Deric Wan Sells Feminine Napkins On Livestream

One of the earlier HK artistes to head to China, 56-year-old Deric Wan (溫兆倫) is now active on Douyin where he interacts with fans and sells products through livestreams. Recently, he was even spotted peddling feminine hygiene products and safety shorts!

Veers Off Into Complaint Mode On a Recent Livestream

Deric with his wife who is 20 years his junior, and their daughter

Dressed in casual homewear, his animated gestures and redder-than-usual cheeks led some fans to suspect he might be drunk, and they advised him to stop talking. Not heeding their advice, Deric unexpectedly veered off topic and bemoaned, “Stars like us may look glamorous on the surface, but we have it worse than being in jail. I’m not like other stars who have people help them take videos, that’s why they’re so popular, why are there only fewer than 2,000 viewers on my livestream, whereas I had initially started with 30k,”

His unexpected tirade led his wife Cacti (趙庭) to quickly intervene and she reminded the star to end the session.

Few Viewers  

Known for his roles in various classic dramas such as Looking Back in Anger <義不容情>, Blood of Good and Evil <我本善良> and The Breaking Point <今生無悔>, Deric was nicknamed “Housewife Killer” for his positive onscreen image, but later tarnished his image due to endless rumors with female co-stars, so much as that he was labeled “jerk of the century”. Switching base to China, the star had received many job opportunities due to his high recognizability, and also took part in charitable activities in recent years, successfully cleaning up his image.

Besides his entertainment jobs, Deric also diversified his income sources by dabbling in real estate, beauty and hair salon businesses. With a purported net worth in the billions, he owns properties in Beijing, Nanjing and other cities, and also had the habit of flashing his luxury cars on social media. Contrary to the glamorous impression, however, it appears that job offers for the actor have been dwindling lately, which is why he jumped onto the livestreaming bandwagon.

While some fans found it awkward to see an actor in his fifties selling feminine products on his livestream to a mere thousand-over viewers, others felt it was admirable for the actor to put aside his pride and simply focus on doing his job well.

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. Have always loved Deric Wan as an actor during the 80s, his dramas are all classics. He was able to portray the good and especially bad characters to perfection. Similar to Gallen Lo. It is unfortunate his character or what has been written about him were mainly negative. Sad to hear he has fallen on difficult times. It is hard for celebrities to accept their fame and viewerships have dwindled. He is obviously doing what he has to just to make a living.

  2. What the heck is feminine napkins? We call them sanitary pads in the UK. Not sure if the US calls them napkins, but napkins is what we use when eating not during a period lol

  3. Deric Wan is one of my all-time favorite actors. His TVB dramas are very memorable and enjoyable. It’s sad to see his acting went downhill due to messy love life.

  4. Deric Wan is one of my all-time favorite actors. His TVB dramas are very memorable and enjoyable. It’s sad to see his acting career went downhill due to messy love life.

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