Chrissie Chau Launches Own Bra Line, Helping Women Achieve the Perfect Cleavage!

Many celebrities in the entertainment business have started their own businesses.  Earning nearly $20 million HKD last year, Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) was recently promoted to be a “boss” as well!  In 2012, Chrissie entered the lingerie market in mainland China, investing approximately $10 million HKD to launch her own bra line. Capitalizing on her 32D figure as a live ad for her bra line, Chrissie will likely expand her “gold suctioning” powers in China!

In recent years, Chrissie focused on the mainland market by filming series and advertisements. Serving as a spokesmodel for lingerie brand, Lamiu, in China last year, Chrissie’s earning power was amazing! Aside from earning single men’s money, Chrissie realized that the mainland underwear market was also full of opportunities.

Over A Million Orders

In a joint venture with lingerie brand, Lamiu, Chrissie Chau invested $8 million Yuan (approximately $10 million HKD) to launch her own bra line, entitled, “ShowNa Collection” (秀娜系列). The underwear was especially targeted young mainland girls. Chrissie was deeply involved in the creation of her underwear line, designing a variety of very sexy lingerie sets!

Earlier, Chrissie modeled her own lingerie line for a promotional shoot. Revealing ample cleavage, Chrissie posed in a various titillating poses in an attempt to attract more customers to buy her bra line.

It was understood that Chrissie’s lingerie line was officially launched in mainland China the day before yesterday.  Chrissie’s lingerie collection was available for sale in many places in mainland China. Each bra was priced at approximately $200 Yuan. It was known that on the first days of Chrissie’s lingerie launch, over a million orders were received online! The customer reaction was very enthusiastic!

Becoming A Power Business Woman

In an interview yesterday, Chrissie noted, “I have been considering starting my own lingerie collection for some time.  I have always wanted to start my own business. I am very happy that I am able to realize this dream at the start of the new year! Asked whether she had invested nearly $10 million HKD in the lingerie line, Chrissie clarified that the amount was not as enormous as reported in the media.

Confident in her own underwear line, Chrissie said, “Earlier, I invested in shares in my own company, but the amount was not as much as the current sum. Perhaps there is some risk due to the large investment amount, but I am extremely confident in my lingerie business! Through my bra designs, I hope to share my ‘push-up’ secrets with other women.  I have experience in this field and know which [cleavage effects] will attract people the most!”

In addition, Chrissie did not forget to thank the support of underwear brand, Lamiu, noting that they collaborated well together.  “We have always worked well together. They knew that I was interested in launching my own lingerie brand and immediately extended their partnership.  There were no limits on my lingerie designs, which allowed me a great deal of freedom!”


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Chrissie Chau is smart to launch her own bra line in mainland China. From the bra ads that I have seen in Asia, they seem to be very chaste and feminine, while not focusing on being ultra-sexy as per Victoria’s Secret ads. In Asia, bras seem to be advertised as feminine functional necessity, while in the USA, bras are advertised as a weapon in seduction. So Chrissie may come out as a mover-and-shaker by distinguishing her lingerie line with a sexy edge.

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  1. Hello Jayne ,is she a soft porn actress,i never heard of this actress before.from your photo she look more like Japan AV actress with Chinese look.

  2. $200 Yuan? That’s quite expensive for a bra. Must be high end bra with good quality fabric and special design.

    Anyway, congrats to Chrissie for becoming a boss.

    1. 200 yuan is RM100 and that is normal price for those who are errrrr well endowed side.

      1. But her line is marketed to young mainland girls, not many young mainland girls are that well-endowed. It does speaks volumes about the purchasing power of mainland now.

      2. It does. Mainland china are willing to spend especially those from big towns. They buy branded stuff, eats good food, travels, etc. They tend to dress well eventhough frankly money does not equate taste. Moreover isn’t it the point of a bra that is to make ones small bosom appear bigger than they are?

      3. Yea, those young girls from mainland China are willing to spend money on big brand names just to “appear” rich ro well off. But there are so many fake imitations in China that sometimes you really wonder if they are using the real or fake item??

    1. I agree and I personally think just because something is a brand name or is expensive does not mean that it is good looking or the best quality ever… Price does not always equate to quality.

    2. I tot she was completely nude when she film one movie with Him Law? I mean top part was nude la. xD

  3. Good move since she can’t act she can make money via other means.

  4. Smart girl. Instead of relying on those AV movies shes investing her money is a niche market that it sounds like hasn’t been explored on the mainland. As person wealth grows in China, she’s getting in on the ground floor – and she has a name to back up the product with.

    Wishing her success.

  5. agreed funn… 200yuan 100rm for a bra seems reasonable… she looks good..

    1. It is reasonable for us, since 200RMB is about 30+ USD, but for those who earn 3000rmb a month?

    1. What so cheap? She is making honest money. Moreover who knows? Maybe she can find the jackpot like how Victoria found her Secret.

    2. Why do you think she is cheap?? I guess it doesn’t seem prestigious to make money with bras and stuff, but at least she isn’t stealing or cheating anyone. One of my cousins works at a casino and many don’t think highly of it as well… I guess it isn’t always how much you make but how you make it is what matters more.

      1. If she is cheap because of this, the Victoria secret’s angels will be?

    3. She has a nice body but I don’t find her pretty. She has a manly voice, too.

    4. Haha..well at least in my POV she’s not pretentious(yet) on her image..She’s outright selling “sexiness” and has her own “stand” on lengmos..albeit it irked a lot of people inside and outside of the industry..haha

      1. I’ve listened to her interview. She embraces her role as sexy symbol happily.

        Yes, shee irks a lot of people inside and outside of the industry. But, I think she’s a smart girl for cashing in on her asset and trying to improve herself at the same time. She’s filming a movie with Gordon Lam where she’s not doing the revealing job anymore. She does not stay stagnant as a lengmo but move into other longer lasting verture like this lingery business. As for her acting. I did see improvement from her acting in ‘Marriage with a Liar’ to her current volleyball movie.

  6. I think Angelababy and Chrissie are to 2 most successful lengmos. Angelababy been in a number of respectable movies and she really does have acting chops while Chrissie is venturing into a very profitable business and also trying to build up acting portfolio.

  7. She looks quite natural. However, I have trouble believing that is a 32D chest. Wish her the best of luck in the business though.

  8. Don’t hate her cus you ain’t her.

    Good for you Chrissie! You keep working hard!

    1. Agree lol, nothing wrong with bra business and her hard work money, all the best for her business too.

  9. That’s what I wanted to do is to design a lingerie line in mainland but I have no money so good luck to chrissie!!!

    1. Munkimui,
      “That’s what I wanted to do is to design a lingerie line in mainland but I have no money so good luck to chrissie!!!”

      Maybe one day you can achieve your dream. B2B sites connecting to Chinese manufacturers are so common nowadays and the costs not as high as you think.

      A well-thought out business/ marketing strategy is probably more important than the actual money. I read about an entrepreneur’s success story in which he designed a new male underwear t-shirt with breakthrough skin molding qualities. He paid some money to have some samples made before pitching the idea to Barney’s department store. They were sold immediately. So it’s more about the marketing to secure favorable customer relations more than about the money costs behind it.

      You just need to market your own lingerie line differently. Read another inspiring story about an American woman investing $50k USD to start her own plus-size lingerie business, using sites such as to find the right manufacturer.

  10. I always have my suspicions when celebrities launch products – just how much input do they have in ‘their’ business other than being its image ambassador? *confidential commercial information* aka not much

    1. SDS,
      “I always have my suspicions when celebrities launch products – just how much input do they have in ‘their’ business other than being its image ambassador?”

      It depends on whether that celebrity is trying to sell everything under the sun with his/her name attached. And their input may be limited, since they may not be experts in the development of a perfume product, undergarment design etc. I guess everyone can offer some advice on colors, fabrics, and the look of the collection. Chrissie Chau may serve as the Fashion Director, not necessarily the fashion designer of all her products.

      Many celebrities may even serve as spokesmodels who do not even use the products they pitch anyhow (e.g. miracle weight loss products), but their endorsement of the products do have persuasive powers.

  11. Actually, the price is pretty much the same compared to the brands in the U.S. Victoria Secret and Gilly Hicks are around that price and it even goes higher to around 40dollars.

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