Donnie Yen Prepares to Walk Down Aisle with Wife Again

When Donnie Yen (甄子丹) married his wife, Cecilia Wang (汪詩詩), 10 years ago, the wedding was held in a rush in Toronto, Canada as Cecilia was already pregnant with their daughter, Jasmine. As a result, Donnie has promised Cecilia that for their 10th wedding anniversary this August, he wants to walk down the aisle with his wife again, in celebration of their undying love for each other.

Age indeed does not matter for true love, as proven by 49-year-old Donnie and his 31-year0old former model wife. Even though the couple has been married for nearly a decade, their love remains steadfast. According to Donnie, their wedding ceremony 10 years ago had not been perfect, and so he wants to re-create the magical moment – marriage proposal, wedding album and all.

Shopping for Wedding Gown

A magical wedding will not be complete without a perfect wedding gown for the bride. As such, Donnie was spotted in Central, Hong Kong a couple of days ago with Cecilia and his sister-in-law, Wang Yuan Yuan (汪圓圓) in a Vera Wang bridal boutique. The trio spent more than 30 minutes in the boutique, with Donnie accompanying Cecilia around the shop, giving his opinions on dresses Cecilia picked. When they noticed reporters, the family smiled politely.

In a telephone interview with the Hong Kong media yesterday, Cecilia revealed that Donnie has been busy with work and since he had a day off that day, he decided to go shopping for wedding gowns with her and her sister, who is also preparing for her own wedding next year. Cecilia admitted that although she has not chosen a gown for herself, she does not rule out the possibility that Donnie may surprise her with a wedding gown as he has the tendency with such romantic gestures.

Cecilia was unable to confirm if they are going to be having a big bash in celebration of their 10th wedding but stressed that even if there is going to be a party, it will be a quiet and private event.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. With time, money and a wedding planner, why not get married again?

    Joe Ma and his wife are reportedly doing the same for the upcoming 20th anniversary.

  2. Aww not only he’s a good actor, he’s such a romantic husband.

  3. I didn’t realize that she was pregnant when she got married to him. She was only 21 then, I wonder how they met?

    1. If I were her, I would say Yes regardless. lol he’s cute, talented and i’m sure he was a good bf to her at the time.

      1. @UNI

        If she was married 10 years ago, she’s still allowed to enter a beauty pageant 6 years ago?

    2. Cissy Wang picked him up at a club! Heard he didn’t like her at first but she was very aggressive

      1. She definitely made a very wise decision. Perhaps she had intentionally planned to get pregnant at that time?

      1. not at all, i meant they look like they are the same age so i am just surprised she is actually 18 years younger than him. either he knows how to keep fit or she’s just matured looking in general but they look nice together.

    1. not only 18 years but she is also 2 head taller than donnie,when they walking over streets she make him look like a dwarf,lol.

      1. It seems to be a trend in Chinese speaking entertainment circles for pairing of taller women/shorter men: Mrs & Mrs Peter Chan, Simon Yam, Aaron Kwok, Sammo Hung, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh to name just a few.

      2. Was thinking about the names you mentioned.

        For the male celebrities, their other half are mostly models hence their height.

        For female celebrities, their other half are mostly businessmen/rich people where looks ain’t the priority, hence again their height.

  4. ah ok, so it’s not only wong cho lam who is much shorter than his gf. Then please don’t give them grief about their heigh difference.

    1. Heighy is one thing but cho lam is soooo kiddy looking and doesnt help he cross dressed a lot too… Donnie, tom cruise while shorter than their partners, they are sexy muscular MEN so thats the difference

    2. Not an apt comparison. Donnie yen only appears much shorter than his wife when she’s in heels. They are of similar height. Height difference :1inch
      Whereas Leanne towers over WCL even though the poor girl is wearing flats all the time

      1. @Nicole,
        I agree, Donnie Yen looks shorter but he can be manly and looks cool but that Leanne girl towers over that KIDDIE WCL no matter what she wears so you cant compare. This couple looks nice but w/Leanne and WCL it feels weird no matter how you look at them IMO of course…..hahaa

  5. He has money. She has her youth. So everyone is happy : )
    Raymond Lam’s fans do not be surprised if he is married in a year or two with his current girlfriend : )

    1. I thought Cecilia’s family was pretty wealthy too. Isn’t her family in the jewelry business in Canada?

  6. Donnie Yen is so romantic & handsome! His wife is very lucky for his loyalty & charm! Such a perfect couple 🙂

  7. I always thought she is older because she definitely looks older than 31 years old

  8. yawn, he should invest time and money in organic farming instead, help save mainland, afterall hongkong is part of china now, why not help out while he is able to, his children needs to eat good food too, right?

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