Dong Xuan Must Pay for Ex-Husband Gao Yunxiang’s Debts

Although he was acquitted of all charges, Gavin Gao Yunxiang’s (高云翔) acting career and reputation has not recovered since his sexual assault scandal in 2018. He has since returned to China and kept a low profile, but he is being sued 60 million Chinese yuan in filming losses.

Gao Yunxiang was filming for drama Aranya’s Love <阿那亞戀情> in Sydney when a female production crew member accused him of sexual assault. Since the drama production was interrupted and never completed because of the controversy, investors are suing the actor for losses incurred.

Actress Michelle Dong Xuan (董璇) had supported Gao Yunxiang in the initial trial, but had divorced him in 2019 in what was believed to be a move to protect their financial assets. Despite their divorce, Dong Xuan will be held jointly liable in paying back the sued amount.

Involved in the litigation for three years, Zhejiang Talent shared the first-instance judgement. The announcement showed that their case against Gao Yunxiang received a clear decision, which included a termination of the actor’s employment contract and he was required to compensate for losses of CNY 60 million.

Sources:; World Journal

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  1. I feel very sorry for her and her young daughter… her career is not great either. I really wonder how she is expected to pay part of the damages too…

  2. Why must the ex wife bear the personal liability of the ex husband? Doesn’t make sense.

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