Director Peter Chan Cheated on Sandra Ng for 10 Years?

The couple had their ups and downs, but despite the setbacks, award-winning Hong Kong director Peter Chan (陳可辛) and Film Queen Sandra Ng (吳君如) stayed strong for 16 years. Though the couple never registered for marriage, they remained committed to each other, and especially to their daughter, 7-year-old Jillian Chan (陳是知). However, it turns out that Peter may not only love Sandra, but splits his time with another woman.

Tian Pujun’s Intimacy with Peter Chan

Thirty-two-year-old mainland Chinese actress, Tian Pujun (田朴珺), revealed that she had been in a close relationship with Peter for the last 10 years. In a column she wrote for a Chinese male magazine, titled “My Male Soul Mate – the Peter Chan You Didn’t Know”, Pujun spoke about her relationship with Peter in great detail, also revealing bits and pieces of Peter’s average life.

Pujun wrote, “Sometimes, he would come visit me at my house, but before doing so, he would first ask if I had any Coca Cola. If I didn’t, he wouldn’t come. His doctor told him to not drink coke, especially iced coke. After his check-up and realized that he is healthier, his [obsession] with coke was restored.”

Pujun said she and Peter had “broken-up” at least three times. Their last breakup was a few years prior, when Peter was preparing for the production of his May 2013 film American Dreams in China <中国合伙人>. A film investor herself, Pujun wanted to invest money in the film, but Peter declined her offer.

She said, “We’ve known each other for 10 years. We were in a good relationship. It was my first time offering it, and I believed he [initially] warmly welcomed my weighted investment. However, he felt that he wouldn’t be able to convince the other investors, so he rejected my investment. I got so upset I didn’t talk to him for three months. Afterwards, for whatever reason, he came back to find me.” Pujun was later credited as an executive producer.

“Typically, after every break-up, he would give me little hints. He would send me a Weibo message such as ‘Want to swim?’ I said, ‘No.’ The next day he sent another message, asking ‘How about swimming today?’”

Pujun described Peter as a friend so close, she is able to contact Peter at any hour of the day. “However, his usual reply would be, ‘I’ll call you back later.’ But he always needs to be appeased.”

Pujun also added in the end, “Thanks to his repeating honesty, you can now say that I have some sense of fashion taste. He said in order to look beautiful, one must be skinny enough so the rib bones show. When I was still 106 jin (117 pounds), he told me that he would give me a gift if I dropped to 95 jin (105 pounds). For the sake of his gifts, I changed my menu. At dinners, I would only eat cucumbers.  I dropped to 97 jin (107 pounds). I waited for him to return to Beijing, but he never came. I could only continue on with my diet, but now, I faint whenever I see cucumbers.”

Tian Pujun’s Background

According to reports, Pujun is a graduate of the Central Academy of Drama, with a focus on directing. She starred in The Legend of Zhen Huan <后宫甄嬛传> as a concubine, and in 2004, she portrayed the mistress of Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝) in Dumplings <三更2之餃子>.

Pujun, though virtually unknown in Hong Kong, is well-known in China for being the mistress of real estate tycoon Wang Shi (王石). Their high-profile relationship attracted media attention, especially since Wang Shi did not formally divorce his wife, Wang Jiangsui (王江穗), when his relationship with Pujun was confirmed in 2008.

Days ago, Wang Shi attended the funeral of Wang Jiangsui’s father as the role of a son-in-law. A Chinese netizen remarked, “You got rid of your wife long ago. You still have the face to be his son-in-law?” Another netizen remarked, “Boyfriend is Wang Shi, soul mate is Peter Chan. A typical person cannot support and please a woman like her.”

Peter Chan Responds

In regards to Pujun’s claims, Peter said, “Soul mate or not, it is just a matter of opinion. But as for me, I only have one soul mate, and that is Sandra Ng.”

Peter expressed that he and Sandra are not in a hurry to sign marriage papers although they have a daughter together. He said, “To go to the United States and sign the papers when I’m 70 years old… I find that really romantic.”

Peter declared that his love for Sandra is strong. In a press conference last month, he was quoted saying, “I admit I like women who are rather fierce. I have one at home!”

Sandra responded, “It does not matter whether they’re girlfriends or soul mates, as I know his heart (and money) belong to me! Ha ha!”

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  1. Peter Chan and Sandra Ng may have a very open relationship, as long as he goes home to her and their daughter. Tian Pujun may not be the only close female friend he has.

    1. Look at it this way………if you had a wife that looked like Sandra Ng, you would have to go outside to seek comfort from a real woman too…….what he’s doing is what any normal man would do……God, even thinking of sleeping beside Sandra Ng would be a sickening sight…….

      1. Makes me wonder why so many physically beautiful women can sleep with ugly old farts.

    2. To be honest. I never find Sandra Ng attractive but after watching she and vivian chow playing bisexual couple. I find her very attractive in the film. In that film I see another side of her that I never seen in her other films.

  2. While I can understand some people don’t get married since living together is the same to them and that piece of paper does not mean much…. However, when you already have a kid together, still there is no need for a marriage cert? Sigh…..don’t even know what to make of that.

    1. Agree with you. In olden days, a child born out of wedlock would be known as a bastard 🙁 Guess we’re still too old-fashioned. Modern people nowadays prefers cohabiting when they think they’re in love, split when they find someone new that they love more. No strings attached.

      1. bizzybody,

        “a child born out of wedlock would be known as a bastard”

        Erm…you mean the child would be known as a bastard, or the parents of the child would be known as bastards? I thought it was the latter.

        Anyway, time has changed. Some people may see modern days are great. Some may see olden days are better. Some may see 100, 000 years ago are the best. Some may see every single day in this world is disaster. So it depends on which angle you see.

        Just want to let you know: in olden days, a child born to be female would be known as a shame and would be killed and then buried in land–at least in the chinese society, and a child born to be of mixed race would be known as a monster and would be killed when seen by haters on the street. So it could be concluded that, even though modern people lose or do not have strong tradition values, they gain new values as well. Morality changes from time to time.

      2. Actually, the child would be known as a bastard. That is the definition of the word – “A child whose birth lacks legal legitimacy”

  3. Sanda may know about Peter’s “closed female friends”, and chose to look the other way, just like 林鳳嬌

    1. Exactly, but in this day and age, I see most people live together but if they had a kid I guess the motivation to make it legal is stronger but they had a kid for many years now and still to hell w/the paper. weird….
      I know, that Mrs. Chan, you just wonder how these trophy wives can do it. Is $$$ all there is to it?

    2. I really wonder if that is why they still have not signed the marriage papers?? I guess I am traditional, but I feel if you really love the person and want to spend the rest of your life with them, then why not sign the papers??? It’s not like it takes extra hair off your back. I feel that if a guy/girl claims to love you and all, but then refuse the sign those papers, something is really wrong. That piece of paper is not just any old piece of paper, it symbolizes your union and love for each other. It also has a lot of power…

      1. Some people may believe that a piece of paper do not define their love for each other. I remember watching an interview of Sandra Ng, and the interviewer asked why they still haven’t register for marriage. She replied that there is really no point. In the future, if they do decide to walk separately, they don’t want to get into the process of filing for divorce, dividing properties, etc. Even though I am a traditional person as well, I am not against their decision to not register for marriage. Do one really have to prove their love for each other through an official document? The document itself is dead, but their love is everlasting.

      2. It is not “to prove their love for each other through an official document”. It is for the sake of their children to have proper legal parents in the society, in schools, etc.

      3. I agree with Sandcherry! Also, as you mentioned Lily, they do not want to go through the process of a divorce and all which to me shows that they were not fully committed to each other enough if they even think that they will separate one day. To me, that piece of paper does not prove or define their love but it does show that they are committed to each other and do not go into a marriage thinking that they will divorce down the road. Of course no one knows the future, but to me if you do not sign those marriage that truly shows something…

      4. @HTS, I also hold traditional values in terms of morality and marriage. My personal thought is, either Peter is reluctant to register the marriage and Sandra had to play along or else these 2 people do not have enough faith and commitment in each other.
        They can say the marriage registration paper means nothing and yet they’re unable to take the extra step of signing it to bind themselves legally.
        Another reason may be they’re still free to play the field since they’re not legally bound anyway. No one can blame them of committing adultery.
        Just hope Sandra is smart enough to not only hold the $ like she said, but tie them up in trust funds for her daughter as insurance in case Peter abandons them. I think all the movies she’s acting as leads were because of her husband. So, she has more to lose.

      5. It is just a piece of paper… most modern nations have laws that bestow the same rights upon those living together as those who are married. There is no difference between them in the eyes of the state.

        That means that there is no difference legally between a child from this union and a child born between two married people.

      6. I think why some people think that a piece of paper does not define their love for each other is because there is no purpose signing a marriage certificate, other than it defines their love for each other (which is actually the same even if they don’t sign it).

        The modern marriage is actually called romantic marriage (started to be practiced in 20th century), which means as long as two persons love each other, they can get married. In olden days, marriage is different from time to time. There is an era where daughters are actually their father’s property, and their fathers can decide the marriage. And then a few hundreds later, they are more open-minded a bit. Daughters can discuss and express their candidate with their parents whom they want to marry but the final decision is still on their parents.

        I remember there is an era where women can’t ask for divorce. Only men are allowed to do so.

      7. It wasn’t too long ago when in England when I man no longer liked or wanted his “wife” he could tie a rope around her neck, lead her into the town square and auction her off to the highest bidder.

        Women were nothing more than chattel in the middle ages… property that men could use and do with as they saw fit.

  4. One Word- CHEAP. Why are all these Chinese women so cheap? I was hoping that this article would prove me wrong, but No, time and time again, it’s the mainland Chinese women again who are preying on old married HK men. Super annying.

  5. dislike both. one is a cheater and one is allowing herself being cheated openly.

      1. Agreeedd 110@. Seriously, WTF is wrong with both women? Low and Cheap

    1. You guys should not think of it that negatively. Keep in mind that they have a daughter together so Sandra may be doing it for her daughter. That is a big sacrifice.Of course, it is sad for a guy to cheat and the women to be ok with it. However, there may be deeper reasons behind the scenes that we do not know about that isn’t so simple… Of course outsiders are going to be quick to judge.

  6. 10 years?! But then maybe Sandra consents to an open marriage. It could be. I remember a story how John Lennon lived with another woman (Malaysian chinese I remember) with Yoko Ono’s consent and later Yoko Ono just turned up and said she wanted her husband back and he went back to her!! Could be this sort.

  7. Women like her give females a bad name and make it harder for the honest ones to be taken seriously.
    It’s one thing to be in a relationship and not know the other one is married, but she makes a career out of it. Sickening!
    I can’t wait till she gets old and ugly and ends up dying alone and poor. She will finally see what her ugly soul looks like.

  8. Does this mean he’s not denying that she was the other woman at one time?

  9. Am not surprised to read this news and even not surprise that there were more women in his life with his work and reputation. Sandra may choose to look the other way to preserve their relationship. Right or wrong its her choice

  10. Sandra herself is no saint either. Look at the way she openly flirts with the men on shows. Not sure if it’s her true nature or she is putting on an act.

    1. True, she is not 100% clean cut either so can’t go blaming Peter for everything. I think they both have problems but may only be trying to stay together for the sake of their daughter.

  11. I don’t think this woman should be writing in a magazines’s column about her r/s with him knowing in the public’s eye, he’s already “taken” & has a kid. She’s probably trying to force a reaction from Sandra to leave Peter perhaps?
    A very mean-spirited act!

    1. I just find it sad that any woman or man would go after someone who is already taken, especially if they have kids and all. Aren’t they afraid of karma?? one day that may happen to them if they do it to others. But then again, karma does not always seem to work as we have seen in many cases.

      It is so shameful of any man or woman to go after a married man/woman. Having feelings is one thing but acting on them is another.

      1. Actually Peter is not the only ‘taken’ man that 田朴珺 has an affair with. I’ve never heard of this one 田朴珺 but a quick google shows her to the high profile mistress of a wealthy and prominent real estate mogul in China (王石). She’s the “小三” archetype homewrecker, and a two timer to boot. So the now divorced 王石 is her present bf, while Peter is her bouduoir soulmate – who says a woman can’t have it all? (fame/infamy and money)

      2. correction– my bad, She was his mistress before he got a divorce, and now she’s his girlfriend.

  12. This must be fake news not because of Ng Gwun Yoo’s reaction but because the other woman already has a boyfriend.

  13. who did she play in zhen huan zhuan?

    anyhow, i feel that an open relationship is not a true relationship if you cannot sacrifice temptation and commit to 1 person only.

    this actress is quite shameless for telling the world of her affair with peter chan because it would make life horrible fo

    1. … make life horrible for sandra and her little girl. peter really needs to decide who he wants and how to minimise hurt to his daughter.

    2. I am also wondering which concubine she played. I checked the cast list, no one surnamed Tian as she is. Could there be wrong spelling or a very minor role?

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