Donnie Yen and Kevin Cheng: Hong Kong’s Highest Paid Celebrities

Commanding no less than $35 million HKD per film, Donnie Yen (甄子丹) is the highest earner among Hong Kong artists. Including his numerous endorsements, his total income for this year is a whopping $263 million HKD! Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) continues his reign as TVB’s highest earner as his popularity in the Mainland China continues to soar. Reportedly earning 250,000 RMB per television episode in June this year, he is now demanding 500,000 RMB!

Ip Man” Makes Rich Man

In 2008, Ip Man<葉問> grossed over $21 million USD worldwide and henceforth, pushed Donnie to international stardom. Previously commanding $10 million HKD for one film, he now earns 3.5 times more!  Advertisers scrambled to put his face on their products and have him grace their events. For each advertisement, he earned at least $10 million HKD. It is estimated for the 15 advertisements he endorsed this year, he earned a total of $150 million HKD. This is not inclusive of other promotional events which he attended. Despite taking on only 3 films this year, Donnie’s total remuneration is a grand $263 million HKD! With his schedule already packed for next year, it does not look like he is letting down anytime soon.

Ip Man not only made Donnie Yen rich, it also helped Kevin Cheng become a millionaire. After making his name in the mainland China playing the Eighth Prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, he went on to make 4 more television dramas in China, including the television version of Ip Man. Previously paid 200,000 RMB for each episode, he is now demanding as much as 500,000 RMB per episode in Ip Man 2. Together with his endorsement deals, he pocketed more than $100 million this year. With sequels to Bu Bu Jing Xin and Ip Man, Kevin will likely continue his reign as the top TVB earner in 2013.

Chow Yun Fat and Moses Chan Take Second Place

Even though it was a relaxing year for Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) with only 2 films – The Assassins <銅雀台> and The Last Tycoon <大上海>, he still managed to earn $100 million HKD, thanks to endorsement deals and promotional appearances.

TVB’s previous top earner, TV King Moses Chan (陳豪) did not do too bad himself, considering he did not venture into the mainland goldmine. With several endorsement deals and stage performances, he also managed to earn more than $10 million HKD.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. 🙂 I do not think Kevin has the balls to demand double the pay. Probably 23-30%.

    1. maybe kevin didnt maybe tvb said if u dont pay 500k u cant have kevin

    1. I realize that Moses is actually very popular as spokesperson for many brands and ads. He’s in so many ads, and he gets invited to many brands’ promotional events. It’s true that considering he does not participate in Mainland productions, he’s still making a lot. I guess Moses’ image is good, he’s a see-lai killer, although my mom doesn’t like him haha!

      1. You would have to ask Bernice and Aimee. I find it amazing how he is able to get the hearts of these Western ladies and let me say they’re both in tip top shape in body proportions and easily above average in looks.

      2. Sorry I don’t find Moses one bit attractive at all and I’m from Canada. He gives off that older brother feeling of maturity and wisdom. Not to say that the other siu sangs don’t give off the same vibe but maybe it’s because of his sophisticated look that I’m not particularly interested in.

  2. The title is misleading. I highly doubt Kevin Cheng is even top 10 amoung all the artist in Hong Kong to be highest paid. I think they are referring to television actor versus film.

  3. I don’t see how Moses takes second place… The article said, “he also managed to earn more than $10 million HKD.” And Chow raked in 100 million… that’s a big difference!

  4. I just hope that all that money does not go into the heads of those concerned and that they would continue to be diligent and honest in their work, whatever it may be, advertising or acting.

  5. back in the past when bernice was top earning actress of tvb due to her numerous endorsements….

  6. I think Moses is very articulate and portrays himself as a cultured gentleman, the type that you’d take home to mother. It’s his niche.

    1. I never think highly of Moses’ acting in dramas, but outside his dramas he has the squeaky clean image and good man public persona that will be comfortable and family friendly. He’s close to a male version of squeaky clean and unintimidating Linda Chung.

      1. He was actually decent in When Heaven Burns. He’s awful in comedies.

  7. As with any contracted actors, both Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng would have to cough up 50% of their “total take home” back to TVB who technically “manage” them.

    So wow, TVB really roll in the doughs

  8. HK Tv actors? so where are Hawick Lau, Wallace Chung and Sammul Chan?

  9. Where did they get all these figures?

    Did the Tax men confirmed these figures or it’s another BS to push up their value?

  10. duno sure anot so richie. Then how about raymond lam? 500Million is it. hahaha.

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