Deric Wan Denies Wen Jiarong’s Physical Assault Claims

The bitter feud between Deric Wan (温兆伦) and his ex-flame, Wen Jiarong (温嘉蓉) continues to intensify each day. The 33-year-old Chinese model accused Deric of cheating in love, swindling her of $500,000 RMB, and even assaulting her with a knife in a quarrel in 2009! Jiarong has also hinted that she felt threatened that her nude photos would be exposed as well.

Deric Wan’s Manager Responds

Deric Wan’s manager, Linda Wu (吴雨桐) , rebuked Wen Jiarong’s assault allegation, and asserted that she was only putting on a show for publicity. Ms. Wu called the damaging allegations ridiculous.

Responding to Jiarong’s allegations that Deric cheated her of $500,000 RMB, Ms. Wu revealed that Jiarong did not have a stable income, and it was not possible for her to provide that money. Ms. Wu said, “You can check this woman’s work history. Did she film a commercial or act in any television dramas?  How is she able to lend the money?”

Ms. Wu also said that Deric was obviously more financially sound then Jiarong, as compared to her irregular income. Ms. Wu said, “Mr. Wan has his acting career and his business. $500,000 RMB is not a lot of money. He does not even need to borrow money from anyone!”

“The Truth Will Prevail”

When asked about Jiarong’s accusation that Deric had assaulted her, Ms. Wu replied that she was just putting on a publicty show. “We are not hiding at all. The truth will prevail any disputes. Please respect the truth.”

Ms. Wu claimed that Jiarong was only yearning for publicity, hence Deric will not make any public statement. Ms. Wu stated, “We will not make any explanations, neither do we wish to be used by other people. They do know each other. As to whether they were once lovers, it is inappropriate for me to comment. I can only say that they no longer have any relations.” 

Deric Calls Jiarong Vicious? 

Although Deric Wan has not made any public statement in response to Wen Jiarong’s damaging allegations, he has been expressive on his Weibo blog. On July 25th, he wrote, “Deric Wan cheated in money and love? This is a good topic to flame, but it lacks one word, it should be changed to Deric Wan being cheated of money and love. This will be a better effect! 7 years, $500,000 RMB is too little right?”

After Jiarong’s latest accusation of physical assault, Deric wrote on Weibo yesterday, “Have you seen the legendary two-headed snake? Although it is very vicious, but its lifespan is also short. This is the same for humans. Do you understand? ”

Shortly after this post, Deric wrote another message, “This is an unedited photo. Due to the gene mutation: a white crocodile. Although it changes its appearance, it cannot change its vicious character. A leopard never changes its spots!”

Was Deric Wan’s sarcasm directed at Wen Jiarong?


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  1. well hopefully its nt true deric.. wll gve u benefit of doubt

  2. I don’t get how making cryptic weibo messages is better than making a public statement to deny the accusations. lol

  3. Has it ever been confirmed that Deric married Zhao Ting?

  4. Hopefully a lot of the accusations are not true. If they are not, then Deric and his manager have nothing to be afraid of if they are indeed telling the truth. They would only have to be afraid if Wen Jia Rong is telling the truth. I think I can believe the money part, but not the knife part since from what I know about Deric, he doesn’t seem like that he would go that far… Also, he has no history of that at all so it makes it harder to believe.

  5. Of course Deric assaulted her, just look at her horibble and mosterly face, anyone would like to assault her too!

    1. Sorry but you said a very mean thing. You accused Deric and insulted her. What makes you say such things?

      1. You can’t live with your fairytail life always! you need to get out from the shell and live real! If you can’t accept mean stuff, you won’t be able to live in this mean world!

      2. I am not living a fairytales, but insults and rude comments are not allowed here as Jayne has said.

  6. I believe in Deric! I hope we can put this scandal to rest.

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