Deric Wan Carries Daughter On His Chest

Deric Wan (溫兆倫) is a busy father. On the night of February 4, the 51-year-old actor shared a cute picture of him with his infant daughter strapped on his chest. From the looks of the photo, which was taken in a park during the day, it appears that the father had spend the day with his family. The former TVB actor looked like a father on duty with his thick brown coat and sunglasses.

deric wan 2“I am Mr. Nobody today,” Deric wrote, “No work, no pressure, but an ordinary husband and dad with my dearest family. Thank god, amen.”

The photo was a response to a popular picture Deric took last year, which also featured the actor posing with his daughter strapped to his stomach. He captioned the photo with simply, “House husband.”

Deric announced in April 2013 that he had tied the knot with Mainland Chinese actress, Zhao Ting (趙庭). In September 2015, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Wan Yau-mei (溫柔美).


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  1. deric wan is 51 already?
    still remember how charming he was in 我本善良. he is a versatile actor and able to do both good and bad roles.

  2. Deric’s love road has been so rocky. He married earlier than his peers at the height of his popularity, but, only in his 50’s he get his first child.

    1. @anon
      I was on this mainland talk show and he looks like plastic surgery gone wrong actually. haha lol….

  3. Def. not aging well but I always love his acting. Very versatile acting that can play both evil and honest roles.

  4. this guy really unlucky in love…hope his 3rd marriage and young daughter will bring him happiness.

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