Gavin Gao Already Divorced in May

Last year, Chinese actor Gavin Gao (高雲翔) was arrested for sexual assault in Australia. His wife Michelle Dong (董璇) stood by his side and even flew to Australia with their daughter to support him during the trial. Despite impressions that Michelle had forgiven Gavin, the pair may have already divorced in May.

At the time of the scandal, Michelle held a brave front to face the public. She had shared on social media, “When life makes you cry, I choose to smile”. Her response initially led many to believe that Michelle had forgiven Gavin.

After being charged with sexual assault, Gavin’s career is over. His scenes in The Legend of Ba Qing <巴清傳> will be deleted and re-filmed by another actor as a last effort by investors to partially salvage the drama and push for broadcast. Investors allegedly are pushing Gavin to compensate their losses and made sure the courts would apply a freezing injunction to prevent Gavin from disposing or touching his joint company assets with Michelle, which total 63.8 million RMB.

The couple’s divorce is believed to be an attempt to protect their financial assets. Asked about the divorce, Michelle’s manager said she “couldn’t explain the situation”.

Source: HK01

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