Dilireba Regrets Being Unable to Attend Grandma’s Funeral

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Dilireba Regrets Being Unable to Attend Grandma’s Funeral

Dilireba (迪麗熱巴) recently traveled to Greece to film for variety show, The Better Life <慢遊全世界>. She participated in a home stay program and the elderly landlords reminded her of her late grandmother. As she became closer to the elderly landlady, Dilireba started to reminisce. As she started to explain, she choked up and tears began to well in her eyes as she looked out the window. When she thought about how she would not have the chance to eat her grandmother’s food anymore, Dilireba could not hold back her emotions and turned away to cry.

Dilireba grew up with her grandmother and when she entered the entertainment industry, she was inundated with work and was unable to visit often. As she explained to the camera, tears fell down her face but she told herself to stay strong, “My grandmother is very calm. When she fell ill, hundreds of villagers came to visit her but I was the only one who was unable to.”

During 2015 when she was filming for Diamond Lovers <克拉恋人>, Dilireba was notified that her grandmother was on her deathbed. Her grandmother wanted to see her one last time, but the drama crew did not allow her to take one day off as it would delay the filming process. Dilireba called her family every hour for updates, and even begged to leave filming as she could not focus at all. As soon as she was finished, she rushed home to see her grandmother but was only greeted by a pitch-black room. She broke down and cried in bed under her blankets.

When she was notified of her grandmother’s passing, Dilireba was filled with guilt. “There was hate for myself. Why did I have to be an actress? Why did I choose this job?” All her hard work was not in vain as after Diamond Lover broadcast, Dilireba became extremely famous and was able to work her way up from supporting cast to female lead.

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4 comments to Dilireba Regrets Being Unable to Attend Grandma’s Funeral

  1. tungamy says:

    She’s said before that that is one of her greatest regrets of becoming an actress. No rest for 4 years is not easy, at least she’s able to do more projects that she likes now

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  2. modernwoman says:

    This is extremely inhumane. Who is the producer and director who refused such a request? They have no souls and heartless. There is no need to sacrifice this much for material success.

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    • tungamy replied:

      @modernwoman She was second lead in Diamond Lover, I’m guessing if she didn’t finish the job to the director/producers expectations they would say she didn’t fulfill her side of the contract. Jaywalk wouldn’t want to pay for any additional costs the “delay” would cause. As a new actress with no recognition, she probably couldn’t say anything and just had to be unhappy by herself as this was happening 🙁

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  3. modernwoman says:

    Unacceptable. All for entertainment value? I hope viewers one day will boycott such producers and directors. This is modern slavery. Conflicts with Chinese values of filial piety. No law should uphold any such contracts that would not allow employees to say their last goodbye to their love ones.

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