Deric Wan’s Ex-Flame, Wen Jiarong, Threatened by Nude Photos

The drama between Deric Wan (溫兆倫) and his former flame, Wen Jiarong (温嘉蓉), continues to escalate. Earlier, Jiarong had exposed Deric for cheating her love and money! She claimed that she gave him $500,000 RMB to invest in a property, while she helped clear his credit card debts. Deric allegedly dumped Jiarong for a mainland Chinese actress, Zhao Ting(趙庭), and while refusing to pay back the money to Jiarong. In her latest twist, Jiarong blurted out that her passport was confiscated and that her nude photos were even taken! Deric continues to blast Jiarong for fabricating a pack of lies for publicity!

Jiarong’s Passport was Confiscated

Wen Jiarong is currently in Shanghai, filming advertising endorsements to support herself. She revealed that her passport was confiscated, and could not travel. Although she did not name the person who confiscated her passport, she apparently alluded at Deric Wan as the responsible party.

Jiarong hinted that she could not retrieve her passport, and that her relationship with family also turned sour after she changed her surname to “Wen” while passionately in love with Deric Wan. She regretted choosing love over family, but said that her family had since forgiven her. 

Jiarong Threatened Over Exposure of Nude Photos

Jiarong claimed that someone exploited her love and took nude photos of her. Now, she was threatened by the exposure of her nude photos. In an interview, Jiarong appeared to be traumatized, and asked if the reporter had seen her nude photos. She said, “My nude photos were taken, and stored in someone’s computer. Now, that person sent a message to my friend and said that I will be infamous overnight.”

Again, Jiarong did not single out the person who threatened her with the nude photos. However, she was quick to reveal that while dating Deric Wan, there was also a similar problem between Deric and his assistant. She helped Deric to resolve the issue subsequently. 

Is Deric Wan married to Zhao Ting?

Deric was rumored to have married Zhao Ting, and expecting their baby’s arrival next month. On June 21st, Deric posted on Weibo a picture of lovers holding hands, while writing, “Thank you for standing by me. Today is a memorable day. Miss you and love you!”

On the same day, Zhao Ting also posted in Weibo another picture of a couple wearing wedding bands. She expressed thanks to the special person in her life, for tolerating her temper and wilfulness. She ended her post with, “Thank you for loving me! Happy Anniversary!  Forever Love.”

Netizens were quick to speculate that Deric and Zhao Ting could be celebrating their wedding anniversary, and left their blessings for the rumored couple.

Jiarong Accuses Deric of Lying

In her earlier interview, Jiarong accused Deric of lying to her about his marital status, and said that he was never married. However, when asked about Deric and Zhao Ting’s wedding rumor, Jiarong said, “He told me before that he was  unable to separate from his wife in Hong Kong. So, I do not think that the wedding rumor is true. My friend and they stayed in the same neighbourhood. They bumped into each other recently; Zhao Ting does not seem to be pregnant.” 

Deric Wan: “I Will Not Tolerate You Again!”

Deric’s manager rebuked Wen Jiarong’s allegations and challenged her to produce the evidence. When asked about the relationship between Deric and Jiarong, Deric’s manager replied, “They knew each other, but their romance is more likely to be flaming news. Where did she find the money to help Deric clear his alleged credit card debt? ”

Deric’s manager also responded about the legal agreement, in which Deric allegedly consented to pay $500,000 RMB after sale of the property. “That is more like a gift and not a promise.”

Since yesterday, Deric has been updating his Weibo blog with new postings regarding his love scandal. He wrote today, “I won’t stop you if you want fame. I will not use money to satisfy your desire. I am just an ordinary man; you carry on with your flaming. There are too many scandals in the entertainment circle. Sorry, I can’t help you.”

Shortly after this, Deric refreshed his Weibo with another posting, “My grandma fainted when she heard of your doing, and she is lying in a hospital now. You are not able to hurt me but you hurt my grandma. If there is any mishap, I will not tolerate you again!” 

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  1. Anyone know the procedure to claiming a lost passport in China? Even if Deric took her passport, can’t she file a lost passport and retrieve a new one?

    1. Not that easy since passport is important. She can however probably lodge a police report since I am sure in everywhere a passport is the property of the country and to keep it from the person it is issued to must be a criminal offence.

    2. she cn easily report n get a new one.. or the police wll settle matters for her.. no need to cry tears n claim victim.. would lov c the nude photos. wndering if its true

      1. I agree that she just easily report it to the police. She does not need to go public and blame Deric for everything.. I feel a lot of her claims are exaggerated.

      2. Her boobs are so small. It’s meaningless to have any provoking sense of entertainment to me!!

  2. does not look hot in that photo, good decision to hit it and quit it deric

  3. If he really uses her nude photos to threaten her, yup, he is a jerk.

    1. That’s very cheap for him to use this tactic to scare her off!

      If I were him, I would bury all the nude photos together with my best friends who had just past away few months ago.

      My deceased friend liked her; not me.

  4. The photo on the right is very unflattering to Wen Jiarong. She looks scary in it.

    Lesson to learn: Don’t mess with China babe.

    Her story has gone abit OTT now.

    1. 1. Chinese babe is hot and soft!

      2. Hong Kong babe is boring and fierce!

      It’s your choice to decide

  5. Yeah, Chinese babe is quite dangerous, lesson’s learned.

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