Gavin Gao is Back Together with Ex-Wife, Michelle Dong

After a two-year legal battle over sexual assault allegations in Australia, Chinese actor Gavin Gao (高雲翔) received a not guilty verdict and has returned back to China. There are rumors that his ex-wife, Michelle Dong (董璇), has reconciled with Gavin in hopes of raising their daughter, Little Dimples, together.

In a recently posted video, Little Dimples was being filmed talking in both English and Tianjin dialect, as school continues to be cancelled. Michelle is originally from Heilongjiang, while Gavin is from Tianjin. Since Little Dimples was speaking Tianjin dialect in the video, netizens assume Gavin was present at the time and that the couple has reconciled.

When Gavin and Michelle officially got divorced in 2019, Michelle got full ownership of their properties in China. With Gavin hitting financial troubles since his lawsuit, it is understandable that he would move back into their old home.

The couple’s four-year-old daughter, Little Dimples, has beautiful clear skin, and many netizens commented that she is growing up quickly and looks exactly like Gavin.


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Gavin Gao Found Not Guilty of Rape

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  1. Not surprised, some Chinese women tend to stay with their once unfaithful husband in hopes of raising their children together even if it means their marriage/relationship won’t be the same anymore. They don’t want their relationship to affect their children, unlike the west.

    1. @anon those parents are usually doing more damage to their kids by staying together in an unhappy marriage than to divorce and live separately. it’s a selfless act superficially, but causes more harm for everyone in the long run. imagine when her daughter grows up, she knows her dad cheated on her mom and she ends up with someone who cheats on her. looking to her parents’ example, she will think that’s normal and she should forgive.

      1. @coralie
        True but it depends as my late parents had a very unhappy marriage that I wish that they divorced. I never looked to my parents marriage as an example. But if I did, it is to see what I would not do.

      2. @hetieshou very hard to say. most people tend to gravitate towards the environment they grew up in because that’s what they’re most comfortable with. they are subconsciously drawn to the same patterns that they see in their parents even though they should know better. I’ve seen it all too often. or the opposite is true – they become so afraid of repeating history, they choose not to pursue a relationship. can also apply to people who had a traumatic childhood and never want kids as a result.

      3. @coralie
        Yes it is hard to say but it still depends on the person. However, I find it sad that people tend to let other’s experiences dictate their life. What you said made me think of Carol Cheng who refused to get married and have kids just because of her parents’ divorce. Everyone has a different fate just like how your parents can have a happy marriage but you end up having a sad one or vice versa. I remember Tony Leung thinking that before but he has married and is hopefully happy. Basically he got over that which is great as he realizes that just because his parents had a sad marriage does not mean that he will too.

      4. @hetieshou it’s not as simple as letting others dictate their life. It’s more of the path of least resistance. People do or pick what’s easiest/least challenging for them to do… and sometimes that’s accepting abuse from their spouses (since there’s prior examples.) those that escape this fate need to know themselves very well and look for red flags that might cause them problems later down the line. and as we see from a ton of abusive relationships, often that doesn’t happen. The ones courageous enough to overcome their fears are the exceptions, not the rule

    1. @dramas4me Maybe the divorce was just a legal means to protect the couple’s money, since Gavin was being sued for 60 million yuan by Zhejiang Talent.

      1. @jayne

        Yes. Both of ypur reasons can be true in this case. Personally i don’t think i can forgive if this happened to me. Just like domestic violence cases – you be surprised how many women dropped the charges after they filed police reports against these abusers. The worst part is they went back to the offenders.

      2. @dramas4me whether with cheating or domestic violence, some women don’t walk away for different reasons, such as they may financially depend on their husbands or for the children’s sake. Or if they’re dating, the women may think if it happened once, it’s a mistake they’re willing to overlook.

      3. @jayne
        Agree! People don’t react to divorce after staying by his side for a lengthy time as support. Either divorce immediately after betrayal or wait till case is over. The timing was suspicious ..

    2. @dramas4me while it’s possible that what @jayne mentioned is why they divorced, I think another reason is that she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up without a father, however irresponsible he is. and with him out in the dumps with no money, I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes him in out of pity and his relationship to her daughter.

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