Chow Yun Fat To Resume “Hui Man Keung” Role 32 Years Later

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TVB drama, The Bund <上海灘>, was an unforgettable classic that spawned several sequels, television and film adaptations. Released in 1980, The Bund told the riveting story of how triad member, “Hui Man Keung,” portrayed by Chow Yun Fat (周潤發), rose to prominence in Shanghai’s triad world. Thirty-two years later, Chow Yun Fat will resume his role as “Hui Man Keung” in Andrew Lau’s (劉偉強) 2012 adaptation!

Slated to film in May 2012, the film was tentatively titled, Great Shanghai <大上海>. It was understood that mainland film company, Bona Poly Film Group, will be investing $15 million to $20 million USD to produce the film fit for IMAX screens. Although the scriptwriter was Wong Jing (王晶), who was known for his oddball humor, Great Shanghai will not be a comedy, but will feature the clash of powerful triad forces.

It was rumored that Great Shanghai will also star Sammo Hung (洪金寶) and Shu Qi (舒淇), who will portray onscreen lovers with Chow Yun Fat. Wong Jing indicated that he was also interested in casting Huang Xiao Ming, who had portrayed “Hui Man Keung” in a 2006 mainland China television adaptation. However, Wong Jing noted that he has not had the chance to discuss thoroughly with Huang Xiao Ming, who has not agreed to the film the movie yet. Wong Jing also expressed that the new film will not be a retelling of the classic story, but rather feature new material.

Thirty-two years later, will Chow Yun Fat be able to resume the glory of “Hui Man Keung” and persuade audiences to pay IMAX tickets for the new film, Great Shanghai?

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Jayne: An important film project to keep a tab on. Wonder which additional stars will be cast in the project.

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  1. I’m just wondering if TVB will get any money out of this LOL

  2. Oh, and they also had another film version remade like twenty or so years ago, starring Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau.

  3. Chow Yun Fat still looks fantastic for his age and I think he’ll do great.

    Let’s just hope the script is good and doesn’t stray and try too hard to be better than the original.

  4. the remake with andy and leslie sucked, i hope this one doesnt

  5. i like chow yuen fatt, he can really act very well

  6. I can’t see shu qi as fat gor’s lover interest. She’s sexy but not classy…does that make sense? I see him more with gongli or bing bing, who are beautiful and demure at the same time.

    1. same , i don’t think shu qi is fit right with fat gor.

  7. i can’t pic Shu Qi as a classy Ching Ching. I prefer Huang Xiao Ming as he was superb as the stunning/striking/COOOL/HOT HUI MAN KEUNG LOL..

    1. I don’t think she will play ching ching. Probably some sultry mob boss lady.

      Then again, how did HMK survive all those gun shot wounds? It’s better to have CYF play a new character that has similar qualities as HMK.

    2. put edison the pervert with shu qi and the title X-rated shanghai. LOL

  8. The name Wong Jing has already frightened me from the get-go. I hope Fatt Kor does not throw himself needlessly into a forgettable movie that may tarnish the Hui Man Keong role.

  9. Cant believe they are doing that.
    Dont they have any more new ideas?

  10. The Bund was Fatt Gor’s classic, so he shouldn’t resume it because if the new movie fails, tarnish and blame will come to him.

    And when I see Wong Jing, I can imagine of a comedy-like one =.=.

  11. Chow Yun Fatt in Wong Jing’s movie?! Are you kidding me, CYF?

    It just shows how desperate the hk movie industry has become. I feel so sad now.

  12. I like Chow Yun Fatt but he is too old to play hui
    Man Keong again ,however he shall
    Play the bad guy Fung Chin Yew ,Qing Qing daddy ,why not hire other actor as Hui man Keong ?what about Raymond Wong from Tvb?he look cool in bottled passion.

  13. They shall hire Kenneth Ma as Ding Lik pairing with Raymond Wong .Johnston lee as king of gamble loh Seh hoi .

  14. Although I have loved Chow Yun Fat for years and years, ever since I saw “The Good The Bad and The Ugly” which really made his name and then of course loved the classic “The Bund”, I just don’t think he should do a remake as he is definitely much too old now. No matter how well or how young he may look, he is still a mature man of over 50 and the character of Hui Man Keun was supposed to be a young man of around 25 only. I am sure that I won’t enjoy the new film but anyway they should get someone else to play that role. As far as I’m concerned, there could never be another Hui Man Keun other than Chow and just like there could never be another “Ding Lik” other than Ray Liu Leung Wai. That role fitted him like a glove.

  15. Maybe this will be a spin off or something related to the Bund instead of an actual remake??I personally did not even like the series of the Bund and felt that it was way overrated. I do like Angie, Ray and Chow Yun Fat, but did not enjoy the series at all. I guess triad series/movies are not my cup of tea.

    1. You must be the first person I heard who did not like The Bund and said that it was over-rated. Well I guess we all have different tastes so “can’t win ’em all” as they say.

  16. i believe this going to be a scary movie. Zombie Hui Man Keung! On a serious note, how would the current Chow Yun Fat play HMK? He so much older compared before and HMK died young. So it would be ridiculous to see the older looking CYF to play HMK before he was gunned down. lol

  17. use edison for Hui Man Keung,change the title to X-rated Shanghai, use edison ex porn stars. lol

    1. Yeah I agree with you regarding Edison for HMK as an X-rated Shanghai as thats all he is good for!!!

  18. I’d rather see Chow and Mira do a sequel to The Replacement Killers.

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