Chapman To Curses Deric Wan for Shoe-shining the Communist Party

Former TVB artist, Deric Wan (溫兆倫), who has moved to mainland to further his acting career, recently declared his love for China on Weibo. Given the political strain between Hong Kong and mainland China, Deric’s declaration has caused much disdain among Hong Kong citizens, including Chapman To (杜汶澤) who cursed, “3 words, XXX!”

Although Deric started out in the entertainment industry as a Hong Kong singer in 1982, he did not make a big name for himself until he played the heartless villain in the drama, Looking Back in Anger <義不容情> in 1989.  Because of his strong personality and high-profile breakups, Deric attracted a lot of negative news. This eventually caused his downfall in Hong Kong, and Deric has since refused to accept all interviews from the Hong Kong media.

After successfully relocating his career to mainland China, Deric enjoyed a less strenuous work schedule. In his third marriage, Deric married local actress Zhao Ting (趙庭) and has happily adapted to living in mainland.

Deric’s patriotic declaration of love for mainland China resulted in many rude responses from netizens. Commercial Radio show host and veteran, Poon Siu Tao (潘小濤) posted on Facebook to mock Deric. Chapman To expressed his disgust in response to Poon Siu Tao’s Facebook entry; Chapman’s comment earned 200 likes.

The ill feelings between Deric and Chapman started when Deric posted a photo of his deceased father on Weibo earlier and said, “Everyone said my father and Brother Chapman look alike. Maybe my dad and his … Ha ha,” visibly hinting that Chapman’s mother and his father may have gotten together. Chapman was so angry that he posted a reply on Facebook. He said, “If you joke again at the expense of my mother, I will beat XXX you up!”

Chapman Continues to Insult Deric

Afterward, Chapman posted a lengthy post on patriotism on Weibo. He said, “There is no equality when it comes to occupations, but it is for character! In order to make ends meet, you betray yourself. This is a choice. But if you say things that hurt the feelings of more than 7 million people, please remember your roots.”

Chapman went on to say that although there is no harm in earning mainland money, there is no need to curry favor with the Communist Party. He believes it is a matter of demand and supply. He added, “Yesterday, I was filming in Japan. Tomorrow I’ll be going to Hangzhou to film a Chinese film. I have these opportunities because I am a dedicated actor, not because I’m a Communist. I feel bad not because I XXX you, but I feel ashamed to appear in the same news as you.”

Deric Responds in Anger

Deric’s wife, Zhao Ting, addressed Chapman’s criticism in a Weibo post, “Mr. Chapman To, is being patriotic selling yourself and shoe-shining the Communist Party? Saying that China is a strong country, doesn’t China also include Hong Kong? At this moment, your post uses such vulgar words; what is the intention? Although you may not accept the return of Hong Kong to China, but I as an ordinary woman cannot let you unreasonably insult my husband. Using your words to direct back at you: I and my husband, Deric Wan, feel ashamed that you are also Chinese!”

Regarding the dissidents who wrote harassing messages on his Weibo, Deric said that his colleagues have helped him track the IP addresses of more than offensive 500 posters, in which the information will be forwarded to Weibo’s relevant departments. “I stopped allowing everyone to comment these couple of days because I don’t want to see everyone’s impulses lead to trouble. What for? There’s nothing wrong in being patriotic!”


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  1. Deric was rude for saying that about his mom. Anyone will get mad if you talk smack about their family.

    What is weibo? Is it the same as FB? Celebrities need to keep it classy, especially when your on social media.

    1. wtf this guy is so mess up. why would he say bad things about chapman’s mom?!?!?!

    1. I guess politically they are,however, the people of HK do not want to be considered a part of China for various reasons. I am not sure if this is 100% true, but some believe that if they are from HK, Taiwan or some other country that are Chinese do not want to say they are Chinese from Mainland China. They feel they are superior or something and look down on Chinese from mainland.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong. As I know that back in 1997, when the Brits decided to return HK back to China, many HK fled to Canada. That’s why Vancouver has a majority of Chinese people from HK. And you’re right, just ask some random Chinese people in the States and they’d say that their family originally either from HK or Taiwan.

      2. Yes, I know that many Chinese from HK immigrated to Canada(mostly to Vancouver) after HK was returned to China. I once saw a series which I think was a TVB series which talked about that. I used to have a classmate that always considered himself “Taiwanese” and would get upset if people called him “Chinese” even though he is ethnically Chinese.

      3. HeTieShou,

        There is something that I don’t really understand about chinese people that immigrated to western countries. They were from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc but didn’t want to consider themselves as chinese people from mainland, yet when in western countries, they named their housing areas as…..China Town!

      4. That’s exactly it. People from HK or Taiwan feel like they are superior than people coming from China. I have a colleague who was born in HK and came here and wherever she talks about HK and china, She thinks she’s all that and other people from China will never surpass them. We tend to just ignore her and thinks she’s just ignorant b/c at the end of the day are you also NOT chinese? haha LOL u know???? These people are weird. I mean i admit some people from China are a bit rude and unsanitary but doesnt that apply to all races? hahaha you know? I just find it so odd that HK or Taiwan people have to elaborate on where they are from and do NOT like being associated w/China. I mean, are you NOT Chinese? Haha….

      5. Well, actually, there are a few schools of thought out there. The animosity between Taiwan and China is due primarily to history (those from Taiwan probably know what I’m talking about so won’t elaborate) while the friction between HK and China has alot to do with the different culture as well as China’s track record on human rights. And yes, the ‘superiority’ factor does play a role as well (though to me, that falls more under the ‘culture’ piece in that HK is alot more ‘westernized’ due to being a British colony for so long).

        One of the biggest historical events that played a huge role in the friction between HK and China was the Tiananmen Square massacre back in 1989. I was around during that time as well and I can tell you that it scared the crap out of everyone — in HK, it was around that time that people developed a huge fear of China and dreaded HK being returned to China in 1997 (the thought was that if China could do that to their own people, what would happen to HK people after the handover?). That’s also around the time where there was a huge immigration push — from 1989 to 1997, people were rushing to leave HK. Alot of entertainment industry people chose to immigrate to other countries after 1989 as well (hence the reason why alot of artists left the industry in the 90s or decided to retire) because of the fear of retribution, since many of them participated in anti-China movements back then and also heavily condemned China for what they did in Tiananmen Square.

        So yes, the ‘tension’ between HK and China goes back many years. Sure, some can say that the ‘fears’ of many Hong Kongers back then may be ‘unfounded’ now (since China hasn’t taken any action), but honestly, can anyone really blame them for feeling that way?

      6. @ llwy12

        I certainly do understand why the Tiananmen incident frightened ordinary HK people (it frightened all ordinary Chinese people I’m sure) but I fell like the tension is derived from somewhere else. I mean, there’s a huge difference between the CPC and ordinary (Mainland) Chinese people. To me, it looks more like HK people perceive a superiority because they are more westernised (i.e. civilised). And that’s really more snobbery. In turn, Mainland people resent HK people for their supercilious attitude. I realise you didn’t say the tension stems from only the Tiananmen Square event, but to me it looks more like that incident caused tension back then but there are other more prevailing factors for the current hostile climate?

      7. In Singapore the Chinese also think that they are superior compared to the Chinese from China. I just cannot understand it even I am a Chinese, to me everyone is the same as our ancestors are also from China. I have a classmate from China and most of my classmates joke about it saying things that will hurt people sometime when I hear about it I will stop them butt how long can I help them. Most of my classmates think I am from China just because I always help my classmate and I score well for Chinese Language . I really wish that one day the Chinese in Singapore will accept that the Chinese from China are the same as us only that we grow up in different countries and it will be we are Chinese not that we are Chinese from Singapore or we are Chinese from China.

      8. @advo: True, though I also feel that the generation thing makes a difference too in terms of the hostile climate. The older generation (i.e. the ones who lived through the big historical events such as the wars or Tiananmen Square let’s say) will probably still bear some resentment toward China because of that (and possibly passed it on to their children as well) whereas for the younger generation who never experienced any of that (and perhaps only read about it in history books), it probably stems more from social factors based on what they’ve seen or their personal interactions with people from China. And yes, I definitely agree that part of the reason for the ‘superiority’ sentiment is because of the more westernized (civilized) culture, of which education also has a lot to do with it.

        SCMP actually published a slew of articles about the HK vs China thing as well as insights on how the world views China in general (based on polls that they conducted with people in various countries). One of the sentiments they noticed is that a lot of the European countries / nations (i.e. France, Germany, Spain, Britain, etc. ) tended to have an unfavorable/negative view of China because European countries in general place high value on human rights – with China’s poor track record in this area, the public perception in Europe is that China doesn’t even respect it’s own people, which in turn makes it hard for other countries to respect them (given that HK was a British colony for such a long time, it makes sense to me why many Hong Kongers would adopt the same ‘perception’ of China).

      9. @ llwy12

        The thing that bothers me when European countries look down on China due to its low track record with human rights is because I really think it’s an excuse. Human rights matter but not as much as making money.

        Of course, that doesn’t mean China is off the hook either. My mom has said on several occasions that the sentiment in China is a (Chinese) human life has no value. Throw a dime and you’ll hit someone and all that. Sadly the CPC’ stronghold and corruption has devalued human lives so much, and that sentiment has trickled down to ordinary folks.

    2. “But if you say things that hurt the feelings of more than 7 million people, please remember your roots.””

      Hey Chapman, (btw, what an idiotic name), if you say things that hurt the feelings of more than 1.35 billion people and oh, minus the 7 million from HK, which is 0.0000000001% of China’s people, please remember your ancestors’roots.

      1. What’s wrong with Deric declaring his love for his country? I think Chapman think too much on himself. He has no right to diss Deric for being patriotic.

  2. People are free to express their thoughts but Deric is a douchebag for going after Chapman’s mom.

  3. Can’t help but wonder why whenever there is a celebrity feud going on Chapman is always involved…curious? Always making violent threats using explicit language as always….such a class act.

    1. Yeah, I was also thinking cant Chapman have higher EQ and brush it off as a joke.? His choice of words are always crude…

      1. Maybe Chapman has a very bad temper and of course low EQ which is why he easily gets into these feuds. I also must say that there are things that cannot be joked about and I really hate it when people try to annoy or hurts others and then just use joking as an excuse. My mom has always taught me that there are things that just cannot be joked about. I am not just referring to this case but just saying in general.

      2. Come on someone insulting your family members and to top it up is your mother. Is totally unreasonable for him to insult someone else mother and make it into a joke. In this case he has the right to be angry.

      3. I agree that he has the right to be angry, but to openly cuss and threaten to beat someone up like that is not really necessary. He can still stay calm and handle that with more class.

      4. I would be a bit upset if someone talked about my mom sure but I would never make any violent threats especially with the language he is using is just unnecessary. If I were him I would of ignored it, throwing insults on social networking sites is just childish.

      5. In the incident about his mother, I can understand Chapman reacting the way he did, but this whole China vs HK thing is a completely separate incident that shouldn’t be talked about together. To me, there is nothing wrong with Deric being patriotic and declaring that he loves China — he has the right to express his opinion on his own Weibo. I truly feel Chapman overreacted this time when he started dissing Deric and implying he’s a traitor and such just because he prefers China over HK. The way I see it is that Chapman was probably still pissed at Deric over the previous ‘joke’ regarding his mother and so took this opportunity to ridicule Deric as ‘revenge’. And honestly, all of the negative comments against Deric’s patriotic declaration were uncalled for — he has the right to express his views and just because people don’t agree with him (hey, I don’t agree with him either), doesn’t mean they should harrass him for those views either. This just goes to show how ‘tense’ the relations still are between HK and China.

      6. @ llwy12

        I agree with this assessment. I understand that Chapman got mad about the joke, which was really, really bad taste. I won’t say he overreacted, because it’s not up to me to decide what people can or can’t be offended by. However, Chapman is taking it too far with this Mainland vs. HK feud. If Deric is happily settled in China, then why can’t he express his happiness over living there without such nasty accusations. (From Chapman and the boneheads that needed to chip in.) Why is moving to China, any different than moving to any other country? If Deric had immigrated to Canada, would Chapman still call him a traitor? Again, it stems from the notion that there’s something inferior about China. And certainly there are many bad things in China, but there are plenty good too. To each their own.

      1. No surprise. Chapman To, who’s been busy filming and cavorting with busty porn stars in Japan, claims to be proud of being vulgar.

    2. nothing wrong with what chapman did,it only shows how much respect he have for his mother,although his word choice is rude but very honest,thats just his character,you cant expect him talking like a doctor or a lawyer.on the other side deric is a just douchbag,jokes like this just cant.

  4. wow sorry to say both deric and chapman have no class with all these! both are equally having cheap words at each other!

  5. Have not heard about Deric for a long time but sadly each time I hear about him, it is all bad news. I think it is ok if Deric likes his life in China but the way that he joked about Chapman’s mom is totally uncalled for. Why did he do that for??(if it is true anyways).

    HK is now a part of China but I think the people of HK do not want to be associated with mainland China. I have met some people from Taiwan, Hk, Malaysia, and Indonesia that do not want to be considered “Chinese”. They call themselves, Taiwanese, Hong Kongnese,Indonesian, Malaysian,etc… But they refuse to call themselves “Chinese” even though they are ethnically Chinese.
    That really reminds me of Andy’s song,
    “Zhong Guo Ren” which is a good song that illustrates how they are all “Chinese”.

    1. Of course we won’t call ourselves ” Zhong guo ren ” means from china. I am a Malaysian and proud to be a Malaysian . Ehnic – yes . I am a chinese .

      1. That is good to hear that you are proud to be Malaysian.

      2. By the way, many artists from Malaysia are very talented.

      3. We call ourselves hua ren? Correct? Not Zhong guo ren? Even when in China many referred to us as Zhong gua ren in malaysia, we had to correct them.

      4. Really? I just say Malaysian Chinese which is what Fish Leong and other artists from Malaysia are referred to. They also call themselves just plain Malaysian too.

      5. English is of course Malaysian Chinese. But when in Cantonese or mandarin, we don’t call ourselves zhong guo ren. We say hua ren. Chinese means ethnicity and Malaysian is citizenship. I rather not be political by insisting I am Malaysian and no other because I see no problem with saying my ethnicity if the intention isn’t racial divide in the 1st place. But yes in the end Malaysian is the right word.

    2. I think it is important to keep in mind that nationality is very different than ethnicity. Ethnically, yes, there is some sort of common bond among the groups mentioned, but nationality wise, that is a heck of a different ball game.

    3. What a shame !!!
      Hong Kong chinese, Taiwan chinese, Malaysian chinese, Singapore chinese and what not.. We are all CHINESE !!! Our roots are in China, no matter where you are borned. Your great great.. and your genes are from China. China is just waking up from a long slumber and has done so much to be proud of. Cut out the nasty things and China has a lot of things that the world is proud of. I am a Malaysian Chinese. Chapman I suggest you might just as well disown your own roots and say you were born in Britain and you yearned so much to be caucasian.

      1. Shame on you, Gary. No wonder your Malaysian govt. tells your race to go back to China if you don’t consider yourself Malaysian. I do support Chapman. Love your country where you are born first cause that is where you leave.

      2. Darren,
        Shame on Gary? He made some good points and you are shaming on him?

      3. I did not say I don’t love my country.
        Try pointing to any of my comment that says that..Daren.
        I am just saying I am chinese and I am not ashame to admit I am chinese.
        What are you Daren..
        Caucasian, Chinese or what?
        My roots is chinese and I cannot change that.

        If tomorrow I migrate to canada, does that make me no more chinese ??

      4. Further more Daren, Don’t bring my government into the picture.
        Where are you from??
        We Malaysian Chinese has done immensely for the country.
        What do you know ?

  6. Deric was rude first but shoe shining communist country? And yet the very same person has no problem with stepping into Japan?

    Come one, when did stars lower themselves to petty name calling? What is wrong with loving China? Or anywhere for that matter?

  7. I have no problem with Deric loving the CCP as he has his own freedom but have a big trouble in him slandering Chapman’s mum. You should never mess with the reputation of your elders – especially a woman’s reputation. If Deric had said that about my mum, I would swear at Deric too.

    1. Swearing is one thing but threatening to beat someone up is a different story.

    2. I totally agree w/this. I have heard lots of stories from this Deric Wan dude from an aunt cuz she LOVES/loved him back in the days. She said this guy really is unlucky since he’s not bad looking and not a bad singer but he just NEVER made it far in HK. But then he’s lucky w/women. First wife, a well off singapore or malay wife ended in divorce. Then some kalefe TVB star who ended sueing him/monetary issues when they broke up. Then most high profile one was Sonia Kwok since she was a, don’t know what happened there but needless to say, also went splitsville. Then a mainland actress, claimed she gave this dude everything, body and money and when they broke up, he kicked her out so that one went and sued him in court as well and that she only wanted him to return her part of the money where they use to live for down payment or whatever. Somewhere along the line, he had a second wife and also Splitsville i guess since he’s on his third.
      The most recent one now is another young relatively unknown mainland actress who became a third wife. I think this guy really is BAD NEWS? haha LOL..That’s crazy, I mean there were at least 2 women who sued him over money when he’s probably live off women sometimes b/c of his departure from HK and not much work in the mainland. Well, I don’t really watch mainland series so I don’t him if he’s gotten much leading luck in those.

      I never like Chapman To but in this case, I am on his side. Who says he should bring up other’s elders and least of all his mom? Chapman To can be wrong w/threatening wordings but Deric Wan is a bad ahole as well. haha… lol

      I remember on an interview one time, and due to his negative news at the time fans were asking him his updated news or whatever. He still thinks he has market and had such garlic breath. That his love life is his own and that person he’s with why should i have to reveal that to the fans and was it b/c you cant have me then it’s a bitter grape feeling? He looks ugly in that interview too like he’s gone some serious work done on this face. It’s a cantonese metaphor I don’t even know if i can explain it well ahhaa..Sorry.. He sounds like ahole period.. haha…I am sorry, CT is right on this time.

      1. “I have heard lots of stories from this Deric Wan dude from an aunt cuz she LOVES/loved him back in the days. She said this guy really is unlucky since he’s not bad looking and not a bad singer but he just NEVER made it far in HK. “

        I was his fan too back in the days. I love him as a singer and an actor. Love his voice. His singing voice can melt hearts.

        But, I don’t think he’s unlucky. In fact he as a lot of chances that other actors can only dream off. He shot to fame after ‘Looking Back in Anger’ and got even more popular because his role as Chai Ho Nam in ‘Blood of Good and Evil’. He and Maggie Siu was a TVB golden couple. His singing career was also pretty successful (he released many albums). What did him in was his bad press, and he was partly to blame for those bad press.

        “Then some kalefe TVB star who ended sueing him/monetary issues when they broke up. “

        She didn’t sue him. He sued her. According to the news at that time, he demanded that she pay back the money he spent on her when they dated. This was the news that did him in. He got a lot of hate for that and his reputation dropped to the bottom.

        I’m not as big a fan of his now as I was before, but, I still like him as an actor. If he comes back to TVB to act in a series, I will still watch the series for him.

      2. ‘She didn’t sue him. He sued her’

        Hhahahaa…OMG, this is even worse than the girl suing him? haah LOL..No wonder, he’s done for in TVB. Who asks for money back after you break up? OMG, he’s such a cheapskate and no wonder he’s done for in TVB. Too many negative press will get to you. haha…

    3. @Charbydis: Totally agree with you and I would probably do the same thing too. But the key here is to remember that these were 2 separate incidents — yes Chapman was in the right to diss Deric for joking about his mother. But the later post that Deric wrote about patriotism had nothing to do with Chapman or his mother (to be honest, the ‘China’ post was more of a follow up to his previous posts about why he loathes the HK media and refuses to be interviewed by any HK media outlet). That’s why to me, it looked like Chapman was just trying to get back at Deric for the previous ‘insult’ by mocking his patriotism thing (though I’m pretty sure that Chapman’s anti-China views had alot to do with it as well).

    4. I did not see anywhere that Deric was saying he loves CCP. He only says he loves China. I think you have to distinguish the difference between China and CCP. China will remain even if CCP does not exist.

  8. Deric is a certified idiot. Probably the same level as Jackie Chan.

    1. But a brilliant actor. So question is which one is better; real life idiot or brilliant actor? Ignore the idiocy? Concentrate on brilliance? Very difficult.

      Anyway Chapman To is also very classy, NOT! Not doing his wife any favours. Both are idiots; one making insults personal, the other making insults national.

      1. Except if you want to insult your mother, there should duel out in a boxing ring between the border of China and Hong Kong.

  9. I am sure Deric scored points in China and will further his career as such. Assuming that Chapman has a contract with TVB which have business ties in China, his career might be negatively affected by TVB executive partial with China. Chapman will then need to film in Japan and Korea more to make up for lost income and job opportunities.

  10. Yes we are all Chinese but that doesn’t mean all Chinese people come from China..(I guess at one point they did come from there but their next generation is not) so I really do not see a problem with people who call themselves Hong Kongese or Taiwanese or what not because that is where they are born. Why do you think those people left China in the beginning? It is because of the unfair treatment they receive there.. So I’m not surprised if they don’t want to say that they are from there.

    1. People leave for other country for many reasons (e.g. work, new lifestyle, etc.) not necessarily because of unfair treatment. Your statement is highly skewed.

  11. Taiwanese, Hong Kongnese we all chinese. Again we’re fighting from within, not united and that lead to Japan invasion of China long time ago. We were weaked. As for Hong Kong we must thanks the british for that because without them we wouldn’t be Hong Kong now.

  12. How old are these two A$$holes? Going on 50 but acting like 10?

    This whole topic is just not worthy of discussion.

  13. Why would Deric Wan suddenly attack Chapman To out of the blue? Think first. There are so many gossips and rumours out there. Media can easily portray Deric Wan as the bad guy and leave out any former altercations between Deric Wan and Chapman To. The latter is not exactly a saint. As much as I like Chapman To, he is not a very moral and upstanding gentleman himself. Just have to go to youtube and browse around and you can see how colourful his vocabulary is.

  14. Deric your so totally brain washed what is he problem insulting Chapman mother out of nowhere… he was a good actor back then but he totally disgust me right now.

    1. His recent looks on utube is kind of disgusting as well. You know, like plastic surgery or botox injections gone wrong? haha..His cute face is totally back in the days.

  15. Thank you all for your discussions on what it means to be “Chinese”. I totally agree with llwy12’s assessment of the issue here (re: history of bad blood between HK and China, and the perception of superiority that is influenced by the west) and Funn Lim, Ling, and JJJ’s take on being ‘overseas’ Chinese. I think part of the problem stems from an inherent weakness of the English language, where a person is considered Chinese regardless of nationality or ethnicity (yes, I believe those are separate entities). In Malaysia, race has often been used as a divisive tactic in politics, and perhaps that is why many Malaysians would identify themselves by nationality first followed by ethnicity. I also think that even within China, the term Chinese belies the diversity of ethnic groups that exists within its borders. But one thing I noticed is that despite political difference between nations (China, Taiwan, Singapore, HK, Malaysia, just to name a few), I noticed that many of the overseas Chinese still acknowledge a common ethnic heritage. Liken when it comes to food, and languages/dialects.

    People have always migrated to other places for various reasons, and the Chinese diaspora goes back a long way (

    1. I’m Malaysian and I totally agree with what you say.

  16. I saw picture of Deric’s dad in newspaper yesterday. I really thought that was Chapman To. The resemblance was uncanny.

    But, what was Deric thinking? You can joke about someone’s mom like that. That’s a very bad taste joke.

  17. I didn’t know that Chapman is married with Krystal Tin. Just finished her series Brother’s Keepers and she portrayed her character really well. eww Chapman…he doesn’t look smart to be called Chapman but then again don’t judge the book by its cover. He has been to Krystal’s 18th birthday so he might be a very loyal person. This female used to be my close friend made fun of my mother and I got so heated. She thought it was funny and I haven’t talk to her ever since. That’s not funny to talk about my mother. I love my mom and she has been through a lot. Derek could have said that him and Chapman can be like brothers because they look similar.

  18. actually he has such opportunities because he shares a common ethnicity with the Mainland Chinese – China has made and SAVED the careers of many overseas ethnic Chinese from the ASEAN as well as Koreans but especially Hong KOng – more so than even Taiwan.

    1. I would think so quite a number of Chinese ethnic actors/actresses were not in the mainstream tv (TVB) dramas anymore and for a long time, I wondered where they have gone to. According to my sis, a number of them had relocated to China, for better career prospects and higher pay. Bear in mind that China of yesteryear is no longer the same now. In years to come, it will become a superpower to be reckoned with. Do not belittle the power of the China market.

      What Deric had started as a joke, is in bad taste, where a woman’s reputation is concerned. His dad may have a lookalike in Chapman but that does not necessarily mean that they are related at all. Research says that there are about 6-7 people in this world who are look alikes but are not necessarily related at all. Chapman’s response, linking it to China, being a communist country, is bad too. Communism has served China well in the past, due to its huge population and vast poverty. Since then, China has opened up a lot.

  19. do you really think he is filming in Japan because of his standalone value?

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