Deng Chao and Jackie Lui’s Passionate French Kiss in “The Dead End”

The passionate gay sex scene between Chinese actor Deng Chao (邓超) and Hong Kong actor Jackie Lui (吕颂贤) in the upcoming Chinese film The Dead End <烈日灼心> shocked moviegoers and fans alike. The acclaimed crime film, which won two awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival in June, stars Deng Chao, Duan Yihong (段奕宏), Guo Tao (郭涛), Wang Luodan (王珞丹), Gao Hu (高虎), and Jackie Lui.

Showing August 27, the thriller film is about three best friends suffering guilt after committing an unforgivable crime nearly twenty years ago. Deng Chao, who portrays detective Xin Xiaofeng, gets involved in a steamy affair with a gay Taiwanese designer, portrayed by Jackie Lui.

Their sex scene, which shows the two actors topless while french kissing, was put in a promotional clip online. The clip of their “tongue battle” shocked many netizens, remarking that the scene is definitely pushing at the border of China’s film guidelines.

One netizen commented, “Will [Deng Chao’s wife] Sun Li (孙俪) get jealous?” Another said, “I can’t stand this anymore!” Many more netizens praised Deng Chao and Jackie’s professionalism.


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  1. I watch to watch this movie! Long time didn’t see Jackie Lui liao. And I want to see how they do with the kiss.

    1. @kidd Here? Censored probably.

      That’s not a sex scene. That’s a kiss scene. Hollywood actors both not gay has done more explicit. And gay actors are asking why don’t they ask real gay actors do the role eh? kidding kidding. Yeap professional but they’re actors.

      1. But if a male actor had to kiss another male actor, I suppose Jackie Lui is not a bad way to start.

        Much like westerners might name Brad Pitt and the likes. That sort.

      2. @funnlim

        Even Chinese actors have done more explicit. Just watch ‘Lan Yu’ starring Hu Jun and Liu Ye. Liu Ye got a Golden Horse award for it. 😀

        When the article said ‘the scene is definitely pushing at the border of China’s film guidelines’, I immediately thought of ‘Lan Yu’ who has even more explicit scenes, and starring Chinese actors and filmed in Beijing. But, then, I remember, that’s considered a Taiwanese film. Hu Jun and Liu Ye got warning letters from Chinese government for filming the movie because it’s filmed without permit in Beijing.

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