Defense Said Gavin Gao’s Victim Had Fabricated the Truth

Gavin Gao’s (高云翔) sexual assault trial is in its final days, and both sides have now delivered their closing arguments.

On November 25th in Sydney, Chinese actor Gavin Gao was greeted by a hoard of reporters when he arrived in Downing Centre Monday morning. According to reports, the courtroom audience was three times larger than usual.

The Chinese actor, along with producer Wang Jing (王晶) was arrested in March 2018 in Sydney after a woman accused the men fo sexually assaulting her at the Shangri-La hotel. At the time, the men were celebrating the wrap-up of their TV drama. While Wang remained in custody, Gao was released on a A$3 million bail.

In her closing argument, Wang Jing’s defense barrier told the court that the woman, who is unnamed, had “questionable” motives the night of the attack, and accused her and her husband for lying to the jury.

According to the barrister, the woman did not verbalize any complaints after the attack, even returning home to take a shower that night. The woman remained “calm” and “relaxed” even up to the following morning, and resumed work. It was actually her “very angry” husband that had reported the incident to the police.

The barrister added that on the night of the incident, the woman did not reply to texts from her husband and daughter. She said, “As a mature woman, she had plenty of opportunities to leave that night. Both her husband and her child had been trying to reach her.”

The woman, which the barrister described as “mature” and “corporate”, interacted with Wang Jing like they were a couple. As seen in the CCTV, their kiss did not seem one-sided.

“She had her hand on Wang Jing’s thighs,” said the barrister. “She claimed she didn’t intend to do that. I’m sure the jury can decide on what’s the truth.”


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