

  8. I mean those jobs are so painful not that I am denigrating those jobs. It’s not FUN to do retail. I was born into a store and unsold inventory is a nightmare.

  9. did chingmy go out with wong jing the director, i did remember her being in a lot of stephen chow movies

    1. I remember reading an article on Wong Jing.

      He said that Chingmy told him she wants to be famous in Asia.

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