Gavin Gao Faces Two-Year Ban in Entertainment and Lawsuit Upon Return to China

Worries are not over for the actor, who is back in Shanghai.

Following his acquittal from sexual assault charges in Australian court, Chinese actor Gavin Gao (高云翔) was held at Sydney airport for a few hours due to visa issues. After interception by his lawyer, the 37-year-old actor boarded his flight and headed back to Shanghai.

Almost Missed His Flight

Local media revealed that Gao landed in Shanghai on the evening of March 20 where he would be subject to local quarantine. The case involving Gao and producer Wang Jing (王晶) came to an end after they were found not guilty. Shedding tears in court, the two thanked those who have helped them.

As both had been holding criminal justice visas, they had to leave the country immediately to avoid being charged as illegal immigrants, which might put them at risk of being stranded in Australia indefinitely due to the current uncertainty of flights.

Immediately after the jury’s decision was announced, Gao headed for the airport to complete paperwork for returning to Shanghai, but was held by customs due to his previous bail status. It was only after his attorney Zhang Qihuai (张起淮) communicated with the authorities for about 90 minutes regarding his situation that Gao was released, during which the actor nearly missed his Shanghai-bound flight.

Upcoming Lawsuit

Zhang shared that Gao’s professional career has almost been destroyed due to his criminal charges, and that the actor had been told that even if he were acquitted of his charges, he would have to face a two-year ban in the Chinese entertainment industry.

After his quarantine, Gao would still have to face a financial lawsuit from his former company Zhejiang Talent, which sued him for the losses he caused them. Although Gao’s attorney Zhang Qihuai felt that the plaintiff’s lawsuit holds no basis, the latter’s lawyers feel that it was a fact that Gao had cheated in his marriage and therefore had gone against the “moral terms” of his contract. With both parties holding their point of view, how the case shall unfold remains to be seen.

Wang Jing, the other accused party, has expressed that he would choose to forgive, and felt that he had learned a lot during his experience; and that he bore no negative feelings towards the female defendant as he believed she was merely trying to protect herself.

Source: Sohu

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Gavin Gao Found Not Guilty of Rape

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  1. Well, its better than nothing. He is the unlucky one cause he got caught. Many powerful men in china cheat and their wives and friends know it but do nothing about it. Some may even think its normal. So, for him to be banned two years is considered something. He deserves it for breaking his marriage vows. Since, he was acquitted i give him the benefit of doubt that he didnt rape that woman. But still a cheater

    1. @dreamer
      Cheating is bad but not as bad as raping. I know some who may not cheat but are terrible people in other ways and some who may cheat but are not so bad in other aspects. The husband of my former friend was a good husband and faithful to his wife and good to his family but was shady towards others.

      Gavin may not be a good husband but what if he is a good son and a good friend? Who knows?

  2. This is the price to pay for a cheater. Nothing is free. But if the actual fact he is a rapist, then he is very lucky cos such punishment is so lenient.

  3. 2 years might not seem like a lot, but fanbingbing only had a 1 year ban and she was infinitely more popular than this guy, and her career is still struggling to regain its footing

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