Eric Tsang to be Imprisoned At Any Moment?

The alleged dinner drug scandal at Kenny Wee’s (黄浩) restaurant has sparked a round of legal battles. After Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) and Josie Ho (何超儀) held a press conference to deny the drug rumors, it seemed as if the crisis was coming to an end. However, Kenny was unwilling to let matters end, and pressed charges against Eric Tsang (曾志偉) for slapping him in a threatening manner at a wedding ceremony on December 5, 2012.

Police Protects Kenny Wee and Family

On December 14, Apple Daily received an anonymous fax regarding triads planning to threaten Kenny Wee on the same day. Due to possible danger, the police expanded their forces to protect Kenny and his family. Police cars circulated around Kenny’s home and the business office of his wife, Suki Chui (徐淑敏). In addition, the police constantly visited Kenny’s home to ask if everything was okay.

Witnesses Interrogated by Police

A source revealed that the Hong Kong police has been taking serious measures by appointing four of their departments in search of evidence in the physical assault and criminal intimidation case against Kenny Wee. The police interrogated witnesses, Shum Ka Wai (沈嘉偉) and Edmond Leung (梁漢文), about the case. At 9:30 PM on December 18, Shum Ka Wai was spotted driving to the police station and did not leave until 11:30 PM that night. When approached by reporters, he refused to respond. Edmond, who has good relations with Eric Tsang, was also a witness of the incident. The police believes that Edmond’s testimony is critical towards the investigation.

Eric Tsang, the accused, was interrogated late at night on December 18. At the police station, Eric asked to have a few words with his lawyer. In the end, he was arrested on suspicion of assault and intimidation, and was released on $1,000 HKD bail. He was finally allowed to leave the police station at 11:00 AM the next morning. Despite the turmoil, Eric faced the media with all smiles.

Eric Tsang Faces Imprisonment?

Kenny Wee’s representative lawyer stated that Eric Tsang will be arrested for common assault, false imprisonment, and perverting the course of justice immediately once he is convicted. The maximum penalty for common assault is one-year imprisonment, while the two other crimes would lead to guaranteed immediate imprisonment. The maximum penalty for false imprisonment is 10 years, while the maximum penalty for perverting the course of justice is 7 years.


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  1. And giving false statement and slandering others?
    How many years?!
    Can’t wait to see this Kenny gets in jail!

    1. Why did they say Eric will go to prison? He just b*tch slapped him.

      Kenny should go to jail. Why even protect him if he making false statement. Kenny is not the victim, but a trouble maker.

      1. There’s no prove that Eric told the triads to threaten him. Kenny could be the one making sh*t up that traids trying to mess with them. There’s no tape and no threats, Kenny is going to jail. Traids in the cell will fk u up

  2. What about the drug tape case? Is that true or not?

    Does this mean Eric will be jailed for 11 years? I’m surprised that Eric’s lawyers are quiet about this.

      1. Eric’s lawyers are doing one hella bad job then. They are too quiet and don’t even release any statements to try defend Eric.

  3. Come on, 7 years please! And hope he gets a gay cell mate that’s twice his size.

  4. How dramatic. As if prosecution has so much free time. I doubt this.

  5. I doubt that Eric Tsang will be imprisoned. He seems to have very good connections in Hong Kong, or he can hire a top notch lawyer to defend him.

    Actually, I think Eric Tsang deserved it. He is always a busy body who thinks he can protect all his buddies.

    1. I think Kenny has better connection with the cops than Eric. If not Eric won’t et arrested and interrogated along with his two best friends. Didn’t news before said Kenny’s first witness said nothing happened? Later the police give another chance for Kenny to find and bring in another witness that can actually support his case.

    1. Me, too. I thought celebrities and rich people can do anything as they wish in Hong Kong these days.

    2. yes indeed with thanks to the icac i think. untill the mid’70 hk police force was one of the most corrupt one in asia

    3. If ET is convicted, he may escape to Taiwan like his father.

  6. his lawyers cannot argue that eric was drunk.. accidently slapped kenny cos eric drank a lot on purpose to create the excuse to slap kenny, moreover if he was truly drunk why did he know what to tell kenny after that? he told kenny to back off on the hillary famous five drug case and if so drunk why didn’t he slap jammie chik and timmy hung as well?

  7. Seems the evidence based on the Hotel CCTV. It was reported a group lock suki into a room and give warning

  8. Celebrities don’t usually stay in prison for long. I’m not even talking days long, I’m talking hours.

  9. I hope that the smart no-nonsense judge will throw the short fat man with a vulgar mouth who thinks too highly of himself into jail. Maybe, one of the other triads which also despises the fat man will do us all a favor and stick it up his rectum and deflate his oversized ego while in prison.

  10. Why do people still think Kenny is lying?

    Why would the Triads be after him if there is no tape?

    Why would Eric confront him if there was no tape?

    There sure is a lot of smoke here… and usually when there is smoke, there is fire.

    1. i also think what kenny said is true,eric has never though that the incident has come this far,because he think he can single handedly cover the whole sky with his power and connections in the entertainment industry.but he never though there are such stupid guy like kenny who dare to challenge him.

    2. There are many out there in support of ET and gang.

      There should be some evidence out there that ET and gang are worried about.

  11. The whole thing will end with a public apology from the loud mouth midget and some damages if any

    1. Maybe Kenny can join him in the cell 😀 That will be what I call a happy ending.

      1. no, eason and hillary should join eric in the click, it was eason who told eric to get the problem solved

      2. Poor Eric who always wants to be the big brother of his buddies.

  12. we all know this is total exaggeration by whoever passes down this sentence. 7 years my ass. Bet he gets out in less than a day!

  13. If Eric gets imprisonment based on all those charges, then what about Eric? There was no ‘drug activity’ from the camera tape (in the dining room). All the accused celebrities should turn the table and sue Kenny instead.

    Perhaps Eric shouldn’t have slapped Kenny even though he’s upset/drunk, etc, but it’s obvious Kenny wants revenge by charging Eric with assault. And one year imprisonment for that??? C’mon, it’s only a slap and there were worst cases before without imprisonment. If it does eventuate, then what will the public think of that ‘Kenny has better cop connection’ theory ?? And how did that ‘false imprisonment and perverting course of justice’ come into it???

  14. Does HK have so much spare time to imprison and investigate someone that just simply slapped someone on the face? Absolute ridiculous.

    1. Simple slapping is still technically assault. And the police don’t have any say in the matter if someone wishes to pursue it.

      1. I must hold Hong Kong society in too high regard because physical touching nevermind hitting another person is unacceptable and I thought that Hong Kong police would always pursue an arrest of the wrongdoer.

    2. Would you like to be slapped by another person in the public no matter you got injured or not?

  15. Don’t see Eric going to jail for something so small. Bet there won’t even be a trial for this incident.

  16. eric tsang hosting the miss hongkong pageant always reminds of a tv show called the ‘fantasy island’, there was this sidekick called ‘tatoo’ played by herve villechaize

  17. It’s a pity the police can’t clear Kenny Wee’s name and acknowledge possession of a video tape. But they can’t jeopardize future cases to make one family feel better. It WOULD be a nice Christmas present for the rest of us who really despise the Rollo Tomasis of the world like Eric Tsang’s father and Eric Tsang himself who has always acted like a bully towards other entertainers.

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