Divorced Gaile Lok Happily Enjoys Freedom and Wealth

Recently divorced from Leon Lai (黎明), Gaile Lok (樂基兒) is rumored to be having the time of her life being single and wealthy after receiving $50 million HKD and 3 detached houses in San Francisco, California. Gaile was spotted with a smiling face everywhere she had traveled recently such as New Zealand, San Francisco, Bali and Tokyo. Although divorced, Gaile appears to enjoy her new found freedom and single status.

Although Gaile had denied the rumor that her friend, Cuz, was the one who had broken up her marriage, the two rumored lovebirds once again were spotted in New Zealand recently. They were seen at a local takeout place, Ti Bay Takeaways, and appeared to very loving. The two were allegedly hugging and kissing while they tried to feed each other food.

It was reported that Cuz does not have a stable job as he is only a part-time surfing instructor. Gaile is planning to invest 100,000 RMB along with her friends to buy a beach at Bali in order for him to become a private surfing instructor. In addition, Gaile is reportedly willing to throw away her comfortable lifestyle and live with Cuz in a small and a low cost beach house. She is also busy learning how to surf and supporting Cuz in his new venture.

Working in Tokyo

Enjoying her carefree and happy lifestyle, Gaile was spotted dining at a local sushi restaurant after a commercial shoot in Tokyo. She appeared to be in a good mood chatting continuously with the Japanese employees and the owner of the production company despite the language barrier. Afterwards, the owner drove Gaile to the Tokyo Tower and other popular tourist places to do some sightseeing.

While she was working in Tokyo , Gaile was questioned by a reporter on the dating rumors.  However, she refused to address it due to a divorce agreement of not disclosing any relationships issues within a year. Her manager, Joe Chan (陳善之) told the media in Hong Kong that he will not talk about her personal life other than what Gaile is willing to reveal.

Source: Sina.com, Sina.com

This article is written by Lance for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow, the paparazzi follows her everywhere she goes? I want to be a paparazzi too so that I can go to NZ then fly to Tokyo next.

    Okay, maybe those are Leon’s PIs checking on how she spent the money 😀

  2. In that case, it seemed that there was a 3rd party involved in their divorce. Poor Leon Lai. He is too old to keep the young and outgoing Gaile Lok.

    1. A failed marriage has more to do with different values and outlook on life and interests.

    1. So true……..another typical HK/ABC gold-digger……can’t wait till the news reports her getting dumped by the CUZ guy after he gets all her money….then she will be left with nothing except her average looks……..

  3. “However, she refused to address it due to a divorce agreement of not disclosing any relationships issues within a year”

    Seems odd to put such an agreement in their devorce agreement. I get not talking about the details of the divorce and her relationship with Leon, but to not be able to talk about other people she may be involved with (supposedly after the break up)?

  4. When Leon Lai buys you a goddamn mansion just to save your marriage, you bet that they didn’t sign a pre-nup.

    She’s probably has 50% of Leon’s money right now, rofl.

  5. She got a pretty good deal out of the divorce settlement considering she didn’t bear him any children.

  6. she’s travelling a lot, she did mentioned about wanting to live a simple life earlier on rather than being stuck with leon’s luxurious lifestyle, travelling is a luxury, no?

    1. Traveling is a luxury and traveling with loads of money is the icing on the cake. I don’t know if this story is true or not, but if it is then I kind of feel a little sympathy for Leon as he’s still grieving over the divorce while she’s already moved on with some guy and his money.

    2. Buying a goddamn beach just so your boyfriend can work there is a luxury.

      Let’s not kid anyone, she likes money.
      And she has A LOT of it right now.

      1. If her boyfriend has the principles and determination to turn his skills into a business, go for it. The old saying that ‘love is blind’ always apply. Gaile will invest because she believes she ‘loves’ this man and she can live a simple life away from glamour. But let’s not forget that behind that simplicity she’s loaded with cash to turn that into ‘expensive simplicity’. I can’t see her living in a hut with wooden furniture, cooking and cleaning minus the champagne, etc. Let’s wait and watch.

      2. @jasmine7
        >and she can live a simple life away from glamour

        She still models. It’s why she went to Tokyo.

        Money can buy happiness. The quote was made by people without money because they don’t know this fact.

      3. @dd thank you for your subtile comment, but what i mean is that you cant buy everything with money.

      4. “@funn,money cant buy happiness.”

        Apparently money can buy her boyfriend a career and thus happiness for her.

        Money can’t buy happiness which is true but without money, can there be happiness? Never heard of people who are poor (aka poverty) are happy bunch of people. Seems like such a line is invented by either rich people or people just so zen they don’t care much for money.

      5. @shu

        I will ignore your smart-alec comment and drop a truthbomb on you. Those movies and dramas or whatever which preach the “money can’t buy everything” moral you see often….the producers, directors and actors got paid insane amounts of money to make them.

        So don’t be fooled. The benefits of money far outweigh the benefits of no-money. No-one who’s worked regularly (a real job, not part time at a clothing shop or a coffee shop) will say “oh there are some things you can’t buy with money”. Money enables you to do many things. Money is a basic requirement to stay comfortable in this world.

      6. PS. It’s spelt “subtle” and I don’t think it means what you think it means.

      7. @funn,ok with money she can buy material happiness for her boyfriend,but this isnt real love. true love/happiness cant be exchanged with money.

        @dd,dont mistaken me,of course money is very valuable.you are right that without them you cant live,im also very happy if i become a millionaire one day.what i mean is there are things in this world that is more valuable then money.

      8. The phrase “money can’t buy happiness” is to be used to show that just because you are super wealthy doesn’t mean you are happy. It doesn’t translate to “being a pauper is the only path to happiness” at all.

      9. Sarcasm aside, that is a really fantastic and funny song! Capitalism! Ahhhhhhh…. Money… yeahhhhh…Someone once asked me “You rather be happily poor or miserably rich?”

        That is an unfair question if you ask me but truth is at some point being miserably rich will be happily rich whilst happily poor will have those miserably poor moments.

        That is off topic.

        From what I read in this article, surely Leon must be feeling like he paid her so that she can “tip” her toyboy sort of feeling. I feel for him.

      10. Money cannot buy spiritual/emotional happiness. You can have a lot of money, but be emotionally unhappy… Money can make you happy in terms of materialistic needs and all, but your emotions can only be happy through other means that are non materialistic.

        I agree with Funn that if you have no money and are in poverty, then how can you be happy if you are struggling to even have a roof over your head?? That is not possible…

      11. Maybe Leon still loves her hence he paid her highly.. while Gaile knew that and she insists on seeking divorce so she can dig more $$$ out from Leon.

  7. naw, leon has always been a player, read he’s into maggie cheung man yuk now

    1. Dont know why celebrities get into age too fast and worse look :(. Maggie cheug is too old 🙁 not even abstarct old men

      1. hey he married gaile because of her youthfulness but what does he have left now? so Maggie Cheung is a smart move. They are the same age, same league, wealth, etc.

      2. @sophia,

        I used to have an older friend who’s in his forties and he married a girl half his age..and what happen now? she left him for younger man.

        So age gap is still pretty much a problem to most couple..

  8. celebrities that do drugs are hurting themselves, maggie and leon are into drugs, that’s why the horrible look, no plastics going to help them now

  9. “Pun gin fu chai, Pak yeh ngoi” losely translated as “Couple in poverty, lives 100s (majority of one’s life) days of sorrow”
    Without money is the root of many troubles. People will understands this phrase better if they ave been through porverty.

    1. That’s because these money obsessed Chinese have allowed it to rule their lives.

      Everyone wants to be able to live comfortably.

  10. She struck gold didn’t she. Just had to prostitute herself for a bit, and then walk away to lead a life of luxury without having to work a day in her life.

    1. Hardly prostituted herself. He wanted her, she wanted him, they got married. How can that be prostituted herself? sorta harsh but I know what you mean about being set for life. She still has to work though, because money will run out, unless she is Isabella Leong.

      1. Yea, if you just sit there and spend and spend, the money will go very fast regardless of how much you have. Also, with their kind of lifestyle, money goes even faster… Many Hollywood stars have even more than them yet spend it all in a short time… Therefore, don’t think anyone is set for life since money comes and goes very fast….

      2. although isabella leong have kids of mr lee. she doesnt have the golden key in hand but its still enough for living 10 luxury lives without working i think.

      1. Why do you care if she has or hasn’t. The exchange is between them two and nine if your business.

      2. yeh right, the whole story is not our business why do we comment here? why djojs?

      3. ok..maybe you right im a litle bit too far with this term comparison,my apolo to that.

    2. in a way it’s true, leon came in a package, being rich is in it, wouldn’t say she was not attracted to his money in the beginning, now also, don’t see her returning the properties to him? she could have kept her mouth shut for free

  11. All that money just buys these celebrities a degenerate lifestyle that ages and kills them faster. The paradox of life. Sure money can buy you happiness, but certain kinds of happiness(drugs) that shortens their life. Also if they’re lazy and not productive, they begin to develop mental and physical health problems(seen so much here in America). No person need to have such massive wealth, stop idealizing western capitalism that will bring you a life filled with void, greed, and degeneracy. Some of the happiest ppl in this world are those with little money and little care for it, they grow and plant their own food, they are happy with little things, they dont overconsume(unlike the West.) Sorry not trying to be a downer but giving you guys a lesson in life for happiness. Want less.

    1. True and money cannot always buy happiness. It can even introduce disaster…

    2. It’s about balance. As long as one has enough money to live comfortable without worries it’s should be ok. But not so much that one doesn’t know what to do with it. Ofcourse it also depends on a persons character if he or she knows how to deal with money wisely.

      Money can’t buy happiness but if you use it wisely it can be a mean for achieving your dreams aka happiness on certain aspects of live (love excluded)

  12. so, its OK for Leon Lai to dump whoever ‘older’ woman he was dating back then and marry Gaile Lok and its not ok for Gaile to say ‘you know what, we don’t fit and its time to call it quits’ How many of you can say that you don’t know anyone that is divorced or don’t have any divorce in your family? Who is right who is wrong, how do we know? Wish both Leon and Gaile a happy life after the divorce.

    1. Great comment I agree with you. And to all the ppl who are calling her a gold digger do u know her personally? Please do not judge ppl you do not know. I am not team Leon or Gaile. But the only two ppl who knows what happen is the two of them. Live and let live.

      1. @gonzhu


        More so how do we know we would act differently given we are in her situation?
        Assume Leon (rich and a few years back) or some other decent looking rich not too old guy adores/loves you. Wouldn’t you be even tempted to date him and see what happens?

        I think would. Sorry I am just human.

        But I would much be happier if that guy would be Takeshi Kaneshiro or Louis Koo. 😉

  13. haha, gaile lok’s boring and plain jane image attracted leon lai? she’s good at something we don’t know?

    1. She can’t stay young forever. Her modeling career was never a big hit. Leon has his entertainment business and is doing well. If I were Gailie I would be very cautious of Cuz. He could be using her for.her new found wealth.

  14. better for gaile to remain married to leon then, am guessing that leon did not stop seeing other women, gaile seek comfort and cuz took the oppoturnity, gaile’s not a lion tamer, shu qi couldn’t control leon as well

  15. Sure she is a gold-digger, but he also willing with eyes wide open, married a girl who could be his daughter age-wise and could barely speak his language. He got what he wanted in the moment… a hot young girl, and now she gets what she wants. What did he expect?

  16. why gaile has many different looks? noticed sometimes she can be pretty and slim; while yet she looks big in size and older than her age is (aunty type)… she can look cute and yet also look like expectant-mummy look… wow, she really surprises

  17. photoshop, wonder why ppl hire her as a model, she must be cheap compared to other models, that’s why

  18. I pity Leon Lai because he is duped by this gold digger. Its his fault why he married her in the first place. He could have opted for live in arrangement. How lucky this woman to get half of his fortune and just spend on vices and her lover. This is lesson for Leon not to trust a nobody always.

  19. and mind you this girl is not even pretty. I for one will not hire her as leading lady or even for commercials. Her face is for those whose role in movies are extras like one of the prostitutes in the brothel or be a double only for nude scenes of the star. I hope everybody agrees. What did happen to Leon and he had fallen for this nobody girl.. A guy who does not use his head. Such a waste of time and money for Leon…and addiitionally this woman is barren…

    1. gaile (leon) and lynn (aaron) … i always read both these 2 kings partners always compete n been compare against each other as both r high-class supermodels..example, gaile appears in high fashion events n lynn might be too…when gaile have news about been given properties n cars n cash, suddenly lynn news also suddenly reported been given houses and cars as well..gaile cantonese not that good, so her acting is limited, so sad n wasted if cast her as extras or prostitutes..maybe can portray seducer to the rich guys..

      1. Lynn looks so much better than Gaile. At least she looks like a model!

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