Gavin Gao’s Sexual Assault Case Update: Victim Took Morning-After Pill

Entering the 12th day of trial in Gavin Gao’s (高雲翔) sexual assault case in Sydney, the latest update from the court suggests that the victim possibly took a morning-after pill. This is inconsistent with her statement that no actual intercourse had occurred on the night of the assault.

After the victim’s husband gave his statement earlier, a woman that previously worked with the victim, and another employee on the movie production team came forth to testify. According to the employee who worked on the set and who was also present during the celebratory activities after the movie completed filming, the victim and Gavin had zero interaction the entire time.

When the prosecutor asked the employee what he saw during the celebratory dinner, the employee said that he noticed the victim’s husband appeared very unhappy and that he was crying. The employee also revealed that during the dinner, the victim told him that she was sexually assaulted and had contacted the police.

Victim Took Morning After Pill

The doctor who performed an examination on the victim in March 2018 also appeared in court to testify. During the cross-examination, the doctor revealed that although the victim claimed that she was assaulted in the mouth and genitals, no evidence was found to support tears or that visible force was used in those areas. The doctor disclosed that there weren’t any injuries or unusual findings on her neck.

However, the doctor did confirm that the victim suffered some bruising and marks behind her left knee and leg area, as well as some red and purple marks on her right leg.

According to the information provided in court, it was said that the victim actually refused to have her genitals examined initially due to the fact that she was on her menstrual period at that time. Unfortunately, the doctor was not able to recall the specific reason as to why the victim refused to be examined, but noted that she seemed anxious and very unhappy.

When the lawyer of the second accused, Wang Jing (王晶), asked the doctor about the victim taking the morning-after pill, the doctor confirmed that she had asked for the pill despite the victim’s statement that there were no sexual intercourse involved. When Wang Jing’s lawyer made this point, the doctor replied, “That’s what the victim said.”

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Video Evidence Shows Gavin Gao Assaulting Victim

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  1. so confused, so was there sexual intercourse or not? everything said seem to be so confused like the victim was either lying or wasn’t aware of what was going on

    1. @m0m0 apparently sometimes if the experience so traumatised, our brain can rewire to help us cope with it as part of survival mechanism. (Watch s04 bull about the rape case) don’t know how truth it is since I’m not a psychologist, but she possibly got attacked, think she got assaulted, want to take the pill and doesn’t want to be confirmed? A lot of time, you don’t do rational thing immediately after the event, it can take a few days for you to think it through and digest what happen.

      Anyway, I found that so what if she wants to take the morning after pill if there was no sexual intercourse, especially when she said there was no sexual intercourse? While the defence might try and build the she’s unstable/lying, at the same time, isn’t it highlight whatever those guys doing to her, so traumatise that that girl can’t be sure what happen to her?

      1. @littlefish wasnt she under semi unconscious at the time either through drugs or alcohol? She may have taken the pill just to be sure, then afterwards she may have convinced herself probably intercourse didnt happen.

        Events can be mixed up after trauma and appear inconsistent. It might seem illogical to the bystander but its very common in rape victims.

        There is a documentary on Netflix called Unbelievable that explores similar issue.

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