Damian Lau’s Acting Dominates for 4 Decades

One would think that a veteran actor like Damian Lau (劉松仁) would be no stranger to controversy and rumors throughout his entire acting career. However, aside from acknowledging his marital status to a flight-attendant 20 years his junior, Damian prefers to remain low-key and seldom addresses his private life in interviews.

Audiences first fell in love with Damian in the late 1970s with his unforgettable portrayal of the titular hero in Luk Siu Fung<陸小鳳>. Currently starring in TVB’s Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> where he plays a womanizer who has 4 wives and a lover, no one can deny that Damian’s good looks and charm has remained with him for close to 4 decades.

However, when asked about his personal life, Damian only responded, “Let’s just talk about my work, because I love what I do!”

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles was produced at a time when there were lots of changes happening at TVB. The script took forever to finish, but I had a mutual agreement with ‘my family’ [the cast] that no matter what the details were in the script, we will do our best to develop a chemistry with one other because the series is about our relationships after all.”

“The trailers for Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles are not selling fighting or killing because that’s not what the series is about. We all participated in the promotional events to help boost ratings. It doesn’t matter whether or not I’m satisfied with the results because I’m always satisfied as I know I tried my best!

“The year while filming Luk Siu Fung: Before and After the Duel <陸小鳳: 決戰前後>, I suggested to the producer to add Adam Cheng (鄭少秋) to the series. At that time, including Adam was considered a big deal because of the caliber of the cast, but as an actor, it didn’t matter to me who was more handsome or more famous, as long as it helped the series.”

By calling the cast of Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles his “family,” Damian places heavy emphasis on connecting with his fellow cast members to ensure that the onscreen results ignite more chemistry. Hopefully the up-and-coming actors and actresses will learn the positive examples set forth by Damian, who has long reigned, and continues to dominate the small screen with his acting and professionalism.

Source: Next Magazine #1181 via ihktv.com 

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  1. Love Damian’s acting and his performances are always great!

  2. Love Damian’s acting and his performances are always great ………….. agree absolutely.

  3. He is a great actor and he dominates every role he is in, so much so whenever his character dies that’s the end of the series. But he isn’t the greatest in all roles which shows he has limitations but he works around it. You can act, you can act.

    By the way his name is now Damian? Not Damien? I thought Damien because Damian is an uncommon spelling?

  4. Pity that not all the members of his family, including my niece who is married to one of Damien’s brothers, have seen him acting. However, my cousin, mother of the above niece, told me that she has met him a few times and have found him to be extremely nice and particularly close to his family, especially his mother.
    I, too, love his acting ever since that early series with Lisa Wang.

  5. Loved to see his shows. Esp in period dramas with Mi Xue. I remember hoping to see them get married when I was very young.

    The drama he acted in Greed of Men left me a very deep impression.

  6. He’s really awesome! Love his acting skill. He was great in BBJX (China series) as well! I’m glad he’s still working, wheeee~

  7. I have seen Damien’s acting for many many years…(boy, I feel so old saying that). I still remember him in The God of Sabre. He was good as Ding Peng. I loved it when he paired up with Angie as well.

    I love his performance in Tian Xia Di Yi too… Hope he continues to act in more great series and roles.

  8. I respect how seriously he takes his work, and that he calls the cast of SSSS his “family”. Love him!

  9. I first saw him in Yesterday’s Glitter where he stars with Liza Wang. And his side kick was this guy called Ah Chan…anybody remembers the series?

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