Details Behind Chen Xiao’s Proposal to Michelle Chen

Mainland Chinese actor Chen Xiao (陳曉) recently proposed to the Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希) while traveling together in Paris. Chen Xiao’s manager confirmed the news and that he had enlisted her help to coordinate the proposal with friends in Paris.

Chen Xiao proposed to Michelle using a 3-D figurine of her character in The Condor Heroes <神雕侠侣>, the drama series that brought the couple together. Chen Xiao’s manager added that Chen Xiao has always been a fan of art, and so had personally sketched the model plans for the figurine, before getting it custom-made and secretly bringing it along with him to Paris. Chen Xiao managed to guard the secret so well that no one else knew about this figurine, not even his manager.

After the proposal, Chen Xiao and Michelle then had a romantic dinner by the River Seine. Chen Xiao’s manager said that the couple would be enjoying a vacation in Europe once their work ends, but declined to disclose the whereabouts of their vacation plans.


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  1. The figurine is as plain as the actress who portrays that character. But at least there is something positive with that horrendous adaptation.

    1. @funnlim
      LOL…I couldn’t have agreed more w/you and Nori. Plain as day is right and this adaptation is total rubbish. lol..
      But you should hear how this dude was praising her like crazy on interviews and such on how when he looks at her, shes ‘little dragon girl’ …HOLY crap, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder is right. No amount of make-up and pretty outfits will make her stand out let alone a symbolic figure to be called dragon girl. lol… at least he’s found his version of mrs. right anyway. To me he’s average but she’s even more so if we have to compare. lol…

  2. This adaptation is rubbish and not even worth mentioning but at least, two people’ve found each other.

  3. I thought it was so sweet of Chen Xiao to put in so much work to plan out this engagement. The idea of the figurine was also very sweet and unique since I have never heard of anyone ever doing this.

    The adaption was bad but at least the main couple found each other. Another real life and off screen couple has been found and Yue Lao has tied their strings together. Congrats to them and cannot wait to see their wedding news!

    1. @hetieshou
      Maybe she a ring, or not, or is getting one. The thing about Chinese, especially celebs is that they do not wear wedding rings, except for a few. Even when it known that they are married.

  4. what a really fresh way to propose to someone…idk if any other guy has ever done this before. so he goes about to make a figurine to remind her of how they met…how creative. congratz to them even though their version of ROCH was quite rubbish. I have regrets wasting time on this version because I wanted to see if this adaption was any good…should have thought that Yu Zheng is infamous for making Jin Yong’s novel into rubbish (Swordsman wins my number one vote for the over focus on Dong Fu Bu Bai and not so much on Ren Ying Ying that i felt the romance between her and Linghu Chong was so forced). I do feel bad for the criticism on her beauty though. She’s too cutesy looking with her full cheeks and in my opinion can only pass for “girl next door” or very innocent roles. While i do not think she’s ugly like others say, not pretty enough to play Xiaolongnü. Chen Xiao was also not the best looking Yang Guo. I blame Yu Zheng for the terrible casting choice and costumes. The costumes for the whole cast was quite horrendous.

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