Gavin Gao’s Retrial Hearing is Cancelled

Last year March, Chinese actor Gavin Gao (高云翔) and director Wang Jing (王晶) were accused of sexual assault while filming in Sydney, Australia. It has been a long trial with each side presenting conflicting evidence. With the jury unable to reach a verdict, the judge earlier dismissed the jurors and ordered for a retrial in February. However, on December 16, the judge cancelled the upcoming retrial hearing and the direction of the case has become unclear.

Gavin and Wang Jing both attended their bail hearing yesterday. Gavin was accompanied by his lawyers at the Supreme Court in Sydney. The 37-year-old actor gained some weight and looked relaxed; this is a contrast from his previous appearances where he was seen in low spirits. It appears that he has regained some confidence due to the current circumstances surrounding the case.

According to local media, the bail hearing lasted three minutes. The judge ordered that Gavin report to the police station every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If he does not comply, the court will enforce restrictions on his bail conditions.


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