Deric Wan to Pursue Legal Action Over Weibo User

Deric Wan (溫兆倫) is known for his fiery temper when provoked. He once admitted that he is someone who will repay others’ favors, but will always remember others’ inflictions upon him as well.  Deric recently lashed out at a netizen on his official Weibo page and threatened to pursue legal action for defamation.

According to news reports, the netizen accused Deric for using an Internet bot to increase the sharing count of his messages so Deric’s Weibo would appear more popular than it really was. The user commented on one of Deric’s earlier Weibo posts, writing, “Can’t believe that a has-been artist used a Weibo bot to increase the share counts of his messages, just to show that his Weibo is exceptionally popular. It’s scornful.”

Deric took a screenshot of the user’s message with his phone and attached the picture to his post on Weibo, writing, “I live a just and honorable life and I play things fairly. There has never been a need for me to use such tricks to make myself look more popular on my Sina Weibo. Using me to boost your own popularity is your true intent, but you have found the wrong target. You probably don’t know that defaming someone is illegal. Don’t think that my lawyer wouldn’t be able to find you. I am a man of his words. However, I will let you spend the New Year calmly, but after the Spring Festival is over, wait for my lawyer’s letter, or maybe see my lawyer at court. You have succeeded this time. You’re probably more popular [angry] than me now.”


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  1. I think he won’t sue, but we shall see. It is all just empty words.

  2. Wow what a waste of time and money….but I guess I must be careful with my words because “defaming someone is illegal.”

  3. Lol…. i really don’t get him. C’mon, as artistes there are bound to be people posting all sorts of rubbish/ commenting nonsense on the celeb’s social media. They should just train their EQ and get over it. It’s a package as an artiste.

    If thats bad as considered by Deric, he hasn’t seen Karena Ng’s weibo page. On her every post, 80% of the comments were criticising her looks, her personality etc..

    1. This is why most celebrities don’t bother to read the comments on their Weibos, since it’s a public forum and anyone can post whatever they want. Why create so much headache for yourself? For myself, I’ve made it a habit not to read any comments to celebrities’ posts on Weibo because it’s such a time-waster, since 90% of the comments are usually garbage or spam…

      This actually isn’t the first time Deric has done this (remember when he supposedly gave police the login information for all those users who kept spamming his weibo with ads and such?), and I reckon it won’t be the last. I honestly feel that Deric should have just ignored the comments because by giving the reaction that he did, he’s essentially doing exactly what that person wanted…if he ignores the person, there’s a high likelihood that the person will realize they won’t get a reaction out of him and move on to someone else…

  4. If you’re innocent ignore the offensive comment and save your money on legal proceedings. Better still don’t read the post on Weibo, as llwy12 suggested. I find quite a number of the comments made offensive and disgusting.

  5. I agree that it is not nice or smart to post offensive or rude comments of an artiste on his/her Weibo account. After all, it is his/her account/blog.

    Posting some general and reasonable remarks, not compliments, on a certain artiste here has already generated so many “uncalled” responses. Jayne’s website is a forum for general comments (either good or bad) on artistes, acting, drama series, and even entertainment business. I can surely imagine the kind of reactions that an artiste has if some nasty and mean remarks are posted on his/her own Weibo account/blog.

  6. when artists’ open up social media accounts, they should be well and truly aware and prepared for the different opinions from the internet community. It’s social media network, not ‘friendly wonderland’.

    Whether it be uncalled for direct, indirect verbal attacks, accusations or what not, in the end, although the artist may not have welcomed it in the 1st place, it is the artist who has allowed these netizens to do so by using social media as a form of communication. Obviously they wouldve intended to open weibo to keep closer connections to their fans etc. but who are they kidding thinking that non-fans etc would not go onto their page to make remarks when they have the access. If every hater’s comment is considered as a way defaming which in Deric’s words is illegal, then he might as well spend his entire life savings hiring lawyers to sue every netizen who has ‘defamed’ him on weibo in his comments section. Personally I think he is just chucking his own money into the saltwater ocean…or if not, just wasting his own time. After this encounter of defamation and whole sueing business, he really thinks he will not get another remark/hater’s comment ever? …

    1. “Why couldn’t they have cast a handsome Asian American actor of mixed race to play the multiple roles in Neo Seoul and the other time periods?”

      He is making a point. Comments on his work is of course fair play. But to accuse an actor of falsely increasing traffic to his blog or whatever is damaging in some ways to reputation. Suing is ok but just makes everybody seem so petty.

  7. Deric is a fantastic wonderful actor but his private life is a total mess. He should and must stop suing and just let it be and do more work. I want to see him act and not read negative news even if he is right to do so since boosting bot fans is of course not a nice accusation. However he is only threatening.

    1. Funn,
      Deric’s reaction does sound overboard. He seems highly protective of his reputation and lashes out at those that make negative remarks towards him. However, his own reaction also undermines his own reputation, since he so readily jumps when provoked.

      I can imagine how he regards past lovers whom he thinks may have taken advantage of him financially in the past, thus the negative breakup news when he ends relationships.

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