Video Evidence Shows Gavin Gao Assaulting Victim

Mainland actor Gavin Gao’s (高雲翔) sexual assault case may be coming to a closure soon. The recent revealing of a 36-minute video clip shows Gavin forcibly having sex with the victim.

Arrested in March for sexual assault, Gavin’s case is currently under trial in Sydney, Australia. The  victim is a 36-year-old Chinese-Australian married woman who worked on the Love in Aranya <阿那亞戀情>  filming set.

During the court hearing on August 30, a 36-minute video was turned in, which showed Gavin and the other accused, Wang Jing (王晶), sexually assaulting the victim numerous times in a hotel room. However, due to confidentially agreements at that time, the details of the video evidence were not publicly revealed until today.

In the video, Wang Jing first lured the victim into the room before calling Gavin to come over. Wong Jing then said to Gavin, “I’ll hand her over to you.”

And while Wang Jing went to shower, Gavin was seen forcefully taking clothes off the victim. The victim was shown giving oral sex to Wang Jing, while Gavin used his fingers to penetrate her. For the rest of the 27 minutes, it was clearly seen that the two accused took turns assaulting the victim inside the room and in the shower.

The video also showed Gavin and Wong Jing’s level of brutality, as the victim suffered many physical injuries.

Before the video was released in court, it was rumored that the victim was falsifying the assault as a means of trying to blackmail Gavin and Wong Jing for money. Coming to the victim’s rescue after the videos were given in court, the prosecutors expressed that there seems to be no good outcome for the victim and the chances of blackmail is extremely low in this case.


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  1. So sick! I was hoping it was mutual to lessen the pain for his wife and children. How can he hurt someone like that, imagine it was his wife or daughter! I feel for his wife and children for having a husband and father like him if this is all true!

    1. @jessehsuan I know right! Wow! He will probably be in jail for a long time if convicted. But who was filming it? They are sick enough to have it on film esp with one of them a bit more well known? Wonder how that that other guy looks, not that looks matter I mean but just wondering.

      1. @wm2017 the last article said the victim filmed it as she felt she won’t be able to get out of their situation, was a smart move on her part and a dummy move on their part for not checking/taking her phone. They possibly have done this before, so finally got caught red handed!

      2. @littlefish The last article stated that the victim turned on the camera when she realized she couldn’t escape. But in this article, she had her camera turned way before she went into the room- “In the video, Wang Jing first lured the victim into the room before calling Gavin to come over” Either way, it is not good for him for doing that.

  2. wait who recorded the video? regardless bye bye career if it wasn’t gone before sure is now. And hope they rot in prison.

    1. @mastaoog
      Brutal rape captured on video. Can’t even make this sort of drama up. Can’t get more concrete evidence than this. A crap husband, a crap father and a crap role model. Deserves a long jail term. Like I say ‘Goodbye Gav’…

  3. What was Gavin thinking? With his looks and status, does he even need to have force sex? Besides he is married with a young daughter. Before that he even defended his innocence saying he was being accused and frame. He really gave celebrity a bad name. He is really screwed and can rot in prison. The wife is better off divorce him.

    I think FBB really regret casting him in her drama, she also have trouble herself with the tax evasion thing now.

    1. @hayden
      Don’t worry! Gav will get his karma and will get it very soon. Racism might be rife in prison and no one knows who the hell he is so will not get any special treatment. The FBB and Gav events recently have been unbelievable. It almost feels like the greatest set up of all time as if they had upset higher officials whilst filming ‘the legend of ba Qing’. The reality more likely that they both committed horrendous crimes and will be put away for a long time…

      1. @jimmyszeto I heard that Ma Su is now involved in some prostitution rumours as well. Not sure how real that news is, but it seems that this production is cursed. The one I feel sorry for is Yan Yi Kuan.

      2. @elizabeth Ma Su got tainted first because she allegedly hook up a famous married Chinese actress with someone younger than her, basically have a hand in helping the girl to cheat on her husband >_> sure technically not her fault that if one wants to cheat, one is gonna cheat but I think she got judged harshly she didn’t advice her friend not to do so lol. Anyway, legend of ba Qing is serious a curse! The first emperor must be like “you wanna do what? Tainted my name?” *curse from his grave lol

    2. @hayden status and fame don’t mean they can’t be a criminal, as a matter of fact, a lot of criminal traits are found in high level CEO lol.

      Some people get high on having forced sex unfortunately :/ it’s sad for the victim, I know i should feel sad for his family, but wouldn’t the wife knows her husband’s violence tendency? At least they can seperate from him, and still rich, whereas the victim… the psychological wounds…. all these stresses…. and her family have to deal with it, is beyond any money they can give her

      1. @littlefish
        Yes. If the victim was not psychological ruined by this brutal and viscious ordeal then she would have seeked a massive payoff from Gav and in order to change her statements leading to a smaller sentence. Looks like she is going all out to seek justice and put him away. Goodbye Gav. Hope his English is good because there aren’t any translators in jail.

    3. @hayden Rape is rarely about sex, it’s about the dominance and the violence. So it doesn’t matter how good looking or how rich the person is or how he can easily access sexual partners…rapists usually get off on forcing their victims to comply. That’s it. So don’t let anyone’s good looks fool you; ANYONE is capable of monstrous deeds.

    1. @mangotango Not an excuse. There are plenty of people that get drunk who wouldn’t force themselves on a woman or help their friend rape the woman as well.

  4. I’ve been told power & riches frees inhibition. So even though it doesn’t make sense for Gavin to do such a thing, it’s not surprising under this theory.

    Poor wife and daughter.

    1. @coralie
      Yeh. Gav hit it big overnight and the fame/power got to his head. He would have been living in a dreamland and it in an realistic world. He would have felt invincible and in the heat of the moment thought he could do whatever he wanted. That would be the only way to explain this because hiring a prostitute does not seem to be exciting enough for him. He needed to rape a colleague….

  5. All the #metoo exposes are causing so much grief to the wives and children of the attackers. I don’t know if they’re even aware of their husbands’ infidelities and turned a blind eye or maybe they’re even victims themselves, but whatever the case, it brings negative unnecessary spotlight and disruption to the family

    1. @coralie I agree with the #metoo
      If these wives and girlfriends of the attackers are not aware of their men’s actions, it is good that it is being brought to light, so that the women are aware of the monsters they go to bed with. Obviously such men have no respect for their women and need to be exposed. If the women know what their men are doing, and turn a blind eye, and stay with these men, then they are just as disgusting as their men. Then those types of couples are sickening are made for each other. You should think about the women who were abused by men and everyone said they, the accusers, are after money, they were mentally sick, they were accusing these men out of spite. A lot of these women were shunned by society and even their own family. Some lived in fear, not enjoying intimacy after their ordeal. Some of them became a mental, social, emotional, psychological and sometimes psychical shadow of their former selves. These women’s lives are ruined. If the attacker has mow waaney, fame and power, they then add insult to injury by trying to buy the victim’s silence, after ruining her life. Some of these women live in hellish fear because their lives, and the lives of their families are threatened. No woman or man should have their bodies inappropriately touch by someone without the victim’s consent. Also, no means no, and stop means stop. To have someone force themself on you is one of the most traumatic experience that a victim can go through. No wonder some victims commit suicide.
      I’m glad the #metoo is bringing these monsyers to light. I’m glad it is empowering victims with the courage to come forward and expose their attackers. I’m glad that the rich famous ones will now think twice about targeting victims, as they like to hide behind their money and status. The #metoo is not really embraced in Asia, as Asia sadly and ignorantly likes to pay a blind eye to this sort of thing called rape or s~xual harassment.

      1. @kmfayb don’t get me wrong. i’m not sympathizing with the attackers. i’m sympathizing the family of the abusers. they (hopefully) never knew about their husbands’ affairs, but are saddled with the humiliation and har@ssment from their husbands’ deeds. i guess it’s better to be enlightened than to stay ignorant. but what a painful shock!

      2. @coralie I guess it was the way you worded your comment that prompted me to respond the way I did. My bad for misunderstanding. You are right about this sort of thing ripping families apart. It is sad when many wives trust their husbands only to find out he is a sexual predator. I do feel bad for families torn apart because of such discoveries. I get the impression that Gavin Gao’s wife was clueless to what he was up to. I feel that he was cheating on her before this. I feel he was into three way orgies before, but this time it went horribly wrong.

  6. why would you need to force sex on a woman when you can pay for it and get? just don’t get it….

    1. @m0m0 alcohol uninhibits one’s sense, dull thinking process, forcing sex on someone gives them sense of power and dominance. You do not get that from a pros cos she is willing. OK, I watched too much psycho thrillers. Lol.

    2. @m0m0
      He would have experienced plenty of prostitutes or women willingly offering themselves to him already. The excitement would have disappeared. Next up is brutally forcing unwilling women to engage in xxx, a demonstration of power and macho behaviour. I hope the blind fans expressing their support for him in recent months get their act together…,

  7. These guys are disgusting. Even though they have access to consensual sex, they want to rape instead. Rape is about power. Hope they rot in jail.

  8. Not everyone wants a prostitute. However, I’m sure Gavin Gao could have easily gotten a beautiful woman as his mistress. Not that I believe in cheating, nor am I promoting it, I’m just saying. A lot of netizens don’t want to upset the apple cart and come out of their comfort zone. A lot of us believe that certain thinhs are for the West and the rest of the world only. To the fans and others, Gavin Gao was an up and rising actor, good looking, friendly, no scandals, a beautiful wife, an adorable baby girl and money was in the bank. He was your perfect boy next door. What they didn’t realize, or don’t want to realize is that he seemed to be into three way sex, or as the French call it menage a trois. It appears he has a strange, secret sexual fetish that has now been brought to light. I know I will be called perverted and crazy for saying this, know what, I Don’t Care.

    1. @kmfayb
      Images are all manufactured to promote idols to fanboys and fangirls.In reality the quick fame and money will get to the head of these young celebrities which makes them feel invincible. Now after committing horrendous crimes, they can learn the lesson that they aren’t invincible.

  9. He thought he was overseas, so whatever happens overseas stays overseas, but nope. The victim is lucky that it’s Australia and not an Asian country or else Gavin may be in China sipping his wine as a free man right now. Asian countries kiss China’s behind and even if they didn’t, their judicial system is still far from respecting woman rights. The Asian society would have crucified her, the victim, instead of the predator.

    1. @lynn90
      Which makes you wonder if he had committed similar crimes in China in the past, but was too powerful for any word of this to get out.

      1. @krys327 it does make you wonder. A man doesn’t wake up and decide to bring a female to a hotel and have anorher male friend there. Don’t forget the fact that he is still considered a newlywed, with a decent, beautiful wife and an adorable baby waiting at home. He has gotten into cheating and weird sex games before. The thing is, things went wrong this time, and he wasn’t in china, where the woman would be crucified, threatened, called crazy and not believed.

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