Daniel Wu’s Family to Return to Hong Kong in Late August

Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) announced his hiatus from the entertainment industry when news of his mother, 77-year-old Diana Ting Wu, passed away on May 22, 2014. Daniel is currently taking care of his family in the United States.

On August 1, Daniel’s wife, model Lisa S., returned to Hong Kong briefly to attend a promotional event for an infant formula she endorses. She only stayed in Hong Kong for about 24 hours and quickly returned to the United States the next day.

As for Daniel’s current situation, Lisa said Daniel will be staying in the United States for a while longer to take care of his father and to make sure that his family is fine. “Daniel is doing well. He knows that grieving is a stage that we must all eventually go through. It’s hard to explain how he feels because I’m not him. He doesn’t have any major projects lined up at the moment. Right now, his priority is to take care of his father.”

When the topic of their one-year-old daughter, Raven Wu (吳斐然), came up, Lisa revealed that they plan to return to Hong Kong in late August. She said Raven and Daniel are getting along really well, adding that she felt some jealousy when Raven’s first words were “Dada” instead of “Mama”. Lisa said, “Everyone told me that ‘Mama’ is more difficult for babies to say, but still, I wanted to win, but I lost.” However, Lisa is still the first person Raven would hug. “I guess we’re even!”

Now that she is out of the country, Lisa said Daniel and Raven would do things she would normally say no to.  “I’m the strict mommy. Now that I’m not there, they do everything I would normally say no to!”

Lisa rarely travels with Raven to far places, explaining that it is a hassle to travel on a plane with her. “All she wants to do is run up and down the aisle, and she doesn’t understand why she has to sit down. It bothers the other passengers. She also talks a lot now, and speaks gibberish to everyone, so that’s not very pleasant to hear when you’re on the plane!”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So? What’s the news worthiness here? It’s not like he’s back into acting a great movie or accepted to act in TVB? Yawn…

  2. Daniel Wu do another rap MV with MC Jin on the different generations living together under one roof.

  3. have no respect for daniel wu, he wouldn’t be famous if he didn’t get himself involved with shu qi

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