Crystal Fung Sacrifices “Goddess” Looks on Variety Show

Touted as the Hong Kong version of Running Man, the newest TVB game show, Not Very Funny <真係唔好笑>, is hosted by Matthew Ho (何廣沛), Mayanne Mak (麥美恩), Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), and Arnold Kwok (郭子豪). The hosts divide into two teams with their guests, and compete in getting the other team to laugh. Whichever team is the first to laugh will face consequences.

In the first segment of the show, each team chooses one of the opponent’s players to undergo a major makeup transformation within a five-minute time limit. Known for her beauty and often regarded as Tiffany Tang’s (唐嫣) doppelganger, Crystal was chosen to undergo the transformation. After covering her face with stockings, the 2016 Miss Hong Kong winner had her face whitened to a ghostly pale color, big red lips painted on, and a unibrow added.

Karl Ting (丁子朗) and Kayan Yau (游嘉欣) guest star in the show’s first episodeKayan was chosen from the other team to undergo the makeup transformation. Kayan’s face was smeared in black paint. Her hair was also covered up with a black swim cap. With silver glitter added to her eyes and mouth, Kayan appeared demon-like.

With one looking like a clown and the other resembling something from nightmares, their transformations made actresses nearly unrecognizable, and is bound to lead to many gasps and laughs!

Not Very Funny will premiere on April 1, 2023.

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  1. This reminds me something Whoopi Goldberg said about being a entertainer… ““When you’re a performer, you take the gig. You take the gig. Sometimes, you’re in a Bozo suit, sometimes you got a big nose, and this is just the way it is,” she said. “We’re not journalists. We’re actors. We’re trying to get to another place.”
    Crystal Fung is just doing her job… it is not a sacrifices…it is just face painting…When they perform well, they reaps rewards for their professionalism. It is not a sacrifice but job exposure to be cherished..

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