Dilraba Dilmurat Replaces Angelababy as Dior’s Brand Ambassador

Since her divorce from Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明), Angelababy’s (楊穎) popularity has slowly been in decline. Although she continues to have projects on hand, her A-list status has seemingly been downgraded, as she has been starring as supporting characters. Most recently, Angelabably ended her 5-year brand ambassador contract with Dior and is replaced by Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴). The change became a heated discussion for netizens online.

While some believe that Angelababy’s declining popularity is the reason behind being dropped by the brand, others argued that it was Angelababy who decided not to renew her contract. Her management team responded, “The contract expired, but we maintain a good relationship with Dior. There may be more opportunities for collaboration in the future.”

Fans noted that Dior’s announcement of Dilraba’s brand ambassadorship was hasty, informal, and paled in comparison to their announcement of Angelababy’s ambassadorship in the past. While Dior released a short advertisement video, and an official statement announcing their partnership with Angelababy, they only posted a photo of Dilraba donning Dior jewelry and a hashtag to informally announce that she is now their new brand ambassador.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Let’s be honest, Dilraba Dilmurat is definitely a better Diors brand ambassador….I am not a fan of Dilraba Dilmurat works but she is a natural beauty, Of course Angelababy have deny using surgical with her looks, but many still do not believe so.
    I am a HUGE fan of Dior, love the history, the creations and love looking at their fashion shows…. I really feel they choose well with Dilraba Dilmurat. Her figure will look so beautiful in a “Dior Frock”… I recently watched a movie called : Mrs Harries goes to Paris… a very easy to watch movie about a London cleaning lady who saved up to buy a Dior frock. Such a sweet movie…

    1. @Hohliu Dilraba is a welcomed change to represent Dior, as they seem to have a type. It is a fact that Angelababy is fading slowly after her divorce from HXM. Studios will give her roles still, but will fade her out, or not, depending on how the projects profit.
      As for her plastic surgery, she knows she can play the denial game because the fans will accept anything as gospel that comes from the mouths of these celebrities. Thankfully some netizens are smart enough to know better.
      No matter how much weight a person loses, they chin would not become longer. AB has chin implants inserted into her chin to elongate it. This woman has so many procedures done over the years that I have lost count.
      Like @Hohliu said, Dior made a wise decision to have a more natural representative

  2. When Angela was announced, I remember it was made such a big deal or it was more in the news and she had bigger announcement. Most likely because at that time it was less common. Now it was more the norm for stars to represent bigger brand fashion house, which is why Dilraba’s announcement was so tamed. 5yr is a long enough and it’s time for Dior to diversify and get other representative.

    Now about Angela declining popularity, hasn’t she been accepting more leading roles though? I don’t remember her being in supporting role.

    1. AB had a supporting role in The Wind Blows from Longxi. I don’t think it’s necessarily her popularity that’s declining, but her acting isn’t great. She only has her looks, but there are always younger prettier actresses out there that directors can choose from.

  3. Both are tall, pale or light skinned, and skinny. Dilraba is 3 years younger and never married nor pregnant, which in the advertisement world, is more valuable. Angelababy exceeds with her beauty and personality but Dilraba is popular right NOW. Dilraba has more output filming wise too. So many, Dilraba is increasing her advertisement output while Angelababy is going to increase her filming output. Drastically different personalities if you watch Running Man. Angelababy is clever and analytical. Dilraba is competitive and impulsive. They are entertaining in different ways.

    1. I think you have a better analysis of the situation than just the haters of Angelababy because of her perceived plastic surgery works. I remember there were strong signs she tried to protect a 17 yr old from being perved on by Chris Wu on set a few years ago. I’d say that’s pretty good character.
      I don’t rate eithers acting (I couldn’t stand Dilraba in Eternal Love). Beauty wise I prefer Angelababy but I do agree Diraba’s more “It” right now so it makes sense to ditch one for the other.

  4. idgaf about angelababy but i’m irritated that people are insinuating that her worth and value are tied to her ex-husband. what’s so great about huang xiao ming, anyway? is he some fresh carrot skin?? so what if she’s divorced? men divorce all the time and that’s okay? pissing me off.

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